Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here comes the rain again...

I was let go today. The reason being that the market has tightened up substatially in the last three months. My employers told me that i was a great worker, and that i will be missed and they were very sorry to have to do this, but they just could not justify having another sales person on at this time....

Also just so you all know, i spent tuesday in hospital. As it turns out i quite possibly have endomitiosis.

As i sit here at my mums, my eyes are a little blurry from the tears, my insides are a little warm from the spirits im sipping, but im strong. im stronger than i have ever been.

This may be my last post for a while, at least until i find a new job.

All this, just three days before my birthday....

A big thanks to Binty for my birthday pressent though, i got it today, and i couldnt help but open it early, what me being a little down and all. It made me smile and laugh, thank you for such a thoughtful gift. they feel all fuzzy too! All i wanted was one butt butt kitty kitty but now i have four!

Its more than i could have asked for. thank you.

Well that is all i have to say for now.

Thanks to all who have helped me through bad times like this, and a pre emptive thanks to all who will probably help me through this.

Love you all



Friday, September 29, 2006

Virtual Texas Hold em' is the bomb-diggity.

Mista and i, on our day off on wednesday, went to cashies (cash converters, a BIG ass pawn shop) just to waste time as my spare tyre was getting fixed (apparently, it takes 2-3 hours to fix a tyre these days, unlike the usual 20 min or so everywhere else).
Mista saw an old game that you plug into the tv and there is six wireless controllers. It was virtual world series poker.

so $20 bucks later and some free batteries, he is now the proud owner of a game that CHEATS!!! I SO WON THAT HAND!!! I HAD TWO PAIR!!! YOU ONLY HAD ONE!!! ARRRG! *throws controller at mista mattie again*

Anyway, a bottle of red wine and this game means hours of fun for all!

Its awesome! well and truly!

Anyway, I'm off to my first ever AFL grand final thingie! sure ive been to my parents ones when i HAD too go. but this is the first ever by choice!

Apparently there will be Guiness and chicken, (champagne for the girls, but fizzy drinks give me tummy ouches nowdays, so guinness it is.)

And then for the 6-7 hours of footy entertainment. I'm a bit mixed on the subject at the moment, but i have been proved wrong before. i thought i would absolutely be bored shitless with the world cup soccer, let alone having to stay up till two in the morning, but i got more into it than mattie, screaming at the tv, calling the umps, yelling at the dirty cheaters. (of them, there was many)

So we will see how it goes.

Anyhoo going now

Love you all


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Under the Thumb?

Well if anyone reads this and you live in Tasmania and you just happened to be listening to Seafm (radio station) thismorning, you would have been subjected to the same verbal diarhea that i was.

It was about how men in tassie are under the thumb of their women. Naturally i dont give a shit about what they have to say, but this just went on and on and on. One would say, "why didn't you just turn it off?". And i can answer "damn it, i really wish i had."

There was one loser caller who got on there and stated "i doo's what i want when i want, and if she questions me i just say "well who's the man?""

Now i cant answer who the man is in that relationship, but i sure do know who the child is.

Women may get cranky, yes, we may even get demanding, but sometimes the only way to get through to a man is to speak to him how his mother used too. As much as it pains me to say, more often than not, they listen.

And why do we take this liberty? why do we get cranky? why do we think we know better? Studies have shown that a female reaches maturity years before a male of the same age, therefore more responsibility is placed on the female counterpart. Cooking is taught to us, cleaning, childminding. Then when it comes to teaching the men how to do it, why when you already have a female who can do it better? We have technically had years of experience over males.

That, and many years ago, the women stayed at home, did an average of 3 hours housework a day, looked after children ect. Nowdays, a woman has to work full time, (the same hours as a man) come home, find the time to do that 3 hours of housework (yup, supprisingly it didnt just dissappear) and if they have children, probably spend more time looking after it.

(not to say, there are a few men out there who can look after themselves, and who dont have to be nagged, who do their fair share and dont usually need to be nagged. i believe they were the ones described on seafm as "under the thumb". doesn't it make you mad? and on that note, there are a few females out there who wouldnt know how to care for themselves even if their lives depended on it, and unfortunatly, usually these people have small babies who's lives DO depend on them. It makes me want to cry.)

Now i totally believe in womens rights, but i believe that womens rights gave us the right to choose. We should be able to choose to work full time, choose to be a mother or choose to be a house wife (the three are just as important as eachother). But now, there is no choice. To survive now days, a man and woman have to work full time. I think it is very rare to see a family surviving on one AVERAGE income whilst the other does home duties (man or woman). There is no choice anymore really for most of us.

And they wonder why we arent having babies anymore. We can't choose too. We cant warrant it. And its a pity. And those who choose to battle it, my hat goes off to you, for you are braver than i am at this current moment in time.

Well, I'm glad i got MY OPINION off my chest.

you dont have to agree with me, you dont have to disagree with me, these are my views personally from my experience.

Whoops i totally went from one topic to another, at least they were related this time.

Anyhoo i should go,

Love you all, and hope you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Me Tube? Thats unpossible...

I cant believe that there has been a huge development of the blogging variety, and I didn’t even know.

You tube…

You all know it, I know where you have been sneaking off too late at night, whilst I am asleep, sneaking out to your hussy, coming back smelling of cheap youtube perfume, virtual lipstick on your collar!

Well, what If you are like me, and have only just grasped the highly technical version of written blogging? Huh?

What if you aren’t pretty enough for visual broadcasting? At least the radio has you in the car… what do I have?

Who would have thunk that the lazymans way of blogging would have caught on so quickly? I can now, thanks to the bizarre amount of youtube broadcasts that are underage teens wearing absolutely nothing demonstrating poses that they think are original, but honey, we’s been dooin that one for years, come back to me when you can pull off that pose in an airoplane bathroom without getting caught/cramps.

I wont take away from the few original, actually interesting mini tv series youtube broadcasts. They are cool, hats off to you guys

But can you at least type up a transcript of what is said so that I can actually view this stuff and get the gist of it whilst pretending to do work? Its a lot harder to hide audio and visual then it is to hide text…. Lemme tell you!

But enough about that, I want to know something that has been bugging me for ages.

If the toilets in the southern hemisphere drain one way, and the others in the northern hemisphere the other way…. What way does it drain in countries right on the equator?

Also, just for news at hand in my life, Landlord lady invaded my privacy, something you should never ever do… especially to good old obsessive compulsive me. She even used our power and took the liberty of opening a window, not to mention going into my bedroom without prior permission to even enter my house.

So you guessed it, I’m moving again.

I was so mad that Mattie and I had to leave the house, to which 2 km down the road, the clutch gives out, so we wait for RACT and a tow for two hours. Then to find out its going to be like $600 smakeroo’s to fix it!


Well I had better get back to work, its getting pretty hard to pretend im doing work when im this worked up

(pun not intended)

Love you All, especially Mista Mattie

I put in the picture cause i thought it was funny, no relevance to anything at all, just in case you were confused.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I Love you, Mattieus Q.

I hope this tell's you (and the world) how much I really do love you... I even searched the net for a picture that would say 1000's words, to just let you know.

I thought you might relate to this picture a bit more, it was either that or a picture of candy hearts, i thought you might like that one too.

Also, just while I'm here,

And i must mean it, cause i spelt "you" correctly, and no crappy smilie faces!!!!
Anyway, that is all i have to say today, exept that congrats to everyone who read my post about Hamster, and used their collective will to help him heal, because last i read he had gone from critical to stable condition. Woot!
Love for all, but expecially Mattie.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A hushed silence for a Hurt Hamster

You could have knocked me over with a feather (made easier today by the gale force winds that are killing me, not to meantion my hair) when I discovered that Richard "Hamster" Hammond had been critically injured in a high speed test run of a jet powered car.

He was averaging about 450 kph and was racing the car down a runway at an unused Royal Air Force air field near York city in northern England and it overturned.
Last I heard they had rushed him in an air ambulance to a hospital in Leeds.

Now most of you may not know this guy, some may know him from the TV show "Braniac" as the host, others know him from the show "Top gear", which he also hosts with some other guys (note my attention to detail people)

Now as you know, I am not a big one for cars, i drive a red one, and that is the extent of my knowledge, but since meeting mattieus Q. he and his friend affectionately know as "Gavio Hawques" (dont ask) love the top gear show, and being the nice girlfriend that i am, sat down to watch some with them.

And now for the element of surprise.... I really liked it. It was funny as! they are a crack up, the one i watched was them test running a jeep playing fire tag with an army tank....

And they had a PINK CAR!!! oh my god i want that car! Hamster was test driving it, pulled over and refused to drive it, but i dont care! it was adorable!

And another one i watched, they tried to turn a family wagon thing, into a convertible, by themselves, and drive it down the highway to see if it would tear up.

God it makes me laugh till i almost pee, and mattie till he actually pee's (not really...)

So with all this sadness this past weeks, I thought we could all take a moment to wish him the best and hope he heals up, possibly send some flowers, a card maybe.

I dont want to have to do another memorial post, please, so with the collective will of everyone who reads my post, we can help him survive, glass half full and all that.

Till next time

Love you all


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why would superman want to leap over the tallest building in a single bound if he can fly?

....just askin...

Disorder in the American Courts... and only the American courts...

These are from a book called "Disorder in the American Courts." They are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters who endured the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place.

Q: Are you sexually active? A: No, I just lie there.

Q: What is your date of birth? A: July 15th. Q: What year? A: Every year.

Q: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? A: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.

Q: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? A: Yes. Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory? A: I forget. Q: You forget? Can you give us an example of something that you've forgotten?

Q: How old is your son, the one living with you? A: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can't remember which. Q: How long has he lived with you? A: Forty-five years.

Q: What was the first thing your husband said to you when he woke up that morning? A: He said, "Where am I, Cathy?" Q: And why did that upset you? A: My name is Susan.

Q: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in voodoo or the occult? A: We both do. Q: Voodoo? A: We do. Q: You do? A: Yes, voodoo.

Q: Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn't know about it until the next morning? A: Did you actually pass the bar exam?

Q: The youngest son, the twenty-year-old, how old is he?

Q: Were you present when your picture was taken?

Q: So the date of conception (of the baby) was August 8th? A: Yes. Q: And what were you doing at that time?

Q: She had three children, right? A: Yes. Q: How many were boys? A: None. Q: Were there any girls?

Q: How was your first marriage terminated? A: By death. Q: And by whose death was it terminated?

Q: Can you describe the individual? A: He was about medium height and had a beard. Q: Was this a male, or a female?

Q: Is your appearance here this morning pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your attorney? A: No, this is how I dress when I go to work.

Q: Doctor, how many autopsies have you performed on dead people? A: All my autopsies are performed on dead people.

Q: ALL your responses MUST be oral, OK? What school did you go to? A: Oral.

Q: Do you recall the time that you examined the body? A: The autopsy started around 8:30 p.m. Q: And Mr. Dennington was dead at the time? A: No, he was sitting on the table wondering why I was doing an autopsy.

Q: Are you qualified to give a urine sample?

Q: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse? A: No. Q: Did you check for blood pressure? A: No. Q: Did you check for breathing? A: No. Q: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy? A: No. Q: How can you be so sure, Doctor? A: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar. Q: But could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless? A: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law somewhere.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Peter Brock, the Legend will Live on

I really wish i never had to post a memorial to one Great Australian, let alone two. And all in the same week.

Peter Brock is, and was a Legend. A great Idol to most of my friends, especially my mattie.

Mattie, in fact, made me take down a picture so he could hang, in pride of place, his mounted poster of "Team Brock" that he had signed.

It stated

"Mattie, Follow your Dreams, Peter Brock"

And that is how he passed, following his dreams. And that is how he will be remembered.

My heart goes out to his family and friends, and to all his fans, I'm so very sorry that we have lost another great Australian.

Love Lilly


Thursday, September 07, 2006

I was wrong.

There is nothing I enjoy more than being proved wrong.

Im serious too, in this case.

If you wanted to know what the hell i am on about, go check this latest article from the local rag,22884,20367539-3462,00.html

It is an awesome artical about a hobart police chasing this moron who "tried" to hold up a newsagency in chigwell, but instead stole the poor womans car.

They vigilantly chased this moron all the way from chigwell (near hobart) to Launceston (a far far way peoples) without him smashing and killing anyone on the midlands highway (notorious for killing normal people, let alone car stealing bogans)

They apprihended this fiend when he smashed into two stationary cars in the CBD, he tried to run but they nabbed the fool. Unluckily, there was a child in the back of one of the stationary vehicles, but luckily, no one was badly harmed.

HUZZAH'S all round for the Tassie police, you sure showed me, and i humbly eat my words.

Unlike most people in the world, i can admit when i've been wrong, and i, for one, am glad this time i am.

Love you all people, and i hope this shows you that there is still hope in the world

Love Lilly


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin, a God among Men.

this post was originally going to be about how the media has warped my mind into believing the Police are worse than they really are, by only telling me the bad stuff and not the good stuff *as only the media can*

But instead, i dedicate this entry to Steve Irwin, who has passed on yesterday at 11am whilst filming an underwater doccumentary.

He was usually one of the quickest men on earth when it came to dodging a blow from any one of our dangerous australians, but much to the broken hearts of all Australians, he just was not quite quick enough this time.

I will save you the details of his passing, but we have been told that it was very fast.

My heart goes out to to his wife, and his two children, especially his daughter, who lived for her dad and his antics.

But as in the passing of the great christopher Reeve, we must go forward and remember Steve Irwins hopes for the future.

As he said, you cant help the animals unless you help the people first. And that was what his life was about, educating people through his doccumentaries, and through his pride and joy, Australia Zoo.

Steve Irwin, you will be missed, but in your passing, know that you have done this country a great service and that as THE aussie icon, all of australia will mourn you, but will alse remember you for who you were.

The inspiration of pretty much all australians, especially young, but also old.




Friday, September 01, 2006

Dont believe what your first impression tells you, cause you shouldn't talk to strangers.

Your first impression may tell you, from first glimpse at my blog, that I do, but dont believe him, i mean, you only just met him... being your first impression and all... i mean, you wouldnt sleep with the guy on your first date would you? or the first drink he buys you? you would at least wait till the third date (or drink, as some of the cases may be)... or at least until he bought you something sparkly and expensive (in the drinks case, a shot of absynth, lit and cinnamon sprinkled over it for that fireworks display all girlies love so much...)

unless you were really really in the mood for no strings attached fling... but then why would you be on a date? you would just be out on the prowl...wandering down dark alleyways looking vunerable....

Anyhoo, love you all i have to man the front office now,

Love and kisses



Thursday, August 31, 2006

What is a Fish finger really? metaphorically speaking...

Well yesterday I had the ramblings of a lifetime, all squished into like 3 hours,(mattie thought it was quite amusing) and we thought, i must put these into my blog.

But loe and behold, i cant remember the bulk of them.

I seem to remember something about mob law when it comes to hold ups... and something about underwear slogans... oh and our states finest... (the police) being absolutely useless at actual detective work... oh dont get me wrong, they are great if they are there in person & happen to witness the whole thing, but even with moderate amounts of leads and information, they still cant seem to figure out anything....

Take exhibit A. for example.... a spate of bottleshop/takeaway hold ups in Tasmania... running over a month or more... the police had ample video footage of the offenders in the midst of their robberies, eye witness accounts of the get-away vehicle, not to meantion the fact that they had a serial pattern of hitting bottleshops and takeaway stores in the greater hobart area.... did i meantion eye witness accounts?

And nothing, nada, not a freaking clue.... wow it just makes you swell with pride for our finest... bring me heratio from CSI! he'll figure it out, and do it in like a span of a 45 minute show...

Again, dont get me wrong, there is probably a very good explanation to why they are so crappy at detective work... but i ask you, why dont they tell me that reason so i can shut my mouth and stop rambling?

I mean, they had this whole month or so, with like a new crime every 4 to 7 days... and they just kept shrugging their shoulders and duhing at us... now these crimes have come to a halt (not thanks to the capture of these offenders) and i can just see them wiping their brows and whispering to eachother "wow, im glad thats over, we were starting to look a little incompetant there..."

Lets face it, you have just shown these crims that they can pretty much get away with it, so i bet you my top dollar (that is a dollar to anyone who thinks its more) that they start up again as soon as the booze and marijuanna money runs short.

Now, after my very politically prickly ramble, on to the underwear slogans,

I was drifting off to sleep last night, sleepily giggling with mattie about what would be a good slogan for my underwear to sport.

This all arised from the fact that i almost bought a pair of nifty scruds with wish bear from the care bears on the front, this coming from mattie calling me his "intensive care bear".

This started mattie and i coming up with slogans, (the score being mattie: 2 Lilpil :7-8 sleepy ramblings

Some we came up with was "you must be this tall to ride" "slippery when wet" "caution: falling rocks" (dont ask) "let your fingers do the walking" (double dont ask) and i cant remember anymore cause i was half asleep.

This spawned the idea that you who actually bother to read all of this crap, should leave some comments on some good slogans, c'mon people, i know you read this darn thing, so put your fingers to some walking and darn well talk to me! i need correspondance damn it!

And another thing... Trucks.... Trucks through the city... Trucks when im trying to get to work a little early so that i can make an early appointment, cause me to be later than the days when im running late...

Ohhhhh it makes my fishfingers burn on the outside but stay frozen on the inside (thus equalling eachother out to make the perfect fish finger for the dog to eat.. and i was really in the mood for fish fingers too damn it, and you know it was the last 4 in the slightly damp frozen box...)

what is a fish finger? why not a fish slice? a fish soilder? compressed fish sweepings in a bizarly bright orange crubling? is fish fingers what happens to the fish that get kidnapped and the Tasmanian police fish wants proof of the kidnapping before they start negotiations, so the kidnapper fish sends mini fish fingers with some tomato sauce in a box?

god i could go some fish fingers now...

mmmm fish finger sandwitch without the bread.... oh oh oh fish finger sandwich with cheese in the middle... mmmmm

oh with a little comical stuffed olive on a skewer to hold it all together, and to make it look just right.

to all those out there that eat that olivie thingie, ew..... your that wierd person who eats the garnish parsley arent you?.... or the side of salad? you eat that? god you are weird!

Oh quick survey!

Who actually eats/enjoys the side of salad if they get something with a side of salad and chips?
Or eats the parsley ganish?
Or eats the skewered fishfinger sandwich olive thingie?

This should be rather interesting

ask your friends, tell me so i can post the results.

Anyway, its nearing lunch and i should actually get back to work

Love you all sweety snookums

and i promise to try and write down my ramblings so i remember in future!

Love you all

Kiss kiss

Lilly pilly


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Optimist drowns in half full bathtub

I would be a super lab rat... or a cheater... its a sort of glass half empty/full sort of thing.... hence the title!

Well im in a bit of a better mood today, though i must admit that i did not stick true to my say nothing bad thing... i got home and totally ripped their image a new butthole...

Anyhoo i should go, i promise to do a better update at some stage, but im just so flat out doing stuff!

Not complaining, just doing!

Love you all my super lab ratties...



Monday, August 28, 2006

I know that you're not really two-faced in spite of the impression you give. If you were, why on earth would you be wearing that one?

As you can see, I've had a bad day...

I'm trying a new thing that is if i havent got anything nice to say about someone, i wont say it at all...... so here is me not saying a hell of a lot of things....

Love ya all



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Leprechaun tells me to burn things

This describes how I feel today to a tee...

.....Im Hungry.....

Love Lilly

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Please stand by...

This is a transmission to Americajay.... Damn yoo's, you are the only reason I started blogging frequently, but yet i see your blog goes untouched....


no.... strike that, I set upon thee with my baby hamster and his BOOM STICK!!!

Thats right... and after he is finished with you, he is going to go and hold Mister Blunty hostage until he fixes the forum and does another blog entry, i dont care if its the lazy video blog, at least it would be something....

sniff* i miss his forum... it was like a buzzy internet filled with html incription home away from real home....

I wont complain about the color anymore... i promise!!!! WAAAAAH~~

im over it now, i have to go and get petrol and then go show some houses, and its cold and rainy, and my nose is runny...

mmm romantic

anyhoo, ok peoples i love you bai bai!

Love Lilly and her boomsticksexual baby hamster who is not named harry, how dare you even imply he is a little bit chubby, and a little bit hairy and ... you know the rest.


(cold and flu meds are fun)


is there anything that sounds as good? nope, not when your a poor ass like myself!!!

It was the company's End of Financial year "seminar"... and by seminar we mean free food and grog!

I had so much to eat and not to meantion.... DRINK!!! and here i am now, at work after that, bright as a button and just as cute. no one thought i would make it, but i showed them, i was even early for work!!!


Anyway i should go and do some work, to make up for the vast amounts of fermented grape juice i consumed.

Love you all
*big mental telepathy hug*



Monday, August 07, 2006

4 years of of being 21.

This entry is pretty much for my mister mattius Q. Mattie (cherry's new nickname cause the voices told her too... at least that is what i could gather from her entry)

*Waves like a teenybopper at a Backstreet Boys concert*

HEYA MISTA MATTIE!!!! can you see me?!?! huh?!?! I'm Over Here!!!, HEY!!! WOOOOOH!!!!

My mista is going to be looking up my blog today to have a quick squiz... i think i worried him when he asked me if i wrote anything about him in it, and i said yes and then wouldnt tell him what i wrote...mainly cause i couldnt remember, but we wont tell him that, will we? cause its too much fun to watch him squirm....


The thought occured to him last night as we were watching an episode of C.S.I Miami... god i love heratio!! do the glasses thing!!! DO THE GLASSES THING!!!!!

But anyway, there was a blog featured in this particular episode, which agotsa mista mattie thinking.... what does a little lillypilly get up to on the net?

Well, this is about it, im sorry.... im really really sorry.... really really REALLY sorry.... but this is really it.

Well anyhoo its Matties birthday in like 2 days and i have FINALLY got some Idea's on what to get him!!! took me long enough, and with no help whatsoever.... maybe.... shaddup.

hrmmmmm now what else was there, oh yeas.... I LOVE YOU MATTIE!!!! MARRY ME AND HAVE LOTS OF BABIES!!!! (by lots i mean like, one, in like, many years time... or lets buy a puppie.... thatll do.)

I Proclaim my love for this man over my blog in a soppy, drooly, sugary sweet, rainbow happy town way that will make all those singles out there vomit simultaniously and drop in a seizure of pure "ew"ness.

*ponders*......mmmmm sugary rainbow drool......

Well, my lunch is sorted.

Oh and just to let you all know, i am doing netball now!!! WOOT!!! competative urges sorted!!! im Goal Keeper, Defender of the goalie ring thing!

We won last week but now we lost this week, and i rolled my ankle something shocking... its sore but ok

Oh and MAttie and i went to the botanical gardens together to have lunch on sunday... it was awesome!!!! we gave eachother piggie back rides whilst taping it on our phones, funny stuff.
And the fortnight before that, he was so sweet, he organised a surprise cruise for me on the river Derwent!!! it was so romantic and beautiful!!! i could have cried!!! ive never been so surprised and so happy!!!!

I love you Mattie

Lots of Love

Lilly Pilly


Saturday, August 05, 2006

This is my BOOMSTICK!!!

Awwe look what i found when i was supposed to be doing work.... he is so CUTE!!!! in a fluffy baby hamster with a semi automatic sort of way....

Now here is a question for the ages... is it wrong to catch yourself admiring your own clevage whilst at work?

I so did this today, i was just looking at them thinking "So this is the view all the people get when they come in to speak to me and im sitting and they are standing...." I dont mean to brag but they were looking pretty awesome... and i will forgive myself this week as it is the states national "breast pride week".

C'mon, its the only week im allowed to be proud of them, and not curse them for the back pain they give me, or the fact that they can fluctuate from a B cup, to a C cup, to when im uber hormonal... a D cup, back to a c cup, to an not quite D cup but not quite C cup..... Then there is the whole self esteem issue that comes with them.... "i want them bigger! now i want them smaller! now i want them perky! now i want them not to look quite like Jordans....(the chick who looks like if you poked her in her forhead, you would offset her balance and she would collapse in on herself)

Yep... the pride runneth over today....

right, different subject.

ummmm.. oh! i so choked on a jellybabie today! i had just put it in my mouth and someone walked in to the office and surprised me.... now i have the oddest case of the hiccoughs and i keep having this image of this fully intact jelly baby trying to claw its way to freedom in my stomach.... its giving me intergestion... that and the thought that i never actually got to enjoy the sugary carbohydrates that are now going straight to my not fair....

what else.... oh yeah i caught up with the gals, went down to new norfolk for some cheap piss and some self esteem boosters.... Hella funny, i totally reccomend it. Specially the fish nuggets at the bush in....mmmmmm fishy nugget goodness.....

though i must warn you, the choices on the menu are deep fried or deep fried.... no sushi or ceasar salad for me my friends....

what else.... oh yeah its Mista Matties birthday next week, i have this whole day planned! its gonna be awesome! i just dont know what to get him for his birthday pressie! he said he just wants me to buy some matching bra and undies in electric blue for myself.... im not too sure whether or not to take the hint on that one.... what is wrong with my seven dwarf undies?!? at least i have a clean pair on every day..... mostly..... ew.....

Electric blue is his favourite color by the way, if you were wondering why such a random comment.

well apart from that i just dont know what to get him, i got him a funny pressie of a hawaian lai.... just for laughs, cause i said i was gonna get him laid by me for his birthday.... BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

i just dont know what to get him.... all suggestions welcome, except for knives.... i heard that you cant give knives as presents, its bad karma, and then that person has to give you money for the knives so that they technically bought them from you and it gets a little complicated after that, and i dont do complicated.

hrmmmm what else.... ummmm......

nothing i guess...

thats about it for my ramblings....

sad huh?

Thanks for reading this far, you really really didnt have too, if i were you i would have so used my internet time to look up porn or video;s of people hurting themselves that i find quite funny, expecially if they are skaters trying to be cool and jump of a roof and totally stack it.... good times....

Love you all, love me back and leave comments damn yous!!!

Love Lilly


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Urge to Kill....fading....fading....


my new job rocks my socks!!! I never new life could be so stress free! Long gone are the days of working 3 to 4 peoples jobs, cramming it all into one day, being stressed out, underpaid and underappreciated and treated like dirt!!!!

Im so happy! And everyone is so nice!

And i can use the internet!!!!

life is good.

hope everyone else is having as good a day as i am

thats about it

Love Lilly

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Storm Before the Calm...

Oh god where to start.... though i must be quick as i am on works internet...

ill start with

1. Moved in with sister
2. Did the D and D ball
3. Found the best man in the world when i wasn't even looking
4. Sister threw wobbly about nothing (that i had the best man in the world whilst i had to hold her hair back as she puked in a bin most probably)
5. Moved into new mans house
6. Broken english speaking Singaporian land lady threw hissy fit that there was THREE sets of feet walking on the carpet in the unit now, not two.
7. Flatmate of man goes through some sort of epiphany that they cant afford the rent here and need to "find themselves"
8. Agree to take over her lease on the proviso that I get her bond at the end (cause she broke lease and wouldnt have got it back anyway) it was her idea id like to state
9. Everything seems to be going ok and then BAM! huge personal crisis. I wont go into it because it is too painful and personal to talk about, but it was the biggest decision of my life...
10. Work Fires me because of the big personal thingie, so illegal but at this stage i dont even want to go there untill everything is sorted.
11. Decide that we need to move somewhere cheaper plus land lady is starting to get on my mans nerves
12. Find what we think is a cute downstairs unit for cheaper. landlady seems nice.
13. Find out that old flatmate has renigged on the deal and has stolen away the bond money. Bitch. we really needed that money cause i was out of work.
14. Look for work and struggle to make ends meet.
15. sister did not pay the phone bills and the line was in my name, refuses to pay bill but does after i throw my own hissy fit. plus like i can pay it with no income (keep in mind that i havent told my family cause i dont want to tell them the personal part)
16. Work pays out my annual leave left over... but takes $600 for a bill that i was originally only supposed to pay $200 off and have the rest written off... so illegal again, you cant just take what you want from my pay!!!!
17. Want to just curl up and die.
18.Flat tire...
19. Lots of interviews, but all seem to go well till someone spots my TINY tattoo on my calf... no call backs...
20. Decide for next interview to cover it with band aids
21. Get called back!
22. Get told that the job has been filled but they liked the cut of my jib so much they want me to be junior sales consultant!!!
23. Cry with joy
24. Study for a month before starting, sell everything that isnt tied down to make ends meet
25. Car accident go to hospital for shoulder
26. Start work!!!
27. Go through major Depression about personal crisis....
28. do exam
29. PASS!!!!
30. Find that this is the best job ever!

well that is my life with some things choped out.

love lilly

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Im not dead....

I just dont have the internet, so please stay tuned or whatever these dang computers do, as i will be up and running again soon.

Love lilly


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Math is the Lesbian sister of Biology...

I'm watching family guy at the moment, if you hadnt figured...

ive been moving all day... my shoulder is killing me, might take some panadol. freaking sore shoulder. it feels like someones poking their sharp little pointy fingers into my shoulder through my collar bone... and if i find that person... wham!!!

well i think i should just let you know that Cherry's Italian feast was AWESOME!!! she is an awesome cook, she even let me cook the pasta even though i was half ripped and kept throwing it at the wall to see if it would stick.... brave girl.

she doesnt get her present till her birthday though! woooooo i am a meanie..... wooooo

So a big Thank you for the invite and the great food! it was awesome!

moving sucks ass. i hope it all ends soon.

Im tired, i might go to bed now

Love you all

Lilly xxxoooxox

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here Come the Drums, Here come the DRUMS!!!

WOOT!!! just bought my ticket to the D & D ball! I have my Dress too, now all i need to decide is on the shoes and the hair! .....Hair style that is.....

I am so excited!!! Food, Alcohol, and the ROGUE TRADERS!!! WOOT!!! Cherry said that her and some friends were thinking about getting a limo that night too, that would rock!!! I hope we do, ive never been in a limo... how ritzy!

Just thought id Spill my excitement into my Blog, WOOT!!!

I hope to see some of you there!

Lots of Love

Lilly Pilly xoxoxoxox

Need Coffee in a can....

well im moving today, well, moving lots of stuff anyhoo, cause i move on saturday.

i havent even started yet. im so lazy.

and hungry....

there is no food in the house, sept for the chinese i bought for dinner for me and my EX flatmate... he left out the leftovers and didnt put them in the fridge... and i dont trust chicken left out all night.... i might have the rice though.... am i that hungry?

DAMNIT it taunts me with its fried goodness!

On another note, its Cherry's Birthday soon, and she is having an italian feast on Saturday night... its going to be AWESOME!!! i have to wear something green or white or red or all... that is going to be harder than i first thought!

Well, id better go and have a shower, and get ready to move, damnit

Love you all

Lilly xoxoxo

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thermo-colour T-shirts are the BOMB-DIGGITY!!!

Guess what I purchased for a measly 8 buckeroo's?!? (that's australian currency for those who are thinking i am just making up words.... which im not.... its about 6.17 in American smackeroo's)

Thats right!!! a thermo colour t-shirt!!! its more of a wifebeater than a t-shirt, but it rocks all the same! as a kid i always wanted one, (being a child of the 80's and all) but i never got one. and if i did, it got washed and never changed colour again... anyway, i have been totally entertained for 2 days now! cause im wearing a bra, all the rest of the t-shirt has changed colour, sept where my bra is, its awesome, i keep grabbing my chest and making it change colour in the shape of my hands... Whoever invented this is the most awesome person in the world and
should have an award or something... at least until i tire of it...

well, i have had an awesome weekend. i got my bitesplint, and i havent had a headache for 2 days, which is briliant. im not sleeping as well as i could, but who gives a hoot!

I decided i wanted to go out friday night, just for a quiet get together. Littlest billy goat gruff had had a teeny tiny bit much to drink. It was adorable all the same! i think we learnt a valuable lesson about filling a man of that size with that amount of free giunness...

Saturday was awesome too, My beautiful cherry rang me up and we decided to hang out and have a few beers and champagne... you wouldnt think that they would mix, but they did my tummy. we giggled and played with my thermo t-shirt, oogled over pictures of nicky hayden and valentino rossi. (mmmm nicky hayden, i am soooo confidant in yourrr skeeells. *my version of his hot southern accent*) then we were off to the Lark distillery where Littlest Billy goat was playing, and mister Blunty would be watching... we had cherry max champagne...mmmmm....soooo yummy..... and soo intoxicating) we listened and chatted to random people. then i gots a little flirty and we decided to head to Irish Murphy, where with our beer goggles on, there was this guy who looked like nicky hayden, but then i didnt want him anymore cause i could have him so easily. wish i had now though.... but meh! then we went pub hopping not to drink, just to dance! We gots our groove on for many an hour, but then miss cherry gots tired and we went home.

there are many a scene missing from my rendition of last night, but im a little tired myself so its sorta chopped up and stuff

anyway im off cause im tired!

lots of Love lilly xoxoxo

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Metrosexual, Rankosexual? WTF?

What ever happened to just plain being homosexual or heterosexual? (not forgetting the poor forgotten misunderstood Bisexuals)

Ok, ok i will give in the the fact that the word "metrosexual" was a pretty funny and correct way to describe the influx of wet look hair gelafied, pink upturned collar shirted, funnysmelling, tight black jean wearing, moisturising men... But come on...

Alot of my friends at the time period we shall know as "the metro era" were all against it, reconed that anyone stupid enough to go for that look deserved to be beaten, stabbed, raped whatnot. but i caught on to what they were up to early on, As i have always been a big promoter to guys that have inquired to me, "how come you just sneeze and the girlies come flocking?" to which i have repield "im pretty sure if you were gay, or at least said you were gay, you would have tonnes more female friends hanging off you, and a man surrounded by giggling girlies is a must for any girls trophy shelf."

And add all of these variables together, subtract the actual homosexual feelings, and there you have it, a massive influx of "metrosexuals"

See what happens when you tell the secret of female "fishing", soon after, every bloody tom dick and sergieay knows about it.

so i publicly apologise, im sorry to you all for that era, i think it was all my fault. but you have to believe me, i had no idea that they would be stupid enough to actually try to pull it off, let alone in record numbers.

i also apologise for the fact that i am doped up to the eyeballs on panadiene forte, i think i had to much, on an empty stomach. with coke zero. i apologise for using the words "coke zero" in my blog too, please dont take offence.

Now to continue my rant, i was reading a magazine in my lunch break, cause i didnt really want to spend my lunch hour actually talking to anyone, that, and how can you say no to a magazine called Chik? i ask you!?

Well in my reading, i came across an article on "rankosexuals" apparently, the metrosexual era has drowned in its wetlook hairgell, and is now floating around face down and decomposing at a substantual rate. and what , you ask , has sprung up to take its place? the aptly named, "rankosexual" now im not sure if any of you were subjected to the governments top range of visual and audio torture, a.k.a Big brother 2005. but a "rankosexual" is pretty much that guy who was scoring with all the chicks, but not telling them all about eachother, whilst being a totall wanker around the guys, bragging and making bets like the women were peices of meat to be fought over like rabid dogs.

Now i never actually witnessed this atrocity against life as we know it. so i cant really say much, but i have noticed lately the rise in the testosterone in the air around me.

I remember a day, back when, when people actually dated, and were all cuddly, and smuggly and smushy and pink.

Lately, all i have noticed is the rise of requests of one night stands, feeling ups and "perving". Now i had to giggle at the word Perving, cause whenever i say it, i am thrown back to the year of 1997 when my girlfriends and i would "perv" on the hot guys in the swim team, football team, soccer team, anything male really. to perve would mean sneaking a glance in their direction and giggling like schoolgirl on crack if they caught your eye.

I really dont care about this topic. i just wanna take bets on when this faze will die, and what new atrocity will spring up and take its place.... im already grinning like an idiot when i think about it. i recon a new species of man will arise, half man, half fish. wait no, we cant have that, that would mean that the metrosexuals would come back, cause then they could survive the wet look hair gel (wouldnt it be funny if they link that hair gell with impotence in the future?)

HAHAHA! or maybe a new version of the metrosexual would arise, called the mummysboysexual. use your hyper imagination on that one! or perhaps, the interlectualsexual? that one has my vote. the philisophicalsexual? the celebatorysexual? OR god forbid, the Religioussexual. i would spend the next 3 years in upper mongolia till that one passed if it ever spawned upon this earth.

I give up, i think i will just sit back, and collect the whole set. and wait around for the "doeverythinginmypowertomakeyouhappyandsatisfiedsexual" mmmmmm that will be a good year.

well, im sick of talking shit now. i hope you get a laugh out of it, cause i sure will in a days time when i remember i did it.

Have a good one, im off to put my new bitesplint to the test. god it makes me look sexy, ill take a picture if someone reminds me.

Miss Lilly Pilly sexual.


ps. i have to publicly apologise, im sorry mister ian, you are not the medium sized billy goat gruff... you are the littlest billy goat gruff. as requested.

Love Lilly pilly who is not screwing up her nose cause im not allowed to anymore.

Oh and pps - im moving in like a week, im scared and i need to install the net down there... im afraid no one will come visit me, and that i will be forgotten DONT FORGET ME!!! DAMN IT!!!!

T.V is gay-o-sexual

Love lilly <3


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

can someone get this world to stop spinning? id like to get off now

hey all, i gots some good news! there is no alien in my head!! woot!!! all that cordless phone talking and mobile talking must have nuked the sucker.

so im on a relieved high today, and im not at all going to think of the fact that they still dont know what is wrong with me, cause at least i know i dont have brain bugs.

well a new and more fun part of not feeling well, is this strange sensation that the world is like a matini shaker. when i move my eyes, i have to wait a sec for my world to adjust coherently.

making eating fun, cause i feel like im sea sick! but at least i dont have a headache yet today!! WOOT!!!

so lets see whats new in my life today, hrmmm, well i hacked my thumb open at work with a contaminated instrument, so i had to have yummy blood taken to see if i have blood aliens. damn it. but i dont really care about that, all i care about is the fact that my THUMB HURTS!!!

ummmm oh yeah, my baby doll came back from melbourne the other day, and the beautiful thang bought me a pressie of a signed christopher reeve photo from superman!!! its framed and everything!!! it has to be one of the best pressies i have recieved!!! it is awesome!!!

ummmm what else, my tummy hurts cause i had microwave satay chicken noodles, i think it was the fact that they only took 3 minutes to make, so now i feel like a bloated satay noodle..... bleugh!

erm what else, oh yeah, i saw one of my friends out on the weekend and she was on an illegal cocktail of pills, she told me she hated me but wanted to take me home and *enter kinky words here*.... needless to say she doesnt remember even seeing me now. people on pills are silly.

in fact there was a whole lotta people out on the town on some sort of pillage this weekend past, me, i was on panadiene... i felt kinda lame, but thank you to mister blunty and Medium sized billy goat gruff for taking me out and trying to cheer me up. it was very sweet of you both, especially when you both informed me that i look hot in a bikini.... i say i DID look hot, as apposed to now, when im all pink and squishy.

well that is it from me

im off to visit mister blunty and do some artie fartie stuff

Love you all

A non alien in head lilly pilly


oh and ps, 70 days!?!? thanks a.j. for informing me on the mummification process, i had no idea that it would take that damn long.... 70 freaking days.... bloody hell

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

C is for CAT scan, thats good enough for me.

im going to have a ct scan of my head tomorie, to make sure there are no aliens taking up residence in my brain. My theory is that i am experiencing a past life, where i was an egyptian pharoah, and right now they are sticking hot poker things up my nose into my brain and scrambling it all up. does anyone know how long the mummification process takes?

Im not going to hide it, im scared. I sorta want to cry, but i think that is just cause im tired.

i ate lots of cheese today, i dont like cheese anymore.....

I hope they find what is wrong with me, and fix it, cause i wanna be myself again!!! i miss going to the gym with friends. i miss friends indefinately.

aw now im all whingie, and ive been told to many times in these past weeks im too clingie and whingie.

nighty night.



Sunday, January 29, 2006

Average Cop

HA! I outrank Blunty!!! Is there anything sweeter? thats right, i rock at that shooting game!!! and that sniper sharp shooter game.

i suck at air hockey though. even when i cheat...

as you have probably have had assertained, i went to intensity with Bluntman on saturday. we were bored waiting for Brent to get back from burnie on the bus, so it seemed like a good way to waste some time

then we ran out of money, and resorted to extreme rock paper scissors, which had us cracking up for 15 minutes rolling around on the stairs.

Before that i went to town with my family to go gift shopping for my stepdads 50th birthday. i was bitten on the lip by a green parrot, it was adorable, like one of those little dinosaurs from the second jurrassic park. im not being sarcastic, it was so cute!

I also saw Ian out busking, shamlessly self promoting of course. told me of a gig he was doin that night, so it was decided to have a quiet one and go down and watch.

a Quiet one turned into a big one, an awesome band line up at the republic, i actually drank BEER!!!!! i wanted something i would nurse all night, which i did. trying to knock back on the drinking, its getting old. im actually enjoying remembering what i did, and being able to drive home when i want!!!! i give it 2 weeks....

But unfortunately my headache came back that day, and not panadol rapid, drinking or other activities could soothe the savage beast. so i had to call it a night at twelve. An awesome night though.

so another day rocks round, and i my head was a little better, went out and got groceries but found i was exausted by the end of it, went to bed, slept, and got up and am now where i am now.

fun to be had by all!!!!

thinking about comics to do and other random things, keep in touch people!!!!

Love ya!



Friday, January 27, 2006

Australians do it better.


let us begin the celebrations with a picture of me with a rat on my head. i really should clean more often.(nah its minx, took me an hour to find her that day!)


WOOT!!! a day set with the tradition of turning meat into charcoal, putting it in bread or stabbing it with a stick, drinking copious amounts of australian beer, standing in a paddlepool calf deep with freezing water on a stinkin hot day... listening to the triple j hottest 100.

It was Hippo's turn to host the bash this year, her parents were away so we all took great care not to get the place dirty. sorta.

re had, accents where pointed out and old stick figure cartoons i used to draw that people have kept for 6 years were dragged out and i laughed so much i hurt.

i fell down the slight ramp that is in the middle of her hallway for NO GOOD GODDAMMED REASON AT ALL!

caught up with people i havent seen since high school, and found out that one of my old friends was talking about me at another party... im uber paranoid now, cause anything this girl has to say about me, probably isnt any good for my reputation.... like i had one, but what little i have left i try to keep it breathing small shallow death ridden breaths. it was probably nothing but the last time this girl talked about me to anyone it was my cousin, who told my sister that we werent talking to eachother, and that her boyfriend was his friend and he would choose them over me. my sister told me and i was like.... WTF?!?! it was the first i had heard about it. it almost ruined my GOLDCOAST HOLIDAY!!!! how wude... but i messaged her bf (cause i knew she wasnt good with replies) and he was nice and told me that my cousin wasnt told anything so he just came to a conclusion on his own, and to ignore him.

that was a random part of my life. i hope you alll enjoyed it as much as me.

anyway back to the stick figure comics i used to draw. i had totally forgotten about them, that and how insane we all were when we were in grade 10. we were totally nuts.

but reading them again and pissing ourselves laughing at the randomness of it all, brought it all back to me, so i think i might do some more, there were poorly poorly drawn, but i guess that is what made them so farkin funny!!!!

it mainly consisted of stick figures of me and the three girls i hung out with, blowin shit up. we hadn't discovered sex yet and this was funny to us. 'splosions and all that. it was also my version of events of how every episode of the pretender went, cause i never watched it, and hippo used to fill me in (whether i wanted to or not) on what happended. it was pretty funny to us then.

i might get her to scan the old ones in, and ill post them. maybe. sorta.. kinda...

so im all alone at home, and im as hungry as all hell, but ive sorta got agoraphobia (you know, that fear of leaving the house) but im not afraid, i just dont wanna. but the hunger is slowly taking over.

on another note, after the hottest 100 finished, me and cherry went to north hobart to get food, as we had just had beer and a sausage all day. we got my absolute favourite in the whole world, noodle box.... mmmmmm.... now im really hungry.

we didnt even get half way through it and we both kinda got sleepy and full, and so we headed back to my car, and since we already had to meet someone in north hobart in three hours, we decided to lay in the back of my car with the boot open (i have a family station wagon, dont ask) we pulled the seats down, lay there with legs hanging out, and tiredly nattered and nattered, till i got too cold so i shut the boot and we just lay there in the back of the car. we must have loooked sooooo dodgy, i was laying with my arm out the window. thats all you could see untill you got close. then somehow i came up with "i wanna be a hippy and i want to get scooened" that made us crack up for like 20 minutes, then our friends arived. and made us get up and out of the car.... sigh.

well i dunno what i will do tonight, im not sure if i wanna go out.... meh... i dont think i do.... plus everyone i know is either working or broke, or 5 hours car drive away.

im hungry..... and i wanna be a hippy and i wanna get scooened, possibly with some tea.... and jam.... and cream.... ew i dont like cream.

am i still typing? my god, GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!

well, im too hungry to keep typing, so i might go get some popcorn. mmmmmm popcorn.....

enough RAMBLINGS!!!! its time for another game!!!! its multiple choice as per usual.

what did i want to be when i grew up?

a. a helicopter
b. a vet
c. a stripper
d. a ballerina
e. a fairy
f. an artist
or the wildcard
g. a hungry chick who is typing totall crap on her blog.

the prize will be.... a mention in my blog.

WOOT!!!!!! how could you not want that!!!?!?!?!?! im so famous.

you know what, ill double it, and say ill mention you in my blog, but as a bonus, as a part of my BLONDETERAGE!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

mmmm foodstuffs

i will fill you in more when i can

Love Lilly pilly~


Monday, January 23, 2006

Free T-shirt with Flyer.

Another day, another migraine....

this is the third one in 2-3weeks.... naturally im scared as all hell. so scared in fact, that i have spent the day on the verge of tears. My mind has been going a mile a minute. None of it reassuring, trust me.

I think the worst thing is, is that i feel like i want to talk to someone, but i feel like there is no-one i would want to burden. Everyone has their own problems, and i just dont feel right.

I just want answers, so that i can fix what is wrong, and go on.

But isnt that what we all want?

Well i shall shut up now about that.

My weekend was great fun. hot but fun.

i went and saw underworld evolution. it rocked. i wish i had bought popcorn though, i was sooo hungry.

and its sex scene shites all over the sex scene in the matrix!!! WOOT!!.

sorry if im a bit bleugh, but my head, she hurts. and i cant see. my eyes are all funny.

im sorry im just not into this today.

Love lilly.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

T'was beauty that killed my Monkey...

I cleaned my car today, ooooh its so shiny and clean!!! inside and out. I even polished the whooooole thing. not bad for a gurl.

but i forgot one very important thing.... my lilly white skin.

ouch ouch ouch, i now have a very a'pealing red pattern on my back and midriff on the back.... its warm and itchy!!!!

oh well, twas my own silly fault. as my mummy would say, "well its your own silly fault"....

i also saw chicken little.... and noticed a great similarity between me and the fish and fuzzy orange thingie.... teehee,

now im watchin brave heart on tv. i remember watching this as a kid, and just being so drawn into it, just falling in love with the idea of the place and time. watching it now, all i see is mel gibson.... with long hair looking rather like a woman. and lots of perfect teeth....pretty sure they wouldnt have perfect teeth back then... and more scars.... and body odour... and dredlocks.... and more spitting.

AAwwe they are getting married in secret right now.... aaaawe..... GET TO THE BLOODY BATTLES ALREADY!!!! jeeze louise! no wonder this movie was so long!

ooooo boobies..... wait its getting better.....

alright before i embarass myself, id better go

love you all, be good, and dont get sunburnt whatever you do!

love lilly pilly


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

my head goes *bwah bwah bwah*

oooooooooooh my head... it hurts.

Yes another migraine. it hurts so bad, why does everything have to be so bright and loud? god even typing hurts.

well there may be some good news to come out of this. All the doctors ive seen, all have said different things about what "may" be wrong with me. None of which have been right so far. and that sucks.

The latest thing is Medication. mmmm gotta love that medication. i swear its just kiddie vitamin c chewables that they just repackaged and started selling off to stupid people like me for 40 bucks a pop. DAMN CHEWABLE VITAMIN C!!! YOU WIN AGAIN!!

but i saw a new doctor today, cause mine was busy, and he recons that it sounds like i have sleep apnoea. and that it can be easily fixed, but to check back in a month or so. then we can follow that path.

so woot! i may get better! i may just yet be better!!! it so great to feel like i may gain some control back to my life!!! Cross your fingers for me people!

and in other news, i got a tattoo!!! oooooh im so tough and cool now! its awesome, a creation that if i dont say Brent made, he will whinge at me untill i do, but it is an original workmanshipie thing. i will not post a picture of it yet cause i want it to be all healed and at its best when you all see it!

and in other other news, i went to a party on saturday in town, my assbandito friend Dianna is moving to melbourne, and, i quote "if i didnt come to her party she would hunt me down, come to my door and beat me sensless." so i went, had a few drinks, met lots of new people. i played a great game of ping pong (the drinking version, dont ask). then i wandered down to mobius with Ellijah. he is an awesome person who just seems to know everyone!! then at mobius i was dragged along with a bucks night (not as dirty as it sounds, i was just in all senses of the word, DRAGGED along.) i wasnt doing anything, so i went along with it, it was pretty fun.

then late mornin, i got home, not hung over, just tired. A good night to be had by me.

Anyway, im tired and sore, so i think i may sign off now

Love you all!



Wednesday, January 04, 2006

*Sings*I like to swim-swim, I like to swim-swim!

i bought new bathers today!!! they are really pretty and reversable so it looks like i have two pairs of bathers but i only have one, how sneaky am i? ooooh soooo sneaky, sneaky like a fox!

well, i have had a tough time, this past week, im not too sure what brought it on, and im not sure im over it yet, but i know i will get through it. it will just take some time.

Well i went and saw "fun with dick and jane".... heads up, it wasnt that fun. maybe im not quite as in with the american finanial crowd, but hey, me knows what me likes....

anyhoo, back on to my new bathers!!! its a tankini (for all those people out there who are going "like what the hell? she just made that word up, and she will pay dearly when i do not find this word in the oxford dictionary! for if its not in the oxford dictionary, it must'nt exist!!! you lie what makes you LIE?!?!?!" well, it is a real word, for a mix between a tank top and a bikini, get it tankini? funny eh?) its like the top of the top is a bikini, but the bottom of the top is like a tank top... and the bottoms are just bather bottoms.... no genetic mutations there... no sir'e bob.

anyway i tire of my babbles, i shall go to sleep, which is what i have been doing for like 14 hours a day... bit weird huh, i think so too, i hope i snap out of it soon.

Love ya all



Sunday, January 01, 2006

shortest new year resolution yet

it lasted 4 hours.... then i cried like a little kid... great

oooooh sky flowers....

*does the happy dance of 2006*

WOOT! lovin it!

2005... i cant stand the number 5... its an unlucky feeling number to me... never really liked it, its always given me the heabie jeabies.

but now its gone, and the uber lucky number 6 is here! it showers us with sparky glitter and gives us many a warm and sexy hugs! it tickles us with its cute little butterfly kisses and leaves us with cute little lip gloss marks on our cheeks!

i say cast away the shackles of the evil number 5, everyone needs to let go of their bad feelings of eachother, we all need to think of the bigger picture, stop judging eachother on race, sexual orientation and ....shortness.... stop listening to others, hell just celebrate!!!! i mean... the environment is going to kill us all some day, so bugger it, lets make love, not war or riots, or mean words said or written or scrawled. Lets laugh and hug and snuggle and giggle!! hold our heads high! cause the higher you get, the thinner the air gets, and the thinner the air gets, the more lightheaded and giggly we all get!

lets all make sweet sweet circus like sex in elevators!!!!

this is my new years resolution. im sorry people, but there is a new, positive, cuddly lilpil on the rise, i will take no negativity from anyone!!!! i am a negativity free zone, surrounded with positive shields at full capacity!!! my optimistic tazers are set to stun! (not to meantion amaze!) i pitty da fool who tries to ruin my 2006!!! who tries to put me down!!! watch out, im full of chocolate and happy feelings! i can speak for maself when i say... well... anything!

As i lie here dressed as a nurse (remember people, positive thoughts only) i have decided My new years resolution is to accept me for who i am, I AM ME!!! to spread love and kindness to all that abode near me!

i hope that my new years resolution rubs off on at least one person or animal, that would make me a very happy lil pil, and i would feel very accomplished!

too all my friends, i hope you all have a great 2006, i hope you all feel the same way, and i hope that you all know i love you all! (yes hipster, warts and all)

be nice to eachother!

Lots of positive new years love! MUAH!!!

Lilly Pilly!


p.s. i am a strong believer that how you feel and spend new years day is a big determiner of how you will spend your days for the next year, so lets all do little dances of happyness, if not for me, for your 2006 happyness!

p.p.s. use your blogs for the good of all people. not just to lure david ireland to get shocked by 200 volt stingrays, even though it is pretty funny.... hehehe.... 200 volts.... *snort*