Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Storm Before the Calm...

Oh god where to start.... though i must be quick as i am on works internet...

ill start with

1. Moved in with sister
2. Did the D and D ball
3. Found the best man in the world when i wasn't even looking
4. Sister threw wobbly about nothing (that i had the best man in the world whilst i had to hold her hair back as she puked in a bin most probably)
5. Moved into new mans house
6. Broken english speaking Singaporian land lady threw hissy fit that there was THREE sets of feet walking on the carpet in the unit now, not two.
7. Flatmate of man goes through some sort of epiphany that they cant afford the rent here and need to "find themselves"
8. Agree to take over her lease on the proviso that I get her bond at the end (cause she broke lease and wouldnt have got it back anyway) it was her idea id like to state
9. Everything seems to be going ok and then BAM! huge personal crisis. I wont go into it because it is too painful and personal to talk about, but it was the biggest decision of my life...
10. Work Fires me because of the big personal thingie, so illegal but at this stage i dont even want to go there untill everything is sorted.
11. Decide that we need to move somewhere cheaper plus land lady is starting to get on my mans nerves
12. Find what we think is a cute downstairs unit for cheaper. landlady seems nice.
13. Find out that old flatmate has renigged on the deal and has stolen away the bond money. Bitch. we really needed that money cause i was out of work.
14. Look for work and struggle to make ends meet.
15. sister did not pay the phone bills and the line was in my name, refuses to pay bill but does after i throw my own hissy fit. plus like i can pay it with no income (keep in mind that i havent told my family cause i dont want to tell them the personal part)
16. Work pays out my annual leave left over... but takes $600 for a bill that i was originally only supposed to pay $200 off and have the rest written off... so illegal again, you cant just take what you want from my pay!!!!
17. Want to just curl up and die.
18.Flat tire...
19. Lots of interviews, but all seem to go well till someone spots my TINY tattoo on my calf... no call backs...
20. Decide for next interview to cover it with band aids
21. Get called back!
22. Get told that the job has been filled but they liked the cut of my jib so much they want me to be junior sales consultant!!!
23. Cry with joy
24. Study for a month before starting, sell everything that isnt tied down to make ends meet
25. Car accident go to hospital for shoulder
26. Start work!!!
27. Go through major Depression about personal crisis....
28. do exam
29. PASS!!!!
30. Find that this is the best job ever!

well that is my life with some things choped out.

love lilly

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