Friday, January 27, 2006

Australians do it better.


let us begin the celebrations with a picture of me with a rat on my head. i really should clean more often.(nah its minx, took me an hour to find her that day!)


WOOT!!! a day set with the tradition of turning meat into charcoal, putting it in bread or stabbing it with a stick, drinking copious amounts of australian beer, standing in a paddlepool calf deep with freezing water on a stinkin hot day... listening to the triple j hottest 100.

It was Hippo's turn to host the bash this year, her parents were away so we all took great care not to get the place dirty. sorta.

re had, accents where pointed out and old stick figure cartoons i used to draw that people have kept for 6 years were dragged out and i laughed so much i hurt.

i fell down the slight ramp that is in the middle of her hallway for NO GOOD GODDAMMED REASON AT ALL!

caught up with people i havent seen since high school, and found out that one of my old friends was talking about me at another party... im uber paranoid now, cause anything this girl has to say about me, probably isnt any good for my reputation.... like i had one, but what little i have left i try to keep it breathing small shallow death ridden breaths. it was probably nothing but the last time this girl talked about me to anyone it was my cousin, who told my sister that we werent talking to eachother, and that her boyfriend was his friend and he would choose them over me. my sister told me and i was like.... WTF?!?! it was the first i had heard about it. it almost ruined my GOLDCOAST HOLIDAY!!!! how wude... but i messaged her bf (cause i knew she wasnt good with replies) and he was nice and told me that my cousin wasnt told anything so he just came to a conclusion on his own, and to ignore him.

that was a random part of my life. i hope you alll enjoyed it as much as me.

anyway back to the stick figure comics i used to draw. i had totally forgotten about them, that and how insane we all were when we were in grade 10. we were totally nuts.

but reading them again and pissing ourselves laughing at the randomness of it all, brought it all back to me, so i think i might do some more, there were poorly poorly drawn, but i guess that is what made them so farkin funny!!!!

it mainly consisted of stick figures of me and the three girls i hung out with, blowin shit up. we hadn't discovered sex yet and this was funny to us. 'splosions and all that. it was also my version of events of how every episode of the pretender went, cause i never watched it, and hippo used to fill me in (whether i wanted to or not) on what happended. it was pretty funny to us then.

i might get her to scan the old ones in, and ill post them. maybe. sorta.. kinda...

so im all alone at home, and im as hungry as all hell, but ive sorta got agoraphobia (you know, that fear of leaving the house) but im not afraid, i just dont wanna. but the hunger is slowly taking over.

on another note, after the hottest 100 finished, me and cherry went to north hobart to get food, as we had just had beer and a sausage all day. we got my absolute favourite in the whole world, noodle box.... mmmmmm.... now im really hungry.

we didnt even get half way through it and we both kinda got sleepy and full, and so we headed back to my car, and since we already had to meet someone in north hobart in three hours, we decided to lay in the back of my car with the boot open (i have a family station wagon, dont ask) we pulled the seats down, lay there with legs hanging out, and tiredly nattered and nattered, till i got too cold so i shut the boot and we just lay there in the back of the car. we must have loooked sooooo dodgy, i was laying with my arm out the window. thats all you could see untill you got close. then somehow i came up with "i wanna be a hippy and i want to get scooened" that made us crack up for like 20 minutes, then our friends arived. and made us get up and out of the car.... sigh.

well i dunno what i will do tonight, im not sure if i wanna go out.... meh... i dont think i do.... plus everyone i know is either working or broke, or 5 hours car drive away.

im hungry..... and i wanna be a hippy and i wanna get scooened, possibly with some tea.... and jam.... and cream.... ew i dont like cream.

am i still typing? my god, GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!

well, im too hungry to keep typing, so i might go get some popcorn. mmmmmm popcorn.....

enough RAMBLINGS!!!! its time for another game!!!! its multiple choice as per usual.

what did i want to be when i grew up?

a. a helicopter
b. a vet
c. a stripper
d. a ballerina
e. a fairy
f. an artist
or the wildcard
g. a hungry chick who is typing totall crap on her blog.

the prize will be.... a mention in my blog.

WOOT!!!!!! how could you not want that!!!?!?!?!?! im so famous.

you know what, ill double it, and say ill mention you in my blog, but as a bonus, as a part of my BLONDETERAGE!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

mmmm foodstuffs

i will fill you in more when i can

Love Lilly pilly~


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