Friday, October 19, 2007


So my birthday has come and gone

and I totally won the birthday game!

When asked what I wanted by my sister, I told her I wanted some money to by new sneakers, as my old ones dont look to good held together with gaffa tape. (true story)

So what did she get me? A money tin entitled "New Shoe Kitty" So cruel its GREAT!!!

And my littlest sister got me some really nice white wine glasses (what does that say about me?)

And Mattie got me a Fobwatch (i dont know if that is how it is spelt) It is the pin on upsidedown watch that NURSIES WEAR!! OMG its AWESOME!!! Thanks MATTIE!!!

Emma got me this awesome book called the Cookie Sutra. Its adorable (and practical!)

And Binty got me SQUIDWARD TO SPEAK ON MY PHONE!!! how uber awesome is that!?! I am the envy of all the grade schoolers in the WORLD!! IN YOUR FACE KINDIE KIDS!!!

Emi Got me a necklace holder thingie that is ever so bohemian and gorgeous. My maw gots me nutrimetics (GASP) still uber awesome though.

And kel also got me a little human anatomy figurine. WOOT!!!

Oh oh oh! and Mattie also took me out to dinner at Blue Skies, and the poor little bugger had a really bad cold/flu. And he also arranged for Cherry and Ghenkis to come too without me knowing! It was the best surprise EVER!!!!

So all up, uber awesome off the wickedometer Birthday of ALL TIME!!!

*does little pointy finger dance of birthday extacy*

Thanks to all that made it Awesome! You guys rock so hard sometimes you make me cry.

Love you all


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Its my birthday soon


My birthday rocking around again just points out to me the fact that I havent seen, nor spoken to a hell of a lot of friends in the last year. I miss them all.

To all of my friends who still read this, It has been a pretty F**ked up year to two years. Im sorry I havent spoken to alot of you, But money is pretty much a urban legend made up by all you other people in the world to make me think that It exists, but I have really seen no proof of that.

In other words, I am too poor and too many unlucky events have slammed their shovel of fate into my face.

Just as a side note i find that last metaphore thingie quite illustrative of my point.


Anyhoo, all i really want for my birthday is too see you all. Mister Nate, I still havent given you and your lovely girlfriend your christmas pressent from last year... its not as funny anymore, but im sure you both will find it rather amusing still. God, I havent even MET her yet! how depressing is that!

Ah you probably are too afraid that she will be overcome by my whimsickle charms and fall for me... yeah... it happens.... I cant help it... I oooze sexual-ness-ness. The ladies cant help themselves.

Hell, I cant help myself.

Cherry, god i have seen you like, what? twice? Its not fair!

And poor Seige, havent seen her in probably forever.

Miss you guys.

Anyhoo, Birthday. Too poor. Missing people. Whinge whinge... yep, a tick in all boxes

Love you all


*Last Minute Update*

Yes, Brent, I miss you too, But If I hadnt of left it out, how else would I know that you read my posts? :P

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dont let your life waste away....

"I choose to live my life and walk to that garden and to travel the world and not die at the age of 26 because... I don't want to." Clare Oliver

Im sorry to say that Clare Oliver died today. She died from Melanoma. I dont know why I am crying, its not like I knew her. But I saw her on 60 minutes, and the quote above that she said just struck home. I could just see me in her shoes, absolutely shattered that the things that I always thought I would acomplish in my life, that I thought I had all the time in the world to do, that I have just put off and put off, just wake up one day and find out that I will never be able to do that.

I dont want to say that I feel sorry for her, but I feel a real connection with her. I am sorry that she died though, I am sorry that she will never get to do the things she always thought she would be able to do. I am sorry for her family, and for a life that will never be lived.

Its such a tragedy.

I think we should all think about our lives, and strive to do the things we always wanted to do, but were just do lazy to do it.

You touched the hearts of many, and your death will not be in vain, as you did not want it to be.

Love you all


Monday, August 06, 2007

When Relaxation CD's Attack


It has been since the start of my course that I havent been able to sleep properly. We are now into week 6.

God at first I thought it may have been cause I have been studying and maybe i was stressed... but now i think it is because fate hates me and happens to be bored.

I couldnt sleep at first cause Mattie would make a noise... not a loud one, just any noise... and It would drive me crazy.

So I put on a dvd and listened to it until i fell asleep.

Then came the possum cause the Asian students next door are lying to the council about the amount of people they have living in one domicile, and the council have only given them a small bin. which they overfill, and the possum eats it. And screeches, and spits and is looking at its last days if i get a hold of it.

Then the upstairs people started

Now we have some people who must have just moved in down the road and they party all night long (especially sundays for some reason.)

Then my legs got all uppity and wont sit still!

So I decided that I would listen to a hypnorelax tape as i went to sleep. FAT EFFING CHANCE!! First it was the party down the road with drunk girls screaming.

Then the Asians next door tried to sneakily (at 11.30 at night) pack their rubbish into our bins... overfilling them noisily and so they wouldnt shut anymore. (we watched them do this, and they saw us watching them, but they still did it anyway, bastards)

Then Upstairs was watching a DVD with MASS SURROUND SOUND that made my windows rattle.

Then a Taxi pulled up with its lights blaring through my bedroom window, and it flicked its highbeams for 5 minutes before blaring the horn to say that it was there (12.30 at night)

That was it!

I WAS GONNA KILL!!! So as revenge, mattie took the rubbish out of our bins and put it next to the cars (pretty new bmw's) next door, and that hopefully attracted the possum who subsiquently destroyed their cars (heres hoping)

And he hit the roof with his cricket bat to get the guys upstairs to shut up.

I love him so much sometimes

Anyhoo, off to sleep in class.

Love ya

Friday, July 27, 2007

My Brain is so full its leaking out my ears

Hey yall!

Back! finally! so tired! So much study. I am so not used to sitting on my ass for such long periods that in the first 4 weeks of study I whacked on 2 Kilos! EEEEW!

So now, with the help of NASA, we have implemented a plan to be known as "Operation: Stop expansion of Lils Ass, before it reaches astronomical proportions"

It was formerly known as "operation: Lils Ass Invasion" but a porno of a similar name threatened to sue.

It mainly consists of Walking in the morning, lunch time, and afternoons. And resisting the almighty call of the snack machines that can be located in EVERY FREAKING CORNER OF THIS PLACE!

Study does maketh me hunger for meats though... I shall call them Brain meats. Yes, i hunger for brain meats.

Anyhoo an update on what I have been doing so far.

Manual Handeling
Medication Management module 1
Bed Making
Hand Washing
Cultural diversity in the healthcare field

and my worst subject ever...

I just dont get it. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of communication, but this just has no logical answer or meaning behind it, and therefore, I struggle like a cat in a bath.

Aw well, Ill wing it and see how I go.

So hungry, tired and lazy.

Oh yeah, also, I have started working sat nights at the glenorchy football club as a bar tender.

I have new respect for bar persons now, as The nights i have worked so far have been;

Ladies Night (over 200 drunk women in the one place with a football team doing half montie strips for them. Not good, If i ever see another bacardi breezer in my life, it will be too soon, and i have the bottle opening scar on my hand to prove it.)

Bingo night (free booze to the patrons and their wives, not to meantion the whole football team that showed up to take advantage of this, then half price grog after that. Many a fight insued. And no, you really are not that suave, and no, you will not get another beer if you keep asking me over and over and over again, the bar is closed, now GET OUT DAMN IT I WANNA GO HOME!!!" .....sorry, flashbacks from 'nam)

And now, this sat, im only working from 4 till 8 but its my mums birthday dinner that I am going to be over an hour and a half late for.

She is gonna be pissed at me. But I need the money.

Anyhoo, thats about it. There are other things I could say, but I cant warrent saying them.

Love you all!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, I did it, I finally did it! I resigned last Wednesday, And I finish up work this Friday.

Then come Monday....



So just to let you all know, I may not be posting for a while anymore, cause without work, comes the almighty pain of no internet, and I certainly cant afford it if I am not working!

So it will be back to smoke signals and telepathy im afraid.

Wish me luck though my friends, cause Ima scared but excited and will probably be in for the emotional rollercoaster ride of my life.

Im going to miss the people I work with though, They were awesome bunch!

Anyhoo, must dash, I have to fill the heads of two lovely ladies with my job stuff, and I think one of them is about to cry with the amount of stuff she has to learn in 2 days.

Love you all and will try to keep in touch!



Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well I'm still sore. Tried to play netball on tuesday, and made it half way through before I just couldnt do it anymore. My knees shook with the pain from my tummy seam.

But my loving mummy-kins said that I should be able to play now alright and that I should be playing so that my seam doesnt get all stiff and all that.

Hrm... believe my pain receptors, or my mum.... hrm that is a tough one, and I dont care who you are, you would be torn in this situation too!

Had Cherry over Sat night with Ghenkis for dinner and drinkies. She brought over her latest creation in Swarkophski crystal (or whatever it is called) IT IS B-E-A -U-tiful! if this doesnt win the Crystal park thing, We will all have the answer that we pretty much already knew... that damn thing is rigged.

Please oh please everyone, go to and vote for Emma Jenkins "Indian Gothic Bridal" (number 39 at the moment, but it does change from day to day, cause they caught on to me just going to that number and voting..... these are some smart crystal people... maybe they have an all knowing crystal ball or something..)

It wont let me vote more than once for anything now, the bastards caught on to me... So I am using the power of suggestion to go forth and multipy the votes.

*Feel my awesome throbbing powers of suggestion*

Apart from that, im poor, i need to buy lots of expensive books for Tafe, and also pay for my Tafe course. and Resign.. oh yes... must remember to do that.... bwahahahahaaaaaa!!!!

Love you all

Love lilly

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I have seams... so I guess Im like a Teddy bear

Im back! I didnt die!! WOOT!!! Viva life!

The op went ....well. It wasnt what they thought it was (endometriosis... if you dont know what that is, google it... its not pretty)

But on the other hand, everything wasnt hunky dory either.

It was funny when the doctor delivered the news, at first i was like "HOOHAR!! its not endometriosis! I can still have kids!!! No more pain!!! IM NORMAL!!"

There was apparently a Pollyp (wikipedia it or google it, im not fussed) that would have been caused by something foriegn (ew) that they have removed which would have been the cause of my problemo's. So finders crossed that nabbs this in the budd!

but it doesnt stop there, then she kinda blahzayed out "but your left fallopian tube is blocked." Continue on with medical jargon...

And this was me "WOO!...wait, what? how can that have happened?"

"oh, probably from that infection we had to fix ages ago (that spawned from another thing ages ago that I will never speak of, and if you know, please keep it to yourself for my sake, thanks) continue on with medical jargon

this was me " cant this be fixed??"

this was her "oh... no...." Continue on with medical jargon

I was all like "wait, stop there, say again? my what is where now? it cant be fixed? so my left ovary and fallopian tube is what? for ever? like, permanently?"

this was her "oh yes, but thats ok, cause you have your right one." continue on with medical jargon.

this was me "..........................................................................*sqeak*..................................."

So I went from the most extaticly happy that I have been in my life, to so crushed that I wept unconsolably in a record time of.. oh... about 0.03 seconds.

Gotta love that bedside manner.

And I know, everyone has been telling me, "oh its not like you cant have kids, you still have the other one, this is nothing. At least it wasnt endometriosis! Lots of people go through life with only one and they are just fine."

To you, if you were male, I ask you, how would you feel if the doctor took one of your testicles? not quite manly now are we? Wouldnt feel right again ever huh? Feel like a tear is forming? yeah i thought so.

Hey, loose an arm, meh, thats nothing, you still got the other one... Lots of people go through life fine with just one arm....

If you cant tell, the fact that everyone keeps telling me that its nothing and everything will be fine, isnt really comforting me as much as you would think. A little the first time I heard it, but it sorta jades me every other time it is said.

But I've cried all the tears I wish to cry, Ive stayed at my mums and had her cuddle me, Mattie bought me an angel bear from the teddy bear shop that is so soft and cuddly it makes you wanna never let it go, and flowers from matties parents and their dog stating what a brave girl I am (that made me feel quite empowered...yeah.... i am a brave girl, arent i? *insert muscle flex*grrr!)

So thanks to all that sent me messages, and emails of well wishing, it was nice to hear your support.

I have had my four stitches removed now, and feeling a little sore, but should be back to as normal as possible quite soon.

Im off to have my cornflakes (aka - Lunch at work)

Love you all



Friday, May 25, 2007

No flowers, just a bouquet of CANDY!

If you are all my friends for real, all sympathy gifts will look like this one, with the only exceptance of booze and twisties... but they must be bouquet form as well.

Im off to my first live game of football tomorow, and I have been practicing screaming obsenities and bouncing around with my shirt off covered in what I hope will be the right teams colours face paint.

There is a seriously white and pink team isnt there? Who's mascot happens to look like a pair of 22 year olds nipples?

Oh wait, that is just me BEING NAKED!! bwahahaahahahaaaa! try and play football with that bouncing around on the sidelines!!! Front row!! wait for the sports news highlight at 7pm Tassie TV.

I kid I kid, Im not really going to flash the whole Hawks team, .... Maybe the West Coast team, but "insert crappy drugs joke that we have all heard before, probably something about them being so blind on coke...yadda yadda so on so on. Or maybe they will pay more attention to my bare chest if I run a line of suspicious white powder that we can only assume is talcum powder over them. plegh, its just not funny anymore."

Anyhoo, those of you who know me pretty well will be asking yourselves right now "hey, what the hell, Lilly being at a football match is like a christian bretheren attending a Marilyn Manson concert."

Well there is one thing you didnt count on, and that is that THEY SERVE ALCOHOL AT THESE THINGS!!! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!?!?! SWEET SWEET LIQUOR!!! So now I get to be drunk and topless and blame it all on football!!! (insert another west coast drugs joke that we could all see coming like a deer in the headlights of the 9pm to Barlintonspruceville, something along the lines of *hyuk and I can take drugs and be a wanker and blame it all on the west coast football players for being so damn immitatable*plegh again"

Anyhoo, Have to get back to work now, you know, work?

Oh and in other news, I have been accepted into Enrolled nursing. I so didnt think that I would get in, and now it seems that I rocked their little cotton socks so much that they want me to do the year long course. (cost involved people, Im not that great)

So I will keep you up to date on whether or not I actually enroll or not.

Love you all

Thursday, May 24, 2007


How many of you get to say you have seen the inside of the new emergency ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital?

I can.

That is where I spent all Monday. In pain. Again.

I am booked in for an operation on next Wednesday 30th May. I want to cry, but Im too scared too. I just dont want to do it, but I know that if I dont do it, I will just keep on having this pain and keep ending up in the hospital again and again and again.

I need all the hands in the world to hang on to at this moment in time.

I wont lie, Im scared stiff, I just dont have a good feeling about all this. But who would being me and all.

I just hope they find out what is wrong and fix it. And that I stay fixed. (in the fixed term, i do not mean like what you do to your pets when you want them to be neutered, i mean fixed as in the tv antenna when you use a coat hanger.)

AAAAG now ive got images in my head that involve operations and coat hangers! WAAAAH!

Anyhoo, wish me luck, hold my hand and give me a big hug and bandaid after this one.

Love you all
Expecially mattie


Thursday, May 17, 2007

OBGYN of Doom

Well, that gynie visit sucked ass.
She wants me to have an operation or two.... Fuck that for a joke! There is no way no how I am going to do that, I have had 2 ops in my life and as far as I am concerned it is 2 too many.
So Im torn.
Should I? I might get better...
Shouldnt I? if i did do it and I dont get better then im no better off if not worse than before....
Should I just hide until its all over? mmmmyep.
Couldnt I just pretend this doesnt exist? mmmmmprobably.
Would it be healthy to pretend it doesnt exist? mmmmmmsorta.
I just wanna cry.
Oh, and Work sucks ass. I was about thiiiiiis close to quitting yesterday when the woman above me accused me infront of everyone about lying and trying to sneak it behind her back.
Then I went to find the evidence on my computer email that I wasnt lying and loe and behold, someone (who must have administrator level access) had been on my computer and deleted that one email.
Well the joke is on her (trying to blame all this shit on me) I found another copy of that email, so NUR NUR NUR BOOGEY NUTS!
Im sure she isnt really two faced, I mean, why on earth would she have chosen that one to wear if she had a choice of two? (God im a bitch)
So anyone who knows me and how not shy I am, knows exactly how I would have liked to handle that situation, but I was a good girl and did not commit mass homocide (though there isnt a judge in this world that would convict me....)
So, any jobs going, I am so open for suggestions right now, Cherry, any meat packing jobs available? I can kill a cow... I'm sure I can... (in the mood im in right now) Part time, casual, freaking Council worker!?!
Ah whats the use, in every job, there seems to be someone willing to bust my chops and try to extinguish what's left of my flickering flame of hope and innocence.
I really want to know at what time and why these people lost all passion for Life and all others in it.
Well that is enough bitching for one day, I hope you all havent turned to stone reading this
Love you all

Monday, May 14, 2007


Gots the doctors today... The one Ive been waiting for months to get into.... and I am petrefied.... I dont want to go... And to make things worse, I will be going on my own... I scared.

Its to find out why I get god awful gut punching pain (the type you get if you swallowed a jagged metal cherio and it lodged in your ovaries.) about a week before aunt flo comes to visit. That and aunt flo comes to visit waaay too often if you gets what i mean.

Anyway this is really gross and awkward, I dont want to talk about it anymore. Let alone with a doctor who doesnt want to see me when I am in pain, but makes me wait months on end to finally get in (and to make my suffering worse, will probably be running late and that will be like tripling my scaredness every aching minute extra I wait.)


Anyway, Just thought i would keep you up to date, more than you should ever have to be

Love you all


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ultimate rubix cube and blokus are the bomb-diggity

Nuff said.

Well mothers day is upon us once more, and we are all scrambling to find somthing that wont bring that look of slight dissappointment on our mothers faces.

Well, I personally am stumped. I wish I had cherry's mum to buy for, get her a sword or a sacrificial knife and she'd be sweeeeeet.

My mum, on the other hand, has all the jewelry she could ever need in this world, she is a nutrimetics consultant so you can scrap anything makeupsie or bathroomafied. Clothes are just not done as a present, and she has had her bathrooms and kitchen just redone, so anything for those rooms would never see the light of day as it wouldnt match the upholstery and such.

What to do what to do..... shares in Hell no

Ah well, let me goeth and ponder and I's sure to come up with something.

Love you all!

Lilly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Friday, May 04, 2007

Nazi penguin commands that you buy up big at!

Is there nothing else you would want more in this world than a t-shirt emblazened with a picture of your good friend sporting a rather angry face?

I know I do!

Have to get one in a girls top though, cause my awesome rack should not be hidden from this world, and looks especially nice in a fitted Tee!

Enough talking about how awesome I am, lets get on to business.

Read the news lately? I know I have. Lots of words...mmmmyep

God I took some mercyndol last night (filled in in a Thursday night netball down at Creek road, and for all you who do not know creek road, its a scary scary place, full of proffessionals and used to be proffessionals and women who sometime take it too the next level, cause we are apparently dueling to the death.) Any way, the mercyndol should not have been taken at 12 at night, cause as i sit here at work, my eyes keep drooping, and my head keeps a bobbing and my mind keeps drifting into a cotton ball like status. (compare my awake status to BroadbandVSdialup... and none of that super fast dial up, Im talking broken, screaching external modem, army issue, came out when microsoft was just a wet dream for Bill-kinda dial up)

Anyhoo - back to filled in for netball, I am so totally getting better at this! And by better I mean I played goal keeper for the first two quaters, then Goal Defence (lots more running around) and then the last quater -Wing ATTACK! I really did enjoy wing attack position, but I think I may have sucked a little in the whole catching the ball and throwing it, but i still say some calls were so not my fault, STEPPING MY ASS!!! AND IT WAS SO NOT MY TOUCH THAT PUT THAT BALL OUT OF PLAY DAMNIT!!! IT WAS THE OTHER GIRL!!! aw well, we had only one umpire (not usual and pretty shit on their accounts) and it was the first time I have ever played that position before. So overall I enjoyed it.

My finger hurts from Tuesday night netball, think i Sprained it, so after thursday night netball, its rather tender, that and my ankle hurts too, cause Gavio and his honking west coast eagle coloured boots trod on me!!! i have the big bruise to prove it, that and it hurts musculariely too.

Yes muscularilie is a word... look it up in the liltionary.

Herm what else, oh yeah, probably heading out to Coven tonight with some friends, Im feeling way to tired to do so though. Ive got personal training at 5.30, then haveto wait till 7 for group PT, so probably going to do the Core class. Then after 8 go home and get ready then go out. Man Im busy! Gonna get in contact with Cherry see if she is going too, cause that would be sweet.

Also have to get up early the next day to go face painting on little children down at salamanca outside Socrates. I really cannot wait, its gonna be so much fun! All in the name of getting budget for socrates mind you... All i gets out of it is the pure joy of painting the faces of little tackers.

Then Im off to do something else, cant remember what, and then I have to go get nicely toasted at Gavios whilst playing boardgames... Not that I am a bad sport or anything but I suck at trivial persuit and the trivial persuit friends version. I do rock, however, at Balderdash, but that came is a cursed one, as it has nearly split my family up every time we have got it out, and that is just over who gets to be which colour peice on the board. Monopoly i suck at because I am to level a thinker, and when it gets to me either selling of my properties to pay someone, I just cant do it, so therefore call bankruptcy, keeping all my properties in my wifes name for tax purposes and let them know that they have won (doesnt go down well, trust me)

Anyhoo, cant really think of anything else to say, plus its really hard to type with your fingers taped together.

Thanks for listening folks

Love Lilly pilly


Monday, April 30, 2007

Hores are Moanin....

Yes... That is exactly what it sounds like....

Im apparently hormonal... so my maw' recons. (insert banjo twanging here)

Im just so angry at the moment - the anger marches through my veins like giant angry nazi penguins... the penguins command me! Do not ignore my veins!

They fills me with firey hot flame retardent fluff, dontcha know?

Not angry at anyone, just really synical, sarcastic, and my meaness scale has broken so I seem to be saying things that are coming across rather hurtful and angry, but I dont notice till its too late. That and the rage makes me wanna hurt things.... stupid things are most at risk

In other words, hormones have made me into a mean angry cow. Its like a superpower but evil.... so in other words I am an angry supervillan cow whom can control angry nazi penguins in rubber radioactive pants.

So if I say/do/murder anything that comes across rather hurtful or ... some may even say.... psychotic... dont blame me, blame the penguins... those little rat bastards...

On another note, I gotsta see mister NATE!!! woot for the mister nate getting off his ass and getting down here!

(blame the penguins)

Im just sorry we didnts get more time to catch up and stuff, that and I STILL HAVENT MET ANGE!!!!WHY IS IT THAT IAN GETS TO MEET HER BEFORE ME?!?!! UNFAIR TO SNAILS!! MY PENGUINS HUNGER FOR BRAINMEATS!!!! FLY MY PRETTIES!!! SEEK OUT THE ONE THEY CALL "NEO" AND DEVOUR HIS EMO ASS.... but keep the boots... me likie the boots... and the glasses.... possibly the coat if it gets cold out....
Someday our paths will cross, and hopefully, it is when my murderous raging ectoplasmic hormones have slimed their way some place else. The last thing i want to do is scare the poor girl and make her rock like an autistic child in a corner...


That is all

Love ya!!



Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lets get ready... to wobble!

No Idea what the hell that title has to do with anything, but I just like the word Wobble. It reminds me of those little animal fluffy balls that they sell at Socrates that bounce around like spasticated hairballs and make funny noises. They make me giggle

Not as much as the other day when I was having this shitter of a day, (Im talking that walking out wasnt just an option, it was almost a necessity) when I recieved a phone call from Mattie- this is how it went;

"Hey babe listen to this.... (to the tune to old macdonalds farm) Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack!
Cute huh?"

And this was me;

"Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! *insert tears of laughter and trying to breathe between laughs*"

He was showing*nay-letting me listen too* a new product their store recieved which is a handpuppet of a ducks head and when you shut its mouth it quacks, but it does different pitched quacks to the tune of some nursery rhymes.

Needless to say, It was so unexpected and funny, that it cheered me up for the rest of the day.

Thanks mattie!

now where was I.... oh yeah.... Quack.....

Well an update in the life of moi. Targa Tas has come and gone, mattie was a safety officer at the cranbrook stage, and then some other thing at the cygnet stage. He got to meet and talk to Eric Banna, and Grant Denyer (aka the weather midget) and some guy who reads the news (he got to tell him to put his helmet back on untill he was out of the stage! Im so proud!)

Erm what else.... work.... work.... work.... work.... gym.... work.... Anzac day...

Went swimming on Anzac day, because mattie has Achillies Tendonitis and cant do much else. It was fun, but I think we are passed that "lets make out in the pool cause your so hot and half naked" stage of our lives and have now entered the "damn this would be fun if it wasnt for all the bloody pre pubecents running around and are trying their best to figure out what it is their hormones want them to do with eachother, and so compensating it with pushing eachother in the pool and squealing/splashing around like drowning piglets" stage.

Then we cleaned the house... are we just the most kinky couple of all time?!

Weekend was the weekend, caught up with friends, it was cold, I was tired.

God im boring....

Alrighty then, that is really all I have to say on the matter now.

Love you all

Till something adventurous and cool happens

Lilly Pilly-out

Thursday, April 19, 2007


My thoughts and sympathies are with those affected by the Virginia Massacre. I know how a traumatic event such as this can make your whole world stand still, then come crashing down.

Tasmania had a similar massacre event at one of our most treasured tourist spots, Port Arthur, where a gunman killed many innocent people without mercy. It was a very traumatic event for every tasweigan, and it is still remembered today.

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and are still are affected by the Port Arthur Massacre, as I am sure this event in Virginia is dredging up some very painful memories that should never have to be relived.

My heart also feels for the family of the gunman. Do not blame yourselves. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do to change a person. Some people are just the way they are for no good reason. There will be alot of blame and anger, and since he is not here to recieve that blame and anger, unfortunately, most people will direct it at you. And for that I am sorry.

Now after all that, I just want to tell you all I have a cold, and its annoying and snotty.
Im still at work though (mattie would be so proud) dragged myself in and have had the front door open all day so I can have some fresh air.

Mattie is at Targa today, He is stage safety officer (thats really awesome, well to me it is) It means he gets to drive the Cranbrook stage to check for any unsafe stuff (as well as hoon around and pretend he is sorta racing, which I KNOW he is going to do)

So I wont be seeing much of my loved one for the next two to three days. He was up and gone at 6 thismorning (to Cherry, this is a late wake up!) and I miss him terribly, but cheekily cant wait to have the house to myself so I can.... well.... do.... whatever it is....... scratch myself probably.

My frield Brent is down in Tassie from Melbourne this week, its under sad circumstances though, as he is here for the funeral of his pop. He was a great guy.
Hope to catch up with Brent at some stage, but it looks as though he may be thouroughly booked out (I have to work till late).

Holy cheese bread, for some reason we have TWO toll trucks rocked up at the same time outside work, and they dont want to wait for one to leave, so both are trying to squeeze in. OH CRAPMONGERER my car is out there too!!! *Shakes fist* you scratch my car and ill bite your headmeats!!!

this cold is making my concentrations all funny, so I will stop rambling at you now, so you can try and decode the incoherent context of my post.

Hope you all dont get a cold. It sucks steaming hot monkey shit.

Love you all with big snotty hugs


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Netball- Non contact sport? or the governments way of legalizing torture?


I was... non contacted by a boy who must have mistakenly thought that he had entered a WWF cage match on Cable TV, when really we were playing a sporting game of non contact netball.

Really it is just a double ontondra.... Non contact... netball....

Anyhoo after a swift and direct peoples elbow to the shoulder/upper spine, I now hurt like a possom on the highway....

it hurts to laugh, breath, turn my head, do nothing.... and we all know how much i love to do nothing...

Gymming has been non existant this week, and easter has raised its chocklity goodness and I have managed to, how you say "whack on" some weight.... damn it...

And im hungry as well, its so not fair!

Anyhoo the mercyndol forte is messing with my mind i cant even spit out a straight sentence!

Love you all with squishy hurtie goodness


Friday, April 06, 2007

My Kingdom for a computer with working speakers... or a spa that works

AAAAAARRRG!!!! Damn it all to hades!!!!

So this is how it goes.... I havent been able to listen to not ONE of my friends you tube thingies since he started doing them, like about fucking a year ago, because
A.) the only net i have it at the several work places I have had the PLEASURE of working at
B.) For some strange reason, all these work places have REMOVED ALL FORMS of speakers and such,
C.) I am too computer illiterate to actually know how to fix that
D.) My parents have gone away and they have the net and LOE AND BEHOLD!!!! this damn mongrel of a computer doesnt have any sign of FREAKING SOUND AND I DONT KNOW WHY!!!! *insert sobbing noise now*

But it does have all the signs of having a virus or a hidden porn thingie that brings up explorer randomly without my doing and brings up the weirdest sites of all time, or just keeps bringing up my sisters messenger, which aggravates me more because I am so out of touch i dont know how to work freaking messenger anymore..... why oh computer lord must you taunt me in this way?

...... what?..... yes ive had a few to drink.... why do you ask such obvious questions little purple horse? what is your purpose here? why do you speak such insipidous things?!?! *what is insipidous??? i think i just made that up)

Well its good friday, and i am at my parents house with a computer thats past life was the small girl from the exorcist but with less noise... or maybe more like that kid in that history story about how she was deaf and blind and someone taught her how to say water..... nah stick with the exorcist....

and im stuck with a brand new spa (thank you parents with disposable incomes!!!) that has decided to go on strike and just be an oversized novelty bath tub with holes that make funny bubly noises when the water hits them..... DAMN IT!!! All i wanted was a spa!!! (that works)
Not one of those public ones, I wanted to get nice and naked and have a proper soak without the worry that two horny teenagers have fornicated in it previously.... well.... at least not two teenagers that i dont know where they have been....

so here i am, a bit pissed, waiting for mattie to come home, (he is working today because his head office said that if the store makes budget, he gets a bonus of somesort... so in on a public holiday he is somewhere else, far far away from me, and i am left all alone with a COMPUTER WITH NO SOUND AND A VIRUS AND A SPA THAT DONT WORK DANGNABBIT!!!!

Im not pissed off, not in the slightest.... nope.... oh and not to mention that my parents have austar which is a good thing, if austar didnt SUCK ASS!!!! my god there is nothing on!!! im watching fucking midsomer murders!!!!!! that is all that is on!!! all they do is repeat the same thing on other channels, then repeat it all the next day!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!

so this is fun... this is exactly how i thought i would be spending my long weekend.... mmmmyep.

at least i have my alcihole.... sweeet sweet poisoning bliss...... with sugar.... mmmmm

I have decided that i wanna go out tonight, and hopefully something will go right this freaking long weekend!

What is internet porn without sound?!?! its just people making funny faces at me.... taunting me with their soundie goodness.... dam it

Well that was my rant,

Im off to see who killed mrs inkpen-thomas and her daughter with poisoned pasta and a shovel... you heard....

Lilly pilly - out

PS- just so im not bored out of my scull, if you are reading this and you are a homicidal lesbian supermodel who wants to go on an easter egg hunt, Meet me under mrs inkpen-thomases gravestone at eleventy seven hours... k?

Love a frustrated lilly pilly

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

YouTube Myspace, and I'll Google your Yahoo!

Now everyone has googled someones name before

(for those of you who are really not that with it, googling someones name is when you go to and type in that persons name and press search.... and if you didnt know that, how the hell are you even reading this blog? is your computer even plugged in?)

Well, I know I have done it before, just to waste some time, peoples names such as my close friends, my own name, my familys name. Just to see what pops up.

Well today I had an uber bright idea... I clicked on the image part of google search, and searched peoples names!!! That way I got too find pictures of peoples with the same names all across the globe!

It was funny as!!!! Apparently I am a folk/pop/fucked if i know singer, my sister is a Javelin/High jump champion, my boyfriend is a dead teenager, or a really thick looking college student from America, and my friend is a grave stone....

It makes me giggle at least...

So here i go back to it so that I can get some more cheap laughs out if it....

Thats your hard work, and complicated HTML's sweat and tears being put to such intelligent good use....

Sorry, but Im not going to stop. Unless you can find me something else to entertain me, like a ball of yarn, or perhaps a pinyata...

Love Lilly

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

*groan* too many bake-ed Beanies

The eye was bigger than the tumie today.

Decided a whole can of baked beans would be a good idea....

Now i want to burst and die leaving a horrible explodie baked beanie mess in my wake.

Well update on how my fitness and shit is going (not my shit literally)

I have lost up to date 4.4 kilos and have lost 30cm of ma bodie! I am sooo tired...
Did personal training last night that consisted of 4 sets of 15 reps on 4 different weight machines, then running to the rowing machine, and doing 300 meters in under 1 minute 10 seconds.... this was repeated 3 FUCKING TIMES!!! then 5 sets of 15 sit ups with my feet in the air (sort of) then right after that mattie wanted to go to do RPM (indoor bikes) then he wanted to do Pump.....

Well.. pump didnt happen as i must have looked so bloody tired that i was going to kark it.

Well that is what is going on, living at the gym, eating too many baked beans,

But on a plus note, I ROCK at yoga!

And I am playing in 2 teams for netball now on tuesdays.... god im going to die!

Love you all


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh...My god I hurt.... even my brainmeats hurt... I have been working out like a chipmunk on speed these last two weeks...

The good news being I lost a further 600grams making my total weight loss to 2.1kg!!! If my arms werent jelly, Id pat myself on the back.

Right so anyway, Im looking for a new job *again* Dont ask me why, I dont want to make any unflattering remarks about my current job.

Something about bosses..... thats all im saying.

I guess you either have luck with finding boyfriends or luck at finding a decent boss, not both.

My wrist hurts from the gym (not what you all were thinking about, you dirty dirty meat bags) But its a good hurt, not a bad hurt, i have it strapped just to make sure it doesnt turn into a bad hurt.

Ummmmm thats all i can think of at the moment. Mattie still hasnt asked me to be his fiance... still waiting on that. Geez i hope its soon or im gonna pop!

I will save you all the mushy stuff, but lets just say, he is definately the one I am going to be with for the rest of my life, however long or short or eventful that may be. I *sniff* love him so much. Almost as much as I love my bear, BB king. And that bear and I have been together for 15 years now. *pats chest where heart is and does salute whilst looking to the skies* Love you BB!

well thats about enough from me, just a reminder to all that actually bother to see if i have updated my blog, please please PLEASE go to crystal park website and vote for Emma Jenkins's chainmail and svor....svoir....sveio.... crystal thingies. She is super talented and deserves our support!

This is lilly signing off, your up to date.

Love Lilly

Mood: freaking sore
Listening to: Dirty bird letting me know that he is just that... "A dirty dirty birdie birdie, ay?"
Eating:Who can eat right now? how can you type and eat? I cant even lift my arms to my mouth.... hrmm so this is diet and exercise... i guess it works.
Sitting on: my ass
Breathing: what i really hope is air
Feeling: pink and squishy
digesting: nuff said
Hoping: that i shut up soon
Reading: what i just wrote and i think its all crap

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update Y'all

Well some wank stole my number plates.... but I got a phone call from the police stating that they guy has been caught and is going to be charged. WOOT FOR JUSTICE!!!! Lemme hear yo say HAAY HOOO for the Police! *puts hand up to ear* Now thats what im talking about! Work is work. Im gyming like ive never gymed before. Trying to lose those many kilos of fatty boom batty ass meats that i have aquired over the last 4 or so years... and trust me, its gonna take some effort! Also taking a good hard look at my diet and fixing as appropriatly. So far lost 1 and a half kilos in a week. Let me hear you say a HAAAY HOOO for me doing this thing right!

And let me tell you, after doing all this work and diet, I was watching the Biggest loser on tv, and I was all like "yeah!! *sniff* you go you fat cow!*supportive clap* Do it for the masses!"
......Im so very tired!...... But i took yoga and it was awesome! I think i will make it a permanent thing in my agenda. Anyhoo I had better go and get back to work. Needs ma moneys to feeds ma gym fees. Love you all Lilly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Hellloooooo everyone! I'm Baaaaaaack!

God so much has happened over the last 3-5 months, its just nuts!!!!

First thing is first, I gots a new job.

Reception/accounting/gopher at CD Anywhere!!!! I rock! I am passed my probation now, so you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief for me.

Next on the list....

Oh yeah... Magnamus Prime (my faithful car since I got my Provisional licence all those many years ago) Died in an almighty fight to the death.

Just like its owner, the other car came of second best, but it was still too much for my baby to handle.

She went down in a blaze of glory, just like I always new she would! She was parked outside my house and a P plater in a Camera who was an idiot and was changing CDs whilst speeding ran right up the back of her, pushing my PARKED STATIONARY CAR!!!!! Pushed it right up the footpath and along for a meter or so.

The crash woke the whole neighborhood. He was alright though, the driver. ...


But i have a new car now, Frankie the immasculated Ford. He has a LOT of pink and plushies inside him, a real girls car. (89 Ford Laser Ghia) if anyone askes, its a white car...

Erm... Oh and ive moooooved! AGAIN!!! MY GOD!!!! Moved to my sisters again, and now in Sandy bay in a cute one bedroom under a house. Really sunny and doesnt smell and the bathroom is to DIE FOR!!!!! (high on my list of priorities as you can see)

Ive started playing netball, I have some pet fish now finally (ive had that fish tank for, hrmmm more than a year now, and it finally has fish)

Ill post more about them when i get the chance, but for now, I must get back to work.