Sunday, January 01, 2006

oooooh sky flowers....

*does the happy dance of 2006*

WOOT! lovin it!

2005... i cant stand the number 5... its an unlucky feeling number to me... never really liked it, its always given me the heabie jeabies.

but now its gone, and the uber lucky number 6 is here! it showers us with sparky glitter and gives us many a warm and sexy hugs! it tickles us with its cute little butterfly kisses and leaves us with cute little lip gloss marks on our cheeks!

i say cast away the shackles of the evil number 5, everyone needs to let go of their bad feelings of eachother, we all need to think of the bigger picture, stop judging eachother on race, sexual orientation and ....shortness.... stop listening to others, hell just celebrate!!!! i mean... the environment is going to kill us all some day, so bugger it, lets make love, not war or riots, or mean words said or written or scrawled. Lets laugh and hug and snuggle and giggle!! hold our heads high! cause the higher you get, the thinner the air gets, and the thinner the air gets, the more lightheaded and giggly we all get!

lets all make sweet sweet circus like sex in elevators!!!!

this is my new years resolution. im sorry people, but there is a new, positive, cuddly lilpil on the rise, i will take no negativity from anyone!!!! i am a negativity free zone, surrounded with positive shields at full capacity!!! my optimistic tazers are set to stun! (not to meantion amaze!) i pitty da fool who tries to ruin my 2006!!! who tries to put me down!!! watch out, im full of chocolate and happy feelings! i can speak for maself when i say... well... anything!

As i lie here dressed as a nurse (remember people, positive thoughts only) i have decided My new years resolution is to accept me for who i am, I AM ME!!! to spread love and kindness to all that abode near me!

i hope that my new years resolution rubs off on at least one person or animal, that would make me a very happy lil pil, and i would feel very accomplished!

too all my friends, i hope you all have a great 2006, i hope you all feel the same way, and i hope that you all know i love you all! (yes hipster, warts and all)

be nice to eachother!

Lots of positive new years love! MUAH!!!

Lilly Pilly!


p.s. i am a strong believer that how you feel and spend new years day is a big determiner of how you will spend your days for the next year, so lets all do little dances of happyness, if not for me, for your 2006 happyness!

p.p.s. use your blogs for the good of all people. not just to lure david ireland to get shocked by 200 volt stingrays, even though it is pretty funny.... hehehe.... 200 volts.... *snort*

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