Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thermo-colour T-shirts are the BOMB-DIGGITY!!!

Guess what I purchased for a measly 8 buckeroo's?!? (that's australian currency for those who are thinking i am just making up words.... which im not.... its about 6.17 in American smackeroo's)

Thats right!!! a thermo colour t-shirt!!! its more of a wifebeater than a t-shirt, but it rocks all the same! as a kid i always wanted one, (being a child of the 80's and all) but i never got one. and if i did, it got washed and never changed colour again... anyway, i have been totally entertained for 2 days now! cause im wearing a bra, all the rest of the t-shirt has changed colour, sept where my bra is, its awesome, i keep grabbing my chest and making it change colour in the shape of my hands... Whoever invented this is the most awesome person in the world and
should have an award or something... at least until i tire of it...

well, i have had an awesome weekend. i got my bitesplint, and i havent had a headache for 2 days, which is briliant. im not sleeping as well as i could, but who gives a hoot!

I decided i wanted to go out friday night, just for a quiet get together. Littlest billy goat gruff had had a teeny tiny bit much to drink. It was adorable all the same! i think we learnt a valuable lesson about filling a man of that size with that amount of free giunness...

Saturday was awesome too, My beautiful cherry rang me up and we decided to hang out and have a few beers and champagne... you wouldnt think that they would mix, but they did my tummy. we giggled and played with my thermo t-shirt, oogled over pictures of nicky hayden and valentino rossi. (mmmm nicky hayden, i am soooo confidant in yourrr skeeells. *my version of his hot southern accent*) then we were off to the Lark distillery where Littlest Billy goat was playing, and mister Blunty would be watching... we had cherry max champagne...mmmmm....soooo yummy..... and soo intoxicating) we listened and chatted to random people. then i gots a little flirty and we decided to head to Irish Murphy, where with our beer goggles on, there was this guy who looked like nicky hayden, but then i didnt want him anymore cause i could have him so easily. wish i had now though.... but meh! then we went pub hopping not to drink, just to dance! We gots our groove on for many an hour, but then miss cherry gots tired and we went home.

there are many a scene missing from my rendition of last night, but im a little tired myself so its sorta chopped up and stuff

anyway im off cause im tired!

lots of Love lilly xoxoxo

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