Saturday, January 14, 2006

T'was beauty that killed my Monkey...

I cleaned my car today, ooooh its so shiny and clean!!! inside and out. I even polished the whooooole thing. not bad for a gurl.

but i forgot one very important thing.... my lilly white skin.

ouch ouch ouch, i now have a very a'pealing red pattern on my back and midriff on the back.... its warm and itchy!!!!

oh well, twas my own silly fault. as my mummy would say, "well its your own silly fault"....

i also saw chicken little.... and noticed a great similarity between me and the fish and fuzzy orange thingie.... teehee,

now im watchin brave heart on tv. i remember watching this as a kid, and just being so drawn into it, just falling in love with the idea of the place and time. watching it now, all i see is mel gibson.... with long hair looking rather like a woman. and lots of perfect teeth....pretty sure they wouldnt have perfect teeth back then... and more scars.... and body odour... and dredlocks.... and more spitting.

AAwwe they are getting married in secret right now.... aaaawe..... GET TO THE BLOODY BATTLES ALREADY!!!! jeeze louise! no wonder this movie was so long!

ooooo boobies..... wait its getting better.....

alright before i embarass myself, id better go

love you all, be good, and dont get sunburnt whatever you do!

love lilly pilly


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