Sunday, January 29, 2006

Average Cop

HA! I outrank Blunty!!! Is there anything sweeter? thats right, i rock at that shooting game!!! and that sniper sharp shooter game.

i suck at air hockey though. even when i cheat...

as you have probably have had assertained, i went to intensity with Bluntman on saturday. we were bored waiting for Brent to get back from burnie on the bus, so it seemed like a good way to waste some time

then we ran out of money, and resorted to extreme rock paper scissors, which had us cracking up for 15 minutes rolling around on the stairs.

Before that i went to town with my family to go gift shopping for my stepdads 50th birthday. i was bitten on the lip by a green parrot, it was adorable, like one of those little dinosaurs from the second jurrassic park. im not being sarcastic, it was so cute!

I also saw Ian out busking, shamlessly self promoting of course. told me of a gig he was doin that night, so it was decided to have a quiet one and go down and watch.

a Quiet one turned into a big one, an awesome band line up at the republic, i actually drank BEER!!!!! i wanted something i would nurse all night, which i did. trying to knock back on the drinking, its getting old. im actually enjoying remembering what i did, and being able to drive home when i want!!!! i give it 2 weeks....

But unfortunately my headache came back that day, and not panadol rapid, drinking or other activities could soothe the savage beast. so i had to call it a night at twelve. An awesome night though.

so another day rocks round, and i my head was a little better, went out and got groceries but found i was exausted by the end of it, went to bed, slept, and got up and am now where i am now.

fun to be had by all!!!!

thinking about comics to do and other random things, keep in touch people!!!!

Love ya!



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