Monday, January 23, 2006

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Another day, another migraine....

this is the third one in 2-3weeks.... naturally im scared as all hell. so scared in fact, that i have spent the day on the verge of tears. My mind has been going a mile a minute. None of it reassuring, trust me.

I think the worst thing is, is that i feel like i want to talk to someone, but i feel like there is no-one i would want to burden. Everyone has their own problems, and i just dont feel right.

I just want answers, so that i can fix what is wrong, and go on.

But isnt that what we all want?

Well i shall shut up now about that.

My weekend was great fun. hot but fun.

i went and saw underworld evolution. it rocked. i wish i had bought popcorn though, i was sooo hungry.

and its sex scene shites all over the sex scene in the matrix!!! WOOT!!.

sorry if im a bit bleugh, but my head, she hurts. and i cant see. my eyes are all funny.

im sorry im just not into this today.

Love lilly.


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