Friday, May 25, 2007

No flowers, just a bouquet of CANDY!

If you are all my friends for real, all sympathy gifts will look like this one, with the only exceptance of booze and twisties... but they must be bouquet form as well.

Im off to my first live game of football tomorow, and I have been practicing screaming obsenities and bouncing around with my shirt off covered in what I hope will be the right teams colours face paint.

There is a seriously white and pink team isnt there? Who's mascot happens to look like a pair of 22 year olds nipples?

Oh wait, that is just me BEING NAKED!! bwahahaahahahaaaa! try and play football with that bouncing around on the sidelines!!! Front row!! wait for the sports news highlight at 7pm Tassie TV.

I kid I kid, Im not really going to flash the whole Hawks team, .... Maybe the West Coast team, but "insert crappy drugs joke that we have all heard before, probably something about them being so blind on coke...yadda yadda so on so on. Or maybe they will pay more attention to my bare chest if I run a line of suspicious white powder that we can only assume is talcum powder over them. plegh, its just not funny anymore."

Anyhoo, those of you who know me pretty well will be asking yourselves right now "hey, what the hell, Lilly being at a football match is like a christian bretheren attending a Marilyn Manson concert."

Well there is one thing you didnt count on, and that is that THEY SERVE ALCOHOL AT THESE THINGS!!! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!?!?! SWEET SWEET LIQUOR!!! So now I get to be drunk and topless and blame it all on football!!! (insert another west coast drugs joke that we could all see coming like a deer in the headlights of the 9pm to Barlintonspruceville, something along the lines of *hyuk and I can take drugs and be a wanker and blame it all on the west coast football players for being so damn immitatable*plegh again"

Anyhoo, Have to get back to work now, you know, work?

Oh and in other news, I have been accepted into Enrolled nursing. I so didnt think that I would get in, and now it seems that I rocked their little cotton socks so much that they want me to do the year long course. (cost involved people, Im not that great)

So I will keep you up to date on whether or not I actually enroll or not.

Love you all

Thursday, May 24, 2007


How many of you get to say you have seen the inside of the new emergency ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital?

I can.

That is where I spent all Monday. In pain. Again.

I am booked in for an operation on next Wednesday 30th May. I want to cry, but Im too scared too. I just dont want to do it, but I know that if I dont do it, I will just keep on having this pain and keep ending up in the hospital again and again and again.

I need all the hands in the world to hang on to at this moment in time.

I wont lie, Im scared stiff, I just dont have a good feeling about all this. But who would being me and all.

I just hope they find out what is wrong and fix it. And that I stay fixed. (in the fixed term, i do not mean like what you do to your pets when you want them to be neutered, i mean fixed as in the tv antenna when you use a coat hanger.)

AAAAG now ive got images in my head that involve operations and coat hangers! WAAAAH!

Anyhoo, wish me luck, hold my hand and give me a big hug and bandaid after this one.

Love you all
Expecially mattie


Thursday, May 17, 2007

OBGYN of Doom

Well, that gynie visit sucked ass.
She wants me to have an operation or two.... Fuck that for a joke! There is no way no how I am going to do that, I have had 2 ops in my life and as far as I am concerned it is 2 too many.
So Im torn.
Should I? I might get better...
Shouldnt I? if i did do it and I dont get better then im no better off if not worse than before....
Should I just hide until its all over? mmmmyep.
Couldnt I just pretend this doesnt exist? mmmmmprobably.
Would it be healthy to pretend it doesnt exist? mmmmmmsorta.
I just wanna cry.
Oh, and Work sucks ass. I was about thiiiiiis close to quitting yesterday when the woman above me accused me infront of everyone about lying and trying to sneak it behind her back.
Then I went to find the evidence on my computer email that I wasnt lying and loe and behold, someone (who must have administrator level access) had been on my computer and deleted that one email.
Well the joke is on her (trying to blame all this shit on me) I found another copy of that email, so NUR NUR NUR BOOGEY NUTS!
Im sure she isnt really two faced, I mean, why on earth would she have chosen that one to wear if she had a choice of two? (God im a bitch)
So anyone who knows me and how not shy I am, knows exactly how I would have liked to handle that situation, but I was a good girl and did not commit mass homocide (though there isnt a judge in this world that would convict me....)
So, any jobs going, I am so open for suggestions right now, Cherry, any meat packing jobs available? I can kill a cow... I'm sure I can... (in the mood im in right now) Part time, casual, freaking Council worker!?!
Ah whats the use, in every job, there seems to be someone willing to bust my chops and try to extinguish what's left of my flickering flame of hope and innocence.
I really want to know at what time and why these people lost all passion for Life and all others in it.
Well that is enough bitching for one day, I hope you all havent turned to stone reading this
Love you all

Monday, May 14, 2007


Gots the doctors today... The one Ive been waiting for months to get into.... and I am petrefied.... I dont want to go... And to make things worse, I will be going on my own... I scared.

Its to find out why I get god awful gut punching pain (the type you get if you swallowed a jagged metal cherio and it lodged in your ovaries.) about a week before aunt flo comes to visit. That and aunt flo comes to visit waaay too often if you gets what i mean.

Anyway this is really gross and awkward, I dont want to talk about it anymore. Let alone with a doctor who doesnt want to see me when I am in pain, but makes me wait months on end to finally get in (and to make my suffering worse, will probably be running late and that will be like tripling my scaredness every aching minute extra I wait.)


Anyway, Just thought i would keep you up to date, more than you should ever have to be

Love you all


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ultimate rubix cube and blokus are the bomb-diggity

Nuff said.

Well mothers day is upon us once more, and we are all scrambling to find somthing that wont bring that look of slight dissappointment on our mothers faces.

Well, I personally am stumped. I wish I had cherry's mum to buy for, get her a sword or a sacrificial knife and she'd be sweeeeeet.

My mum, on the other hand, has all the jewelry she could ever need in this world, she is a nutrimetics consultant so you can scrap anything makeupsie or bathroomafied. Clothes are just not done as a present, and she has had her bathrooms and kitchen just redone, so anything for those rooms would never see the light of day as it wouldnt match the upholstery and such.

What to do what to do..... shares in Hell no

Ah well, let me goeth and ponder and I's sure to come up with something.

Love you all!

Lilly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Friday, May 04, 2007

Nazi penguin commands that you buy up big at!

Is there nothing else you would want more in this world than a t-shirt emblazened with a picture of your good friend sporting a rather angry face?

I know I do!

Have to get one in a girls top though, cause my awesome rack should not be hidden from this world, and looks especially nice in a fitted Tee!

Enough talking about how awesome I am, lets get on to business.

Read the news lately? I know I have. Lots of words...mmmmyep

God I took some mercyndol last night (filled in in a Thursday night netball down at Creek road, and for all you who do not know creek road, its a scary scary place, full of proffessionals and used to be proffessionals and women who sometime take it too the next level, cause we are apparently dueling to the death.) Any way, the mercyndol should not have been taken at 12 at night, cause as i sit here at work, my eyes keep drooping, and my head keeps a bobbing and my mind keeps drifting into a cotton ball like status. (compare my awake status to BroadbandVSdialup... and none of that super fast dial up, Im talking broken, screaching external modem, army issue, came out when microsoft was just a wet dream for Bill-kinda dial up)

Anyhoo - back to filled in for netball, I am so totally getting better at this! And by better I mean I played goal keeper for the first two quaters, then Goal Defence (lots more running around) and then the last quater -Wing ATTACK! I really did enjoy wing attack position, but I think I may have sucked a little in the whole catching the ball and throwing it, but i still say some calls were so not my fault, STEPPING MY ASS!!! AND IT WAS SO NOT MY TOUCH THAT PUT THAT BALL OUT OF PLAY DAMNIT!!! IT WAS THE OTHER GIRL!!! aw well, we had only one umpire (not usual and pretty shit on their accounts) and it was the first time I have ever played that position before. So overall I enjoyed it.

My finger hurts from Tuesday night netball, think i Sprained it, so after thursday night netball, its rather tender, that and my ankle hurts too, cause Gavio and his honking west coast eagle coloured boots trod on me!!! i have the big bruise to prove it, that and it hurts musculariely too.

Yes muscularilie is a word... look it up in the liltionary.

Herm what else, oh yeah, probably heading out to Coven tonight with some friends, Im feeling way to tired to do so though. Ive got personal training at 5.30, then haveto wait till 7 for group PT, so probably going to do the Core class. Then after 8 go home and get ready then go out. Man Im busy! Gonna get in contact with Cherry see if she is going too, cause that would be sweet.

Also have to get up early the next day to go face painting on little children down at salamanca outside Socrates. I really cannot wait, its gonna be so much fun! All in the name of getting budget for socrates mind you... All i gets out of it is the pure joy of painting the faces of little tackers.

Then Im off to do something else, cant remember what, and then I have to go get nicely toasted at Gavios whilst playing boardgames... Not that I am a bad sport or anything but I suck at trivial persuit and the trivial persuit friends version. I do rock, however, at Balderdash, but that came is a cursed one, as it has nearly split my family up every time we have got it out, and that is just over who gets to be which colour peice on the board. Monopoly i suck at because I am to level a thinker, and when it gets to me either selling of my properties to pay someone, I just cant do it, so therefore call bankruptcy, keeping all my properties in my wifes name for tax purposes and let them know that they have won (doesnt go down well, trust me)

Anyhoo, cant really think of anything else to say, plus its really hard to type with your fingers taped together.

Thanks for listening folks

Love Lilly pilly