Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home again Home again, Jiggity Jigg

Yeeeeah. Its been ages.

Been feeling crappy. Diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS). Its kind of nice to have a name for it, but still sucks that there is no cure, only time, and even then there is no definate time period.

But I'm back now and in the warm cuddly arms of my blog, enveloped by the love only the internet can give.

Sorry, but its an off day.

Lots of Love



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthdays birthdays everywhere


Am i an awesome girlfriend or what? i drove clear across 3 towns and across a river just to get my mista a perfect pressie for his birthday... metallica guitar hero.

I also made him the best cake of all time! chocolate, whipped cream, and chocolate frosting! mmmmmmm calorific!

and i was also sneaky sneaky and made him a pressie from myself and eskimoo, a photo album of all the photos of eski from when she came home till now. SO CUTE! needless to say he LOVED IT! it totally shows how much she has grown in such a short time!

Speaking of eskimoo, she finally graduated from puppy school! she was the top of her class! To graduate, they had to obey at least one command in front of the whole class, eski completed the sit, shake, drop, bang! and roll over! BEST DOG EVER!!!

Then there was the obsticle course, which if it wasnt for some persons son....... (not saying anything) eski would have won. but was pipped at the post by the dog that came in half way through the course.... ( im so going to be one of those overbearing mums, cant you tell?)

Then there was the "Recognition" test where the vet took our pup out too the holding room, and all the other owners and dogs stood around in the other room, and we stood in the furthest part of the room, and we had to call our pup and they timed to see how long it took for eski to come to us... 5 seconds! best ever! ( but the dog that joined 2 weeks in beat her with 4 seconds..... still not saying anything....)

Still an awesome ending to the school, and we got a certificate and a class photo out of it! totally worth it!

anyhoo, its like 2.30 in the morning, and i am totally not functioning right, so ill call it a night/morning and say night night!

love lilly


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Airline Earphones...just stupid by design? or a perfectly good torture device...

now i have a question...

you know the little earphones that you HAVE to by from the airlines, because normal ones wont fit into the little two pronged holes? are they not the WORST designed earphones ever? Its like if micky D's started giving them away with their happy meals... I wouldnt be too happy then! they cause severe ear pain after about... oh 10 minutes!

Dont get me wrong, im not going on, or have recently been on a plane, but chatting with my partners parents who are off to england in 9 days, i was wondering if they will have to endure those little forgedbysatanhimself ear savagers.

Then i started to think... what happens if you are hearing impaired... say... with a hearing aid? you cant possibly be expected to use those, they wouldnt fit.... and it would also be discrimination against the handicapped to say that there was nothing else available to them....

And it was brought up that they could just ask you to use the subtitles for movies.... but as far as i can see, that would be like saying to a parapalegic... oh we dont have a wheelchair, but we could just roll you along the floor... yeah your going to get to your destination, but its going to be painful and humiliating.

so the moral of this rant is.... the next time i fly with any airline, im going to tell them that i am deaf, just so i can have a really good argument.

or at least get some comfortable earphones.


Lilly pilly

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nuff said

Just replace 'fluffy' with 'Eski' and its so funny its true

Sunday, June 21, 2009

snuggled down with a nice glass of red

what a lovely end to a busy weekend!

Thanks to Grantus for the B-E-A-U-tiful bottle of red.... its just lovely. Nothing better than snuggled down on the couch in your PJ's with a nice glass, especially when it Fur-Fur-Fur FREEZIN outside!

Very busy weekend. Lots of doggie beachin for Eski, and lots of time spent with my parents old dog mollie (a.k.a Nanna *reference to peter pan books... she really is Nana, i swear!) she is such a good old dog, cant think of anyone better to get my pup socially adjusted to other dogs.

Bought myself a book to make up for the fact that I wanted to go crazy and get my hair done this pay, but just couldnt financially find it feesable since my car died and i had to fork out for a new battery! (yuk!) Bought Bark Busters the guide to dog behaviour and training, cause Eski is like no other dog I have had to train in my life! (being about 2 ive had a hand in training, and 1 I have trained) She is being quite difficult, and Mista just feels like he just isnt getting it with her training and its stressing me out massively! (the dog more than mista! worded that wrong!)
The book is really helpful, and it was hard to choose with all the books available, but this one seems just right, especially with lots of case histories of pups and dogs with the kind of problems they are guiding you how to fix. I am almost halfway through, and its really making sense! apparently my dog is the one out of the litter born to be a pack leader, and is one of the hardest pups to train! lucky us!

We'll stick to it and she'll be right as rain in no time!

Anyhoo mister is pestering me to finish so he can read it, so i will finish up by saying... geez this is a lovely glass of red!

Love you all


Friday, June 19, 2009

Why god gave us muscles....


so if you havent already guessed, im in a bit of pain here today... luckily (or unluckily if you see it that way) its my RDO today so i can slum it at home in pain, but then there is only to dog to bitch too (hahaha i made a pun... didnt realise it till just now) and she doesnt seem to care all that much.

It hurts in my arms, and i couldnt figure out why, since i havent done anything out of the ordinary in my gym routine... and then it came to me.... it was at work in theatre when I had to hold this guys arm up in the air whilst they plastered it from fingers to under arm, and to make matters worse he was under Anasthetic so it was a heavy son of a gun, aaaaaand even worse was the fact that they put plaster on it and that makes it heavy as a lead ballooon... try holding that in the air for the time it takes plaster to set!

on the bright side, I made the surgeon laugh when at about the 10 minute mark stated
"anyone with a broken arm raise their haaaaaannnd....NOW!" I didnt think it was all that funny... inappropriate... but not all that funny... But he thought it was hi-larious. well... it had been a long day.

So push comes to shove... i hurt

Gonna go now, gots lots of things to do (BILLS!!! DAMN BILLS!!! I HATE YOU!) and i might take Eski down to the dog beach... at least one of us will have fun today :P

Cheers big ears

Lots of Love


Thursday, June 18, 2009

We were the losers of a grandfinal of the losers of the top division.... (?)

I know... i dont get it either....

Netball grandfinal tonight.... we lost (wah wah wah...) I dont think any of us could really take it seriously when we as a team have only one 4 out of like 15 games, and yet we made the grand final.....

Did a specky fall... RIGHT ON MY ASS!!! Now my neck and back rather hurt... might have to go see the physio bout my neck... its been giving me grief for a few days now, and it hurties so much i just cant get comfy tonight.... ive even resorted to two panadiene and it hasn't even touched it!

well im gonna cut this short today.... I kinda need to pee ... and ill be damned if im going to be one of those people who take the lap top with them to the bathroom (EW!)

So nighty night people

Love Lilly