Monday, April 30, 2007

Hores are Moanin....

Yes... That is exactly what it sounds like....

Im apparently hormonal... so my maw' recons. (insert banjo twanging here)

Im just so angry at the moment - the anger marches through my veins like giant angry nazi penguins... the penguins command me! Do not ignore my veins!

They fills me with firey hot flame retardent fluff, dontcha know?

Not angry at anyone, just really synical, sarcastic, and my meaness scale has broken so I seem to be saying things that are coming across rather hurtful and angry, but I dont notice till its too late. That and the rage makes me wanna hurt things.... stupid things are most at risk

In other words, hormones have made me into a mean angry cow. Its like a superpower but evil.... so in other words I am an angry supervillan cow whom can control angry nazi penguins in rubber radioactive pants.

So if I say/do/murder anything that comes across rather hurtful or ... some may even say.... psychotic... dont blame me, blame the penguins... those little rat bastards...

On another note, I gotsta see mister NATE!!! woot for the mister nate getting off his ass and getting down here!

(blame the penguins)

Im just sorry we didnts get more time to catch up and stuff, that and I STILL HAVENT MET ANGE!!!!WHY IS IT THAT IAN GETS TO MEET HER BEFORE ME?!?!! UNFAIR TO SNAILS!! MY PENGUINS HUNGER FOR BRAINMEATS!!!! FLY MY PRETTIES!!! SEEK OUT THE ONE THEY CALL "NEO" AND DEVOUR HIS EMO ASS.... but keep the boots... me likie the boots... and the glasses.... possibly the coat if it gets cold out....
Someday our paths will cross, and hopefully, it is when my murderous raging ectoplasmic hormones have slimed their way some place else. The last thing i want to do is scare the poor girl and make her rock like an autistic child in a corner...


That is all

Love ya!!



Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lets get ready... to wobble!

No Idea what the hell that title has to do with anything, but I just like the word Wobble. It reminds me of those little animal fluffy balls that they sell at Socrates that bounce around like spasticated hairballs and make funny noises. They make me giggle

Not as much as the other day when I was having this shitter of a day, (Im talking that walking out wasnt just an option, it was almost a necessity) when I recieved a phone call from Mattie- this is how it went;

"Hey babe listen to this.... (to the tune to old macdonalds farm) Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack!
Cute huh?"

And this was me;

"Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! *insert tears of laughter and trying to breathe between laughs*"

He was showing*nay-letting me listen too* a new product their store recieved which is a handpuppet of a ducks head and when you shut its mouth it quacks, but it does different pitched quacks to the tune of some nursery rhymes.

Needless to say, It was so unexpected and funny, that it cheered me up for the rest of the day.

Thanks mattie!

now where was I.... oh yeah.... Quack.....

Well an update in the life of moi. Targa Tas has come and gone, mattie was a safety officer at the cranbrook stage, and then some other thing at the cygnet stage. He got to meet and talk to Eric Banna, and Grant Denyer (aka the weather midget) and some guy who reads the news (he got to tell him to put his helmet back on untill he was out of the stage! Im so proud!)

Erm what else.... work.... work.... work.... work.... gym.... work.... Anzac day...

Went swimming on Anzac day, because mattie has Achillies Tendonitis and cant do much else. It was fun, but I think we are passed that "lets make out in the pool cause your so hot and half naked" stage of our lives and have now entered the "damn this would be fun if it wasnt for all the bloody pre pubecents running around and are trying their best to figure out what it is their hormones want them to do with eachother, and so compensating it with pushing eachother in the pool and squealing/splashing around like drowning piglets" stage.

Then we cleaned the house... are we just the most kinky couple of all time?!

Weekend was the weekend, caught up with friends, it was cold, I was tired.

God im boring....

Alrighty then, that is really all I have to say on the matter now.

Love you all

Till something adventurous and cool happens

Lilly Pilly-out

Thursday, April 19, 2007


My thoughts and sympathies are with those affected by the Virginia Massacre. I know how a traumatic event such as this can make your whole world stand still, then come crashing down.

Tasmania had a similar massacre event at one of our most treasured tourist spots, Port Arthur, where a gunman killed many innocent people without mercy. It was a very traumatic event for every tasweigan, and it is still remembered today.

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and are still are affected by the Port Arthur Massacre, as I am sure this event in Virginia is dredging up some very painful memories that should never have to be relived.

My heart also feels for the family of the gunman. Do not blame yourselves. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do to change a person. Some people are just the way they are for no good reason. There will be alot of blame and anger, and since he is not here to recieve that blame and anger, unfortunately, most people will direct it at you. And for that I am sorry.

Now after all that, I just want to tell you all I have a cold, and its annoying and snotty.
Im still at work though (mattie would be so proud) dragged myself in and have had the front door open all day so I can have some fresh air.

Mattie is at Targa today, He is stage safety officer (thats really awesome, well to me it is) It means he gets to drive the Cranbrook stage to check for any unsafe stuff (as well as hoon around and pretend he is sorta racing, which I KNOW he is going to do)

So I wont be seeing much of my loved one for the next two to three days. He was up and gone at 6 thismorning (to Cherry, this is a late wake up!) and I miss him terribly, but cheekily cant wait to have the house to myself so I can.... well.... do.... whatever it is....... scratch myself probably.

My frield Brent is down in Tassie from Melbourne this week, its under sad circumstances though, as he is here for the funeral of his pop. He was a great guy.
Hope to catch up with Brent at some stage, but it looks as though he may be thouroughly booked out (I have to work till late).

Holy cheese bread, for some reason we have TWO toll trucks rocked up at the same time outside work, and they dont want to wait for one to leave, so both are trying to squeeze in. OH CRAPMONGERER my car is out there too!!! *Shakes fist* you scratch my car and ill bite your headmeats!!!

this cold is making my concentrations all funny, so I will stop rambling at you now, so you can try and decode the incoherent context of my post.

Hope you all dont get a cold. It sucks steaming hot monkey shit.

Love you all with big snotty hugs


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Netball- Non contact sport? or the governments way of legalizing torture?


I was... non contacted by a boy who must have mistakenly thought that he had entered a WWF cage match on Cable TV, when really we were playing a sporting game of non contact netball.

Really it is just a double ontondra.... Non contact... netball....

Anyhoo after a swift and direct peoples elbow to the shoulder/upper spine, I now hurt like a possom on the highway....

it hurts to laugh, breath, turn my head, do nothing.... and we all know how much i love to do nothing...

Gymming has been non existant this week, and easter has raised its chocklity goodness and I have managed to, how you say "whack on" some weight.... damn it...

And im hungry as well, its so not fair!

Anyhoo the mercyndol forte is messing with my mind i cant even spit out a straight sentence!

Love you all with squishy hurtie goodness


Friday, April 06, 2007

My Kingdom for a computer with working speakers... or a spa that works

AAAAAARRRG!!!! Damn it all to hades!!!!

So this is how it goes.... I havent been able to listen to not ONE of my friends you tube thingies since he started doing them, like about fucking a year ago, because
A.) the only net i have it at the several work places I have had the PLEASURE of working at
B.) For some strange reason, all these work places have REMOVED ALL FORMS of speakers and such,
C.) I am too computer illiterate to actually know how to fix that
D.) My parents have gone away and they have the net and LOE AND BEHOLD!!!! this damn mongrel of a computer doesnt have any sign of FREAKING SOUND AND I DONT KNOW WHY!!!! *insert sobbing noise now*

But it does have all the signs of having a virus or a hidden porn thingie that brings up explorer randomly without my doing and brings up the weirdest sites of all time, or just keeps bringing up my sisters messenger, which aggravates me more because I am so out of touch i dont know how to work freaking messenger anymore..... why oh computer lord must you taunt me in this way?

...... what?..... yes ive had a few to drink.... why do you ask such obvious questions little purple horse? what is your purpose here? why do you speak such insipidous things?!?! *what is insipidous??? i think i just made that up)

Well its good friday, and i am at my parents house with a computer thats past life was the small girl from the exorcist but with less noise... or maybe more like that kid in that history story about how she was deaf and blind and someone taught her how to say water..... nah stick with the exorcist....

and im stuck with a brand new spa (thank you parents with disposable incomes!!!) that has decided to go on strike and just be an oversized novelty bath tub with holes that make funny bubly noises when the water hits them..... DAMN IT!!! All i wanted was a spa!!! (that works)
Not one of those public ones, I wanted to get nice and naked and have a proper soak without the worry that two horny teenagers have fornicated in it previously.... well.... at least not two teenagers that i dont know where they have been....

so here i am, a bit pissed, waiting for mattie to come home, (he is working today because his head office said that if the store makes budget, he gets a bonus of somesort... so in on a public holiday he is somewhere else, far far away from me, and i am left all alone with a COMPUTER WITH NO SOUND AND A VIRUS AND A SPA THAT DONT WORK DANGNABBIT!!!!

Im not pissed off, not in the slightest.... nope.... oh and not to mention that my parents have austar which is a good thing, if austar didnt SUCK ASS!!!! my god there is nothing on!!! im watching fucking midsomer murders!!!!!! that is all that is on!!! all they do is repeat the same thing on other channels, then repeat it all the next day!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!

so this is fun... this is exactly how i thought i would be spending my long weekend.... mmmmyep.

at least i have my alcihole.... sweeet sweet poisoning bliss...... with sugar.... mmmmm

I have decided that i wanna go out tonight, and hopefully something will go right this freaking long weekend!

What is internet porn without sound?!?! its just people making funny faces at me.... taunting me with their soundie goodness.... dam it

Well that was my rant,

Im off to see who killed mrs inkpen-thomas and her daughter with poisoned pasta and a shovel... you heard....

Lilly pilly - out

PS- just so im not bored out of my scull, if you are reading this and you are a homicidal lesbian supermodel who wants to go on an easter egg hunt, Meet me under mrs inkpen-thomases gravestone at eleventy seven hours... k?

Love a frustrated lilly pilly

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

YouTube Myspace, and I'll Google your Yahoo!

Now everyone has googled someones name before

(for those of you who are really not that with it, googling someones name is when you go to and type in that persons name and press search.... and if you didnt know that, how the hell are you even reading this blog? is your computer even plugged in?)

Well, I know I have done it before, just to waste some time, peoples names such as my close friends, my own name, my familys name. Just to see what pops up.

Well today I had an uber bright idea... I clicked on the image part of google search, and searched peoples names!!! That way I got too find pictures of peoples with the same names all across the globe!

It was funny as!!!! Apparently I am a folk/pop/fucked if i know singer, my sister is a Javelin/High jump champion, my boyfriend is a dead teenager, or a really thick looking college student from America, and my friend is a grave stone....

It makes me giggle at least...

So here i go back to it so that I can get some more cheap laughs out if it....

Thats your hard work, and complicated HTML's sweat and tears being put to such intelligent good use....

Sorry, but Im not going to stop. Unless you can find me something else to entertain me, like a ball of yarn, or perhaps a pinyata...

Love Lilly