Wednesday, January 04, 2006

*Sings*I like to swim-swim, I like to swim-swim!

i bought new bathers today!!! they are really pretty and reversable so it looks like i have two pairs of bathers but i only have one, how sneaky am i? ooooh soooo sneaky, sneaky like a fox!

well, i have had a tough time, this past week, im not too sure what brought it on, and im not sure im over it yet, but i know i will get through it. it will just take some time.

Well i went and saw "fun with dick and jane".... heads up, it wasnt that fun. maybe im not quite as in with the american finanial crowd, but hey, me knows what me likes....

anyhoo, back on to my new bathers!!! its a tankini (for all those people out there who are going "like what the hell? she just made that word up, and she will pay dearly when i do not find this word in the oxford dictionary! for if its not in the oxford dictionary, it must'nt exist!!! you lie what makes you LIE?!?!?!" well, it is a real word, for a mix between a tank top and a bikini, get it tankini? funny eh?) its like the top of the top is a bikini, but the bottom of the top is like a tank top... and the bottoms are just bather bottoms.... no genetic mutations there... no sir'e bob.

anyway i tire of my babbles, i shall go to sleep, which is what i have been doing for like 14 hours a day... bit weird huh, i think so too, i hope i snap out of it soon.

Love ya all



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