Sunday, October 30, 2005

Trick or Treat!!!!!

god i love halloween!!! it the one time of year i get into the all american spirit and just wanna dress up, eat candy and watch scary movies.

God i love playing dress up!!! anyone who is anyone *that knows me* knows i love it to death! and i am uber little fairy freak when it comes to dress up, i guess i never really grew out of it.

*cue wavey fade out into remenisance into the past*

God the best time i ever remember when i was a kid was being chosen in Prep to be a tight rope walker in our make believe circus. i had a red leotard, and on one arm was piece of wavy material running along my arm and attached to my side, like a sort of wing, and it had sequins with silk thread tasslie thingies..... and i had to walk elegantly around a hula hoop on the floor... god i loved that time!

but anyway, there was no dress up this year. i had a serious fight with the flu just recently, along with being thrust into the knowledge that i react uber badly to antibiotics (ill save the gorey details for another time, preferably when you have just eaten something bright and sparkly that will look really gross when it comes back up...) so i didnt feel particularily pretty.

so i organised my time by going to the shop and buying some skittles and some m&m's, some absolute cut (it came with the coolest bottle opener/coaster of all time, i just had to own its prettyness) and renting some scary movies i have never seen before, because i would prefer to watch and be scared by something i have never seen before then something i have, that and i have this cute little fault, where i like to rent movies no one has ever heard of, because i figure one day, after sifening through all the crap, i may just find a little diamond in the rough. (ill let you know how that goes)

so i rented "sickle", "darkness falls","faculty","hellraiser #something" and "the skulls" (cause my flatmate hadnt seen it.)

so we all know that the skulls is a good movie, depending on who you ask. i dont mind it, its pretty cool.

then we went on to the faculty, not bad, but not good, i had seen it before, but not for ages, so me thoughts i'd do a bit of perving on elizia wood, and that other guy in it, i forget his name, but he is pretty damn hot. not to meantion the eyecandy females wandering around looking vunerable. good movie.

next.... came sickle.... i cant think of a better way of describing this movie then the opposite of porn trying to have a plot..... it was a plot that was suffocated to death with porn.... i couldnt even watch more than 20 minutes of it. it was the reason that horny adolecent teens should not have video camera's. or ideas.

next came darkenss falls.... i totally forgot i had ever watched it, it was a good movie, scary and all, but i had already seen it, so i was quite dissapointeed with my jellie-fied brain meats.

next, i am watching the hellraiser movie as we speak, or type or whatever. its pretty gruesome. but unfortunately the only good horror movie i rented. sad isnt it? i havent jumped so far.

i think next time i might just rent all the grudge/ring/dark water movies. Now THERE are some movies that make me squeal like a misrepresented mobster who's only option of not getting the chair is to sing like a canary.

Oh well, i guess i was scared, just not in the way i thought i would be...

on another note, i have dragged out my ol' paintings, you know the ones... no actually you dont know, but you SHOULD know, you uninformed personage. I have several unfinished huge ass black and white paintings i started back in college.... i was toying with shading in its boldest form. i was told i was "too namby pamby" with my shading and colors..(hrm could that be attributed to my COLOR BLINDNESS?!?!) so as a concious objector would do, i went to another extreme... i just havent finished it yet.

so anyway, i have draged them out and started again, and i am having the most fun ever! i may even finish one today! ooooh i am getting all tingly!

i may even get as creative as to take some pictures and post them... i know i know empty promises, i always do.... but this time it might be different. you must always have hope little hobbit man... without hope, dragons with scary cloaked figures will try and eat you..... heh, that would be pretty funny, if, say whoever had the ring from lord of the rings (not elija wood though, he has a career to continue) got eaten by the dragon thingie.... could you imagin lord saragon (or whatever his name is) waiting behind it with a big pooper scooper and a rubber glove... HAHAHA!

sorry im really tired, couldnt sleep, clown'll eat me.

anyway i will chat later yall..

love lilly


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dont make me full of chocolate!

so i went to the royal hobart show today, i saw baby chickens, baby rats, baby guinea pigs, baby piggy pigs.

i patted a baby sheep and was attaked and mugged by a baby goat, saw a baby miniature pony with a miniature afro, a baby cow... a not so baby cow, a baby bogan

i ate fairy floss, kicked the ATM machine for not working, saw the gayest dogs in the world strutting their stuff for what i can only assume was the title of being the gayest dog in the world (there was hair spray involved, dont ask)

i got a show bag that was full of chocolate when i bought it.... now my tummy hurts....

all i can say is that i am glad i went to the gym thismorning, and i wont need dinner.

so much sugar, so little time .... and my teeth are starting to hurt

bounce bounce bounce bounce - that is the sound of me off the walls

now my tummy hurts again but i have this overwhelming urge to finish the bag of crystalized sugar flossie stuff

ah the complications of life - when did it get so complicated? tell me!

well im off to play who wants to be a millionare with my family - its really fun cause they all get really drunk and i win by default! huzzah!

well i will fill you in on the nights events tomorow, love ya all

lilly pilly


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

10 things i hate about men

first, before i start my well deserved rant, i would love to say happy birthday for today/tomorow (depending on which time zone you are residing in....planes not inclusive) to Americajay. for all who read this blog, this is the person to praise for the fact i even update it... my head of reminding me when i am being lazy-man.

happy birthday!!!

now on to that well deserved and overly advertised rant.

who wants to hear the great cocktail of anti insomniacs lately put into my drink just this friday just gone.

the blood results are back and they go like this

flunitrazepam - used for severe insomnia only in last resort cases - causes amnesia especially mixed with alcohol.

doxylamine succinate - again for insomnia

midazolam hydrochloride - it is commonly used for short general anesthetics proceedures - (usually injected...morons)

nitrazepam - anti insomniac - transient amnesia, should also not be mixed with alcohol

now you dont need a dictionary to figure out that i am never drinking anything not in a sippy cup from now on.

this is twice in the last 2 months. if it wasn't for the fact that i ran into a buddy of mine, i would have stayed out later, and probably ended up someones unconsious biach.

now i have to have several blood tests, an ultrasound for my kidneys...(apparently lots of crappy drugs and much much alcohol can make your kidneys go all screwie).

but i digress from my point

what was it again?

ah i dunno

i will talk later, hopefully about something more happy

lots of love



Saturday, October 08, 2005

i haven't had a cunt all night, drinkstable!

wow.. 2 days drinking surely takes its toll.....of DRUGS!!!! i am quickly running out of panadol.... not to meantion grog!!

went out with ma mutha and sista and auntie today, really hungry for some grease, ordered bacon and eggs.... and i couldnt keep the first bite down! it was uber depressing towatch the hungry hoards gobble up my grease! ah well, i hope to be able to eat solids again one day!

so for now i just have to keep it up with my empty carbs! (*alcohol)

anyhoo, last night was fun... i saved a girl who O.D'd in the bathroom.... i was the only sober *coughenoughcough* one to climb over the door and unlock it and fireman carry the vomiting unconcious beauty out to the bouncers.

sorta ruined my night so i left it at that.

fun times!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm turning 21 and there is no excuse for how I am going to behave


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! im turning 21! in the fine tradition of the ages, i started drinking yesterday....and today, i met a friend for coffee.... coffee being a large ass cup - o - cino, an orange juice and 4 panadol....

then i went and had a few thing waxed....and lets just say your CLEAR for landin'! a few things tinted and tanned.

there is nothing more refreshing than getting naked infront of someone you have never met, and having them poke and prod... then WAX... pain and hangover, what a mornin! then there was the tanning.... again pretty much naked....nuthin but my pretty diamonte g-banger. and now i have pretty tanned lungs.....cough cough

but it was all worth it my friends!

i must be lookin pretty hot because as soon as i left, i was invited to a party of 4 guys i have never met! score one for lillypilly!!! woot!

so anyway im hitting the town tonight and tomorow night and all are invited! im not organising, its my birthday and i dont have too! just be oot when i am!

speaking of oot..... i heard the WORST russian accent last night! it was on smallville...... speaking of smallville Tom Welling is freaking HOT!!!! i had an argument with the local comic book guy about whether the guy in the superman movie is more ripped then tom..... NEVER!!!!!! i will never bow to that! TOM WELLING is the real superman.....(after christopher reeve of course, no one could ever replace christopher reeve in my heart)

anyway back to mitxpiddlelick or whatever his name was.... worst accent EVER!!!!! ill tell you what, after i foomble the boel, ill coum down to your cloob and have soooom vudka. sorry but he should have gone and taken a lesson from the bad guy in xxx. now THERE was a sexy accent. i dont care what the hell you look like but if you speak like him, i would do everything to you!

now speaking of triple x (the good one, not the crappy second one) vin diesel will allways be xxx.... no amount of crappy story plot holes could ever erase him from our memories!!!!!!!!

i mean, f-ing hell! he kicked so much ass in the first one, and pretty much took down a russian terrorist group on his little lonesome, then in the second film, how did they pay homage to the greatness? "oh he diesd"

damn them

im off!

love ya all