Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Its my birthday soon


My birthday rocking around again just points out to me the fact that I havent seen, nor spoken to a hell of a lot of friends in the last year. I miss them all.

To all of my friends who still read this, It has been a pretty F**ked up year to two years. Im sorry I havent spoken to alot of you, But money is pretty much a urban legend made up by all you other people in the world to make me think that It exists, but I have really seen no proof of that.

In other words, I am too poor and too many unlucky events have slammed their shovel of fate into my face.

Just as a side note i find that last metaphore thingie quite illustrative of my point.


Anyhoo, all i really want for my birthday is too see you all. Mister Nate, I still havent given you and your lovely girlfriend your christmas pressent from last year... its not as funny anymore, but im sure you both will find it rather amusing still. God, I havent even MET her yet! how depressing is that!

Ah you probably are too afraid that she will be overcome by my whimsickle charms and fall for me... yeah... it happens.... I cant help it... I oooze sexual-ness-ness. The ladies cant help themselves.

Hell, I cant help myself.

Cherry, god i have seen you like, what? twice? Its not fair!

And poor Seige, havent seen her in probably forever.

Miss you guys.

Anyhoo, Birthday. Too poor. Missing people. Whinge whinge... yep, a tick in all boxes

Love you all


*Last Minute Update*

Yes, Brent, I miss you too, But If I hadnt of left it out, how else would I know that you read my posts? :P

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dont let your life waste away....

"I choose to live my life and walk to that garden and to travel the world and not die at the age of 26 because... I don't want to." Clare Oliver

Im sorry to say that Clare Oliver died today. She died from Melanoma. I dont know why I am crying, its not like I knew her. But I saw her on 60 minutes, and the quote above that she said just struck home. I could just see me in her shoes, absolutely shattered that the things that I always thought I would acomplish in my life, that I thought I had all the time in the world to do, that I have just put off and put off, just wake up one day and find out that I will never be able to do that.

I dont want to say that I feel sorry for her, but I feel a real connection with her. I am sorry that she died though, I am sorry that she will never get to do the things she always thought she would be able to do. I am sorry for her family, and for a life that will never be lived.

Its such a tragedy.

I think we should all think about our lives, and strive to do the things we always wanted to do, but were just do lazy to do it.

You touched the hearts of many, and your death will not be in vain, as you did not want it to be.

Love you all