Sunday, February 19, 2006

Math is the Lesbian sister of Biology...

I'm watching family guy at the moment, if you hadnt figured...

ive been moving all day... my shoulder is killing me, might take some panadol. freaking sore shoulder. it feels like someones poking their sharp little pointy fingers into my shoulder through my collar bone... and if i find that person... wham!!!

well i think i should just let you know that Cherry's Italian feast was AWESOME!!! she is an awesome cook, she even let me cook the pasta even though i was half ripped and kept throwing it at the wall to see if it would stick.... brave girl.

she doesnt get her present till her birthday though! woooooo i am a meanie..... wooooo

So a big Thank you for the invite and the great food! it was awesome!

moving sucks ass. i hope it all ends soon.

Im tired, i might go to bed now

Love you all

Lilly xxxoooxox

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here Come the Drums, Here come the DRUMS!!!

WOOT!!! just bought my ticket to the D & D ball! I have my Dress too, now all i need to decide is on the shoes and the hair! .....Hair style that is.....

I am so excited!!! Food, Alcohol, and the ROGUE TRADERS!!! WOOT!!! Cherry said that her and some friends were thinking about getting a limo that night too, that would rock!!! I hope we do, ive never been in a limo... how ritzy!

Just thought id Spill my excitement into my Blog, WOOT!!!

I hope to see some of you there!

Lots of Love

Lilly Pilly xoxoxoxox

Need Coffee in a can....

well im moving today, well, moving lots of stuff anyhoo, cause i move on saturday.

i havent even started yet. im so lazy.

and hungry....

there is no food in the house, sept for the chinese i bought for dinner for me and my EX flatmate... he left out the leftovers and didnt put them in the fridge... and i dont trust chicken left out all night.... i might have the rice though.... am i that hungry?

DAMNIT it taunts me with its fried goodness!

On another note, its Cherry's Birthday soon, and she is having an italian feast on Saturday night... its going to be AWESOME!!! i have to wear something green or white or red or all... that is going to be harder than i first thought!

Well, id better go and have a shower, and get ready to move, damnit

Love you all

Lilly xoxoxo

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thermo-colour T-shirts are the BOMB-DIGGITY!!!

Guess what I purchased for a measly 8 buckeroo's?!? (that's australian currency for those who are thinking i am just making up words.... which im not.... its about 6.17 in American smackeroo's)

Thats right!!! a thermo colour t-shirt!!! its more of a wifebeater than a t-shirt, but it rocks all the same! as a kid i always wanted one, (being a child of the 80's and all) but i never got one. and if i did, it got washed and never changed colour again... anyway, i have been totally entertained for 2 days now! cause im wearing a bra, all the rest of the t-shirt has changed colour, sept where my bra is, its awesome, i keep grabbing my chest and making it change colour in the shape of my hands... Whoever invented this is the most awesome person in the world and
should have an award or something... at least until i tire of it...

well, i have had an awesome weekend. i got my bitesplint, and i havent had a headache for 2 days, which is briliant. im not sleeping as well as i could, but who gives a hoot!

I decided i wanted to go out friday night, just for a quiet get together. Littlest billy goat gruff had had a teeny tiny bit much to drink. It was adorable all the same! i think we learnt a valuable lesson about filling a man of that size with that amount of free giunness...

Saturday was awesome too, My beautiful cherry rang me up and we decided to hang out and have a few beers and champagne... you wouldnt think that they would mix, but they did my tummy. we giggled and played with my thermo t-shirt, oogled over pictures of nicky hayden and valentino rossi. (mmmm nicky hayden, i am soooo confidant in yourrr skeeells. *my version of his hot southern accent*) then we were off to the Lark distillery where Littlest Billy goat was playing, and mister Blunty would be watching... we had cherry max champagne...mmmmm....soooo yummy..... and soo intoxicating) we listened and chatted to random people. then i gots a little flirty and we decided to head to Irish Murphy, where with our beer goggles on, there was this guy who looked like nicky hayden, but then i didnt want him anymore cause i could have him so easily. wish i had now though.... but meh! then we went pub hopping not to drink, just to dance! We gots our groove on for many an hour, but then miss cherry gots tired and we went home.

there are many a scene missing from my rendition of last night, but im a little tired myself so its sorta chopped up and stuff

anyway im off cause im tired!

lots of Love lilly xoxoxo

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Metrosexual, Rankosexual? WTF?

What ever happened to just plain being homosexual or heterosexual? (not forgetting the poor forgotten misunderstood Bisexuals)

Ok, ok i will give in the the fact that the word "metrosexual" was a pretty funny and correct way to describe the influx of wet look hair gelafied, pink upturned collar shirted, funnysmelling, tight black jean wearing, moisturising men... But come on...

Alot of my friends at the time period we shall know as "the metro era" were all against it, reconed that anyone stupid enough to go for that look deserved to be beaten, stabbed, raped whatnot. but i caught on to what they were up to early on, As i have always been a big promoter to guys that have inquired to me, "how come you just sneeze and the girlies come flocking?" to which i have repield "im pretty sure if you were gay, or at least said you were gay, you would have tonnes more female friends hanging off you, and a man surrounded by giggling girlies is a must for any girls trophy shelf."

And add all of these variables together, subtract the actual homosexual feelings, and there you have it, a massive influx of "metrosexuals"

See what happens when you tell the secret of female "fishing", soon after, every bloody tom dick and sergieay knows about it.

so i publicly apologise, im sorry to you all for that era, i think it was all my fault. but you have to believe me, i had no idea that they would be stupid enough to actually try to pull it off, let alone in record numbers.

i also apologise for the fact that i am doped up to the eyeballs on panadiene forte, i think i had to much, on an empty stomach. with coke zero. i apologise for using the words "coke zero" in my blog too, please dont take offence.

Now to continue my rant, i was reading a magazine in my lunch break, cause i didnt really want to spend my lunch hour actually talking to anyone, that, and how can you say no to a magazine called Chik? i ask you!?

Well in my reading, i came across an article on "rankosexuals" apparently, the metrosexual era has drowned in its wetlook hairgell, and is now floating around face down and decomposing at a substantual rate. and what , you ask , has sprung up to take its place? the aptly named, "rankosexual" now im not sure if any of you were subjected to the governments top range of visual and audio torture, a.k.a Big brother 2005. but a "rankosexual" is pretty much that guy who was scoring with all the chicks, but not telling them all about eachother, whilst being a totall wanker around the guys, bragging and making bets like the women were peices of meat to be fought over like rabid dogs.

Now i never actually witnessed this atrocity against life as we know it. so i cant really say much, but i have noticed lately the rise in the testosterone in the air around me.

I remember a day, back when, when people actually dated, and were all cuddly, and smuggly and smushy and pink.

Lately, all i have noticed is the rise of requests of one night stands, feeling ups and "perving". Now i had to giggle at the word Perving, cause whenever i say it, i am thrown back to the year of 1997 when my girlfriends and i would "perv" on the hot guys in the swim team, football team, soccer team, anything male really. to perve would mean sneaking a glance in their direction and giggling like schoolgirl on crack if they caught your eye.

I really dont care about this topic. i just wanna take bets on when this faze will die, and what new atrocity will spring up and take its place.... im already grinning like an idiot when i think about it. i recon a new species of man will arise, half man, half fish. wait no, we cant have that, that would mean that the metrosexuals would come back, cause then they could survive the wet look hair gel (wouldnt it be funny if they link that hair gell with impotence in the future?)

HAHAHA! or maybe a new version of the metrosexual would arise, called the mummysboysexual. use your hyper imagination on that one! or perhaps, the interlectualsexual? that one has my vote. the philisophicalsexual? the celebatorysexual? OR god forbid, the Religioussexual. i would spend the next 3 years in upper mongolia till that one passed if it ever spawned upon this earth.

I give up, i think i will just sit back, and collect the whole set. and wait around for the "doeverythinginmypowertomakeyouhappyandsatisfiedsexual" mmmmmm that will be a good year.

well, im sick of talking shit now. i hope you get a laugh out of it, cause i sure will in a days time when i remember i did it.

Have a good one, im off to put my new bitesplint to the test. god it makes me look sexy, ill take a picture if someone reminds me.

Miss Lilly Pilly sexual.


ps. i have to publicly apologise, im sorry mister ian, you are not the medium sized billy goat gruff... you are the littlest billy goat gruff. as requested.

Love Lilly pilly who is not screwing up her nose cause im not allowed to anymore.

Oh and pps - im moving in like a week, im scared and i need to install the net down there... im afraid no one will come visit me, and that i will be forgotten DONT FORGET ME!!! DAMN IT!!!!

T.V is gay-o-sexual

Love lilly <3


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

can someone get this world to stop spinning? id like to get off now

hey all, i gots some good news! there is no alien in my head!! woot!!! all that cordless phone talking and mobile talking must have nuked the sucker.

so im on a relieved high today, and im not at all going to think of the fact that they still dont know what is wrong with me, cause at least i know i dont have brain bugs.

well a new and more fun part of not feeling well, is this strange sensation that the world is like a matini shaker. when i move my eyes, i have to wait a sec for my world to adjust coherently.

making eating fun, cause i feel like im sea sick! but at least i dont have a headache yet today!! WOOT!!!

so lets see whats new in my life today, hrmmm, well i hacked my thumb open at work with a contaminated instrument, so i had to have yummy blood taken to see if i have blood aliens. damn it. but i dont really care about that, all i care about is the fact that my THUMB HURTS!!!

ummmm oh yeah, my baby doll came back from melbourne the other day, and the beautiful thang bought me a pressie of a signed christopher reeve photo from superman!!! its framed and everything!!! it has to be one of the best pressies i have recieved!!! it is awesome!!!

ummmm what else, my tummy hurts cause i had microwave satay chicken noodles, i think it was the fact that they only took 3 minutes to make, so now i feel like a bloated satay noodle..... bleugh!

erm what else, oh yeah, i saw one of my friends out on the weekend and she was on an illegal cocktail of pills, she told me she hated me but wanted to take me home and *enter kinky words here*.... needless to say she doesnt remember even seeing me now. people on pills are silly.

in fact there was a whole lotta people out on the town on some sort of pillage this weekend past, me, i was on panadiene... i felt kinda lame, but thank you to mister blunty and Medium sized billy goat gruff for taking me out and trying to cheer me up. it was very sweet of you both, especially when you both informed me that i look hot in a bikini.... i say i DID look hot, as apposed to now, when im all pink and squishy.

well that is it from me

im off to visit mister blunty and do some artie fartie stuff

Love you all

A non alien in head lilly pilly


oh and ps, 70 days!?!? thanks a.j. for informing me on the mummification process, i had no idea that it would take that damn long.... 70 freaking days.... bloody hell

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

C is for CAT scan, thats good enough for me.

im going to have a ct scan of my head tomorie, to make sure there are no aliens taking up residence in my brain. My theory is that i am experiencing a past life, where i was an egyptian pharoah, and right now they are sticking hot poker things up my nose into my brain and scrambling it all up. does anyone know how long the mummification process takes?

Im not going to hide it, im scared. I sorta want to cry, but i think that is just cause im tired.

i ate lots of cheese today, i dont like cheese anymore.....

I hope they find what is wrong with me, and fix it, cause i wanna be myself again!!! i miss going to the gym with friends. i miss friends indefinately.

aw now im all whingie, and ive been told to many times in these past weeks im too clingie and whingie.

nighty night.