Wednesday, February 01, 2006

C is for CAT scan, thats good enough for me.

im going to have a ct scan of my head tomorie, to make sure there are no aliens taking up residence in my brain. My theory is that i am experiencing a past life, where i was an egyptian pharoah, and right now they are sticking hot poker things up my nose into my brain and scrambling it all up. does anyone know how long the mummification process takes?

Im not going to hide it, im scared. I sorta want to cry, but i think that is just cause im tired.

i ate lots of cheese today, i dont like cheese anymore.....

I hope they find what is wrong with me, and fix it, cause i wanna be myself again!!! i miss going to the gym with friends. i miss friends indefinately.

aw now im all whingie, and ive been told to many times in these past weeks im too clingie and whingie.

nighty night.



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americajay said...

If the all knowing all seeing all remembering Google is correct, the mumification process takes 70 days.....