Wednesday, January 11, 2006

my head goes *bwah bwah bwah*

oooooooooooh my head... it hurts.

Yes another migraine. it hurts so bad, why does everything have to be so bright and loud? god even typing hurts.

well there may be some good news to come out of this. All the doctors ive seen, all have said different things about what "may" be wrong with me. None of which have been right so far. and that sucks.

The latest thing is Medication. mmmm gotta love that medication. i swear its just kiddie vitamin c chewables that they just repackaged and started selling off to stupid people like me for 40 bucks a pop. DAMN CHEWABLE VITAMIN C!!! YOU WIN AGAIN!!

but i saw a new doctor today, cause mine was busy, and he recons that it sounds like i have sleep apnoea. and that it can be easily fixed, but to check back in a month or so. then we can follow that path.

so woot! i may get better! i may just yet be better!!! it so great to feel like i may gain some control back to my life!!! Cross your fingers for me people!

and in other news, i got a tattoo!!! oooooh im so tough and cool now! its awesome, a creation that if i dont say Brent made, he will whinge at me untill i do, but it is an original workmanshipie thing. i will not post a picture of it yet cause i want it to be all healed and at its best when you all see it!

and in other other news, i went to a party on saturday in town, my assbandito friend Dianna is moving to melbourne, and, i quote "if i didnt come to her party she would hunt me down, come to my door and beat me sensless." so i went, had a few drinks, met lots of new people. i played a great game of ping pong (the drinking version, dont ask). then i wandered down to mobius with Ellijah. he is an awesome person who just seems to know everyone!! then at mobius i was dragged along with a bucks night (not as dirty as it sounds, i was just in all senses of the word, DRAGGED along.) i wasnt doing anything, so i went along with it, it was pretty fun.

then late mornin, i got home, not hung over, just tired. A good night to be had by me.

Anyway, im tired and sore, so i think i may sign off now

Love you all!



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