Sunday, January 29, 2006

Average Cop

HA! I outrank Blunty!!! Is there anything sweeter? thats right, i rock at that shooting game!!! and that sniper sharp shooter game.

i suck at air hockey though. even when i cheat...

as you have probably have had assertained, i went to intensity with Bluntman on saturday. we were bored waiting for Brent to get back from burnie on the bus, so it seemed like a good way to waste some time

then we ran out of money, and resorted to extreme rock paper scissors, which had us cracking up for 15 minutes rolling around on the stairs.

Before that i went to town with my family to go gift shopping for my stepdads 50th birthday. i was bitten on the lip by a green parrot, it was adorable, like one of those little dinosaurs from the second jurrassic park. im not being sarcastic, it was so cute!

I also saw Ian out busking, shamlessly self promoting of course. told me of a gig he was doin that night, so it was decided to have a quiet one and go down and watch.

a Quiet one turned into a big one, an awesome band line up at the republic, i actually drank BEER!!!!! i wanted something i would nurse all night, which i did. trying to knock back on the drinking, its getting old. im actually enjoying remembering what i did, and being able to drive home when i want!!!! i give it 2 weeks....

But unfortunately my headache came back that day, and not panadol rapid, drinking or other activities could soothe the savage beast. so i had to call it a night at twelve. An awesome night though.

so another day rocks round, and i my head was a little better, went out and got groceries but found i was exausted by the end of it, went to bed, slept, and got up and am now where i am now.

fun to be had by all!!!!

thinking about comics to do and other random things, keep in touch people!!!!

Love ya!



Friday, January 27, 2006

Australians do it better.


let us begin the celebrations with a picture of me with a rat on my head. i really should clean more often.(nah its minx, took me an hour to find her that day!)


WOOT!!! a day set with the tradition of turning meat into charcoal, putting it in bread or stabbing it with a stick, drinking copious amounts of australian beer, standing in a paddlepool calf deep with freezing water on a stinkin hot day... listening to the triple j hottest 100.

It was Hippo's turn to host the bash this year, her parents were away so we all took great care not to get the place dirty. sorta.

re had, accents where pointed out and old stick figure cartoons i used to draw that people have kept for 6 years were dragged out and i laughed so much i hurt.

i fell down the slight ramp that is in the middle of her hallway for NO GOOD GODDAMMED REASON AT ALL!

caught up with people i havent seen since high school, and found out that one of my old friends was talking about me at another party... im uber paranoid now, cause anything this girl has to say about me, probably isnt any good for my reputation.... like i had one, but what little i have left i try to keep it breathing small shallow death ridden breaths. it was probably nothing but the last time this girl talked about me to anyone it was my cousin, who told my sister that we werent talking to eachother, and that her boyfriend was his friend and he would choose them over me. my sister told me and i was like.... WTF?!?! it was the first i had heard about it. it almost ruined my GOLDCOAST HOLIDAY!!!! how wude... but i messaged her bf (cause i knew she wasnt good with replies) and he was nice and told me that my cousin wasnt told anything so he just came to a conclusion on his own, and to ignore him.

that was a random part of my life. i hope you alll enjoyed it as much as me.

anyway back to the stick figure comics i used to draw. i had totally forgotten about them, that and how insane we all were when we were in grade 10. we were totally nuts.

but reading them again and pissing ourselves laughing at the randomness of it all, brought it all back to me, so i think i might do some more, there were poorly poorly drawn, but i guess that is what made them so farkin funny!!!!

it mainly consisted of stick figures of me and the three girls i hung out with, blowin shit up. we hadn't discovered sex yet and this was funny to us. 'splosions and all that. it was also my version of events of how every episode of the pretender went, cause i never watched it, and hippo used to fill me in (whether i wanted to or not) on what happended. it was pretty funny to us then.

i might get her to scan the old ones in, and ill post them. maybe. sorta.. kinda...

so im all alone at home, and im as hungry as all hell, but ive sorta got agoraphobia (you know, that fear of leaving the house) but im not afraid, i just dont wanna. but the hunger is slowly taking over.

on another note, after the hottest 100 finished, me and cherry went to north hobart to get food, as we had just had beer and a sausage all day. we got my absolute favourite in the whole world, noodle box.... mmmmmm.... now im really hungry.

we didnt even get half way through it and we both kinda got sleepy and full, and so we headed back to my car, and since we already had to meet someone in north hobart in three hours, we decided to lay in the back of my car with the boot open (i have a family station wagon, dont ask) we pulled the seats down, lay there with legs hanging out, and tiredly nattered and nattered, till i got too cold so i shut the boot and we just lay there in the back of the car. we must have loooked sooooo dodgy, i was laying with my arm out the window. thats all you could see untill you got close. then somehow i came up with "i wanna be a hippy and i want to get scooened" that made us crack up for like 20 minutes, then our friends arived. and made us get up and out of the car.... sigh.

well i dunno what i will do tonight, im not sure if i wanna go out.... meh... i dont think i do.... plus everyone i know is either working or broke, or 5 hours car drive away.

im hungry..... and i wanna be a hippy and i wanna get scooened, possibly with some tea.... and jam.... and cream.... ew i dont like cream.

am i still typing? my god, GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!

well, im too hungry to keep typing, so i might go get some popcorn. mmmmmm popcorn.....

enough RAMBLINGS!!!! its time for another game!!!! its multiple choice as per usual.

what did i want to be when i grew up?

a. a helicopter
b. a vet
c. a stripper
d. a ballerina
e. a fairy
f. an artist
or the wildcard
g. a hungry chick who is typing totall crap on her blog.

the prize will be.... a mention in my blog.

WOOT!!!!!! how could you not want that!!!?!?!?!?! im so famous.

you know what, ill double it, and say ill mention you in my blog, but as a bonus, as a part of my BLONDETERAGE!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

mmmm foodstuffs

i will fill you in more when i can

Love Lilly pilly~


Monday, January 23, 2006

Free T-shirt with Flyer.

Another day, another migraine....

this is the third one in 2-3weeks.... naturally im scared as all hell. so scared in fact, that i have spent the day on the verge of tears. My mind has been going a mile a minute. None of it reassuring, trust me.

I think the worst thing is, is that i feel like i want to talk to someone, but i feel like there is no-one i would want to burden. Everyone has their own problems, and i just dont feel right.

I just want answers, so that i can fix what is wrong, and go on.

But isnt that what we all want?

Well i shall shut up now about that.

My weekend was great fun. hot but fun.

i went and saw underworld evolution. it rocked. i wish i had bought popcorn though, i was sooo hungry.

and its sex scene shites all over the sex scene in the matrix!!! WOOT!!.

sorry if im a bit bleugh, but my head, she hurts. and i cant see. my eyes are all funny.

im sorry im just not into this today.

Love lilly.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

T'was beauty that killed my Monkey...

I cleaned my car today, ooooh its so shiny and clean!!! inside and out. I even polished the whooooole thing. not bad for a gurl.

but i forgot one very important thing.... my lilly white skin.

ouch ouch ouch, i now have a very a'pealing red pattern on my back and midriff on the back.... its warm and itchy!!!!

oh well, twas my own silly fault. as my mummy would say, "well its your own silly fault"....

i also saw chicken little.... and noticed a great similarity between me and the fish and fuzzy orange thingie.... teehee,

now im watchin brave heart on tv. i remember watching this as a kid, and just being so drawn into it, just falling in love with the idea of the place and time. watching it now, all i see is mel gibson.... with long hair looking rather like a woman. and lots of perfect teeth....pretty sure they wouldnt have perfect teeth back then... and more scars.... and body odour... and dredlocks.... and more spitting.

AAwwe they are getting married in secret right now.... aaaawe..... GET TO THE BLOODY BATTLES ALREADY!!!! jeeze louise! no wonder this movie was so long!

ooooo boobies..... wait its getting better.....

alright before i embarass myself, id better go

love you all, be good, and dont get sunburnt whatever you do!

love lilly pilly


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

my head goes *bwah bwah bwah*

oooooooooooh my head... it hurts.

Yes another migraine. it hurts so bad, why does everything have to be so bright and loud? god even typing hurts.

well there may be some good news to come out of this. All the doctors ive seen, all have said different things about what "may" be wrong with me. None of which have been right so far. and that sucks.

The latest thing is Medication. mmmm gotta love that medication. i swear its just kiddie vitamin c chewables that they just repackaged and started selling off to stupid people like me for 40 bucks a pop. DAMN CHEWABLE VITAMIN C!!! YOU WIN AGAIN!!

but i saw a new doctor today, cause mine was busy, and he recons that it sounds like i have sleep apnoea. and that it can be easily fixed, but to check back in a month or so. then we can follow that path.

so woot! i may get better! i may just yet be better!!! it so great to feel like i may gain some control back to my life!!! Cross your fingers for me people!

and in other news, i got a tattoo!!! oooooh im so tough and cool now! its awesome, a creation that if i dont say Brent made, he will whinge at me untill i do, but it is an original workmanshipie thing. i will not post a picture of it yet cause i want it to be all healed and at its best when you all see it!

and in other other news, i went to a party on saturday in town, my assbandito friend Dianna is moving to melbourne, and, i quote "if i didnt come to her party she would hunt me down, come to my door and beat me sensless." so i went, had a few drinks, met lots of new people. i played a great game of ping pong (the drinking version, dont ask). then i wandered down to mobius with Ellijah. he is an awesome person who just seems to know everyone!! then at mobius i was dragged along with a bucks night (not as dirty as it sounds, i was just in all senses of the word, DRAGGED along.) i wasnt doing anything, so i went along with it, it was pretty fun.

then late mornin, i got home, not hung over, just tired. A good night to be had by me.

Anyway, im tired and sore, so i think i may sign off now

Love you all!



Wednesday, January 04, 2006

*Sings*I like to swim-swim, I like to swim-swim!

i bought new bathers today!!! they are really pretty and reversable so it looks like i have two pairs of bathers but i only have one, how sneaky am i? ooooh soooo sneaky, sneaky like a fox!

well, i have had a tough time, this past week, im not too sure what brought it on, and im not sure im over it yet, but i know i will get through it. it will just take some time.

Well i went and saw "fun with dick and jane".... heads up, it wasnt that fun. maybe im not quite as in with the american finanial crowd, but hey, me knows what me likes....

anyhoo, back on to my new bathers!!! its a tankini (for all those people out there who are going "like what the hell? she just made that word up, and she will pay dearly when i do not find this word in the oxford dictionary! for if its not in the oxford dictionary, it must'nt exist!!! you lie what makes you LIE?!?!?!" well, it is a real word, for a mix between a tank top and a bikini, get it tankini? funny eh?) its like the top of the top is a bikini, but the bottom of the top is like a tank top... and the bottoms are just bather bottoms.... no genetic mutations there... no sir'e bob.

anyway i tire of my babbles, i shall go to sleep, which is what i have been doing for like 14 hours a day... bit weird huh, i think so too, i hope i snap out of it soon.

Love ya all



Sunday, January 01, 2006

shortest new year resolution yet

it lasted 4 hours.... then i cried like a little kid... great

oooooh sky flowers....

*does the happy dance of 2006*

WOOT! lovin it!

2005... i cant stand the number 5... its an unlucky feeling number to me... never really liked it, its always given me the heabie jeabies.

but now its gone, and the uber lucky number 6 is here! it showers us with sparky glitter and gives us many a warm and sexy hugs! it tickles us with its cute little butterfly kisses and leaves us with cute little lip gloss marks on our cheeks!

i say cast away the shackles of the evil number 5, everyone needs to let go of their bad feelings of eachother, we all need to think of the bigger picture, stop judging eachother on race, sexual orientation and ....shortness.... stop listening to others, hell just celebrate!!!! i mean... the environment is going to kill us all some day, so bugger it, lets make love, not war or riots, or mean words said or written or scrawled. Lets laugh and hug and snuggle and giggle!! hold our heads high! cause the higher you get, the thinner the air gets, and the thinner the air gets, the more lightheaded and giggly we all get!

lets all make sweet sweet circus like sex in elevators!!!!

this is my new years resolution. im sorry people, but there is a new, positive, cuddly lilpil on the rise, i will take no negativity from anyone!!!! i am a negativity free zone, surrounded with positive shields at full capacity!!! my optimistic tazers are set to stun! (not to meantion amaze!) i pitty da fool who tries to ruin my 2006!!! who tries to put me down!!! watch out, im full of chocolate and happy feelings! i can speak for maself when i say... well... anything!

As i lie here dressed as a nurse (remember people, positive thoughts only) i have decided My new years resolution is to accept me for who i am, I AM ME!!! to spread love and kindness to all that abode near me!

i hope that my new years resolution rubs off on at least one person or animal, that would make me a very happy lil pil, and i would feel very accomplished!

too all my friends, i hope you all have a great 2006, i hope you all feel the same way, and i hope that you all know i love you all! (yes hipster, warts and all)

be nice to eachother!

Lots of positive new years love! MUAH!!!

Lilly Pilly!


p.s. i am a strong believer that how you feel and spend new years day is a big determiner of how you will spend your days for the next year, so lets all do little dances of happyness, if not for me, for your 2006 happyness!

p.p.s. use your blogs for the good of all people. not just to lure david ireland to get shocked by 200 volt stingrays, even though it is pretty funny.... hehehe.... 200 volts.... *snort*