Thursday, August 31, 2006

What is a Fish finger really? metaphorically speaking...

Well yesterday I had the ramblings of a lifetime, all squished into like 3 hours,(mattie thought it was quite amusing) and we thought, i must put these into my blog.

But loe and behold, i cant remember the bulk of them.

I seem to remember something about mob law when it comes to hold ups... and something about underwear slogans... oh and our states finest... (the police) being absolutely useless at actual detective work... oh dont get me wrong, they are great if they are there in person & happen to witness the whole thing, but even with moderate amounts of leads and information, they still cant seem to figure out anything....

Take exhibit A. for example.... a spate of bottleshop/takeaway hold ups in Tasmania... running over a month or more... the police had ample video footage of the offenders in the midst of their robberies, eye witness accounts of the get-away vehicle, not to meantion the fact that they had a serial pattern of hitting bottleshops and takeaway stores in the greater hobart area.... did i meantion eye witness accounts?

And nothing, nada, not a freaking clue.... wow it just makes you swell with pride for our finest... bring me heratio from CSI! he'll figure it out, and do it in like a span of a 45 minute show...

Again, dont get me wrong, there is probably a very good explanation to why they are so crappy at detective work... but i ask you, why dont they tell me that reason so i can shut my mouth and stop rambling?

I mean, they had this whole month or so, with like a new crime every 4 to 7 days... and they just kept shrugging their shoulders and duhing at us... now these crimes have come to a halt (not thanks to the capture of these offenders) and i can just see them wiping their brows and whispering to eachother "wow, im glad thats over, we were starting to look a little incompetant there..."

Lets face it, you have just shown these crims that they can pretty much get away with it, so i bet you my top dollar (that is a dollar to anyone who thinks its more) that they start up again as soon as the booze and marijuanna money runs short.

Now, after my very politically prickly ramble, on to the underwear slogans,

I was drifting off to sleep last night, sleepily giggling with mattie about what would be a good slogan for my underwear to sport.

This all arised from the fact that i almost bought a pair of nifty scruds with wish bear from the care bears on the front, this coming from mattie calling me his "intensive care bear".

This started mattie and i coming up with slogans, (the score being mattie: 2 Lilpil :7-8 sleepy ramblings

Some we came up with was "you must be this tall to ride" "slippery when wet" "caution: falling rocks" (dont ask) "let your fingers do the walking" (double dont ask) and i cant remember anymore cause i was half asleep.

This spawned the idea that you who actually bother to read all of this crap, should leave some comments on some good slogans, c'mon people, i know you read this darn thing, so put your fingers to some walking and darn well talk to me! i need correspondance damn it!

And another thing... Trucks.... Trucks through the city... Trucks when im trying to get to work a little early so that i can make an early appointment, cause me to be later than the days when im running late...

Ohhhhh it makes my fishfingers burn on the outside but stay frozen on the inside (thus equalling eachother out to make the perfect fish finger for the dog to eat.. and i was really in the mood for fish fingers too damn it, and you know it was the last 4 in the slightly damp frozen box...)

what is a fish finger? why not a fish slice? a fish soilder? compressed fish sweepings in a bizarly bright orange crubling? is fish fingers what happens to the fish that get kidnapped and the Tasmanian police fish wants proof of the kidnapping before they start negotiations, so the kidnapper fish sends mini fish fingers with some tomato sauce in a box?

god i could go some fish fingers now...

mmmm fish finger sandwitch without the bread.... oh oh oh fish finger sandwich with cheese in the middle... mmmmm

oh with a little comical stuffed olive on a skewer to hold it all together, and to make it look just right.

to all those out there that eat that olivie thingie, ew..... your that wierd person who eats the garnish parsley arent you?.... or the side of salad? you eat that? god you are weird!

Oh quick survey!

Who actually eats/enjoys the side of salad if they get something with a side of salad and chips?
Or eats the parsley ganish?
Or eats the skewered fishfinger sandwich olive thingie?

This should be rather interesting

ask your friends, tell me so i can post the results.

Anyway, its nearing lunch and i should actually get back to work

Love you all sweety snookums

and i promise to try and write down my ramblings so i remember in future!

Love you all

Kiss kiss

Lilly pilly



Miss Lilly said...

HAHAHA!!!! a box... with tomato sauce... this big... PFFFTHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *wipes tear of laughing too hard away from eye*

God i crack myself up...

Emma Jelly said...

ok, not sure which is worse, the fact that I eat the garnish parsley or the fact that you actually commented on your own blog! undie slogan? hmm...leave it with me.

Miss Lilly said...

mister mattieus Q. wants me to make a comment on his behalf that he wants my undies to have the word "bing" written on them, in reference to the bing game (watch for next post to know what that is) and picures of the cars that are bings on them.

or a beige laser, im not sure what.

Miss Lilly said...

""War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left.

Thought that was a good slogan for a t-shirt, i thought i had better write it down before i forgets