Monday, August 06, 2007

When Relaxation CD's Attack


It has been since the start of my course that I havent been able to sleep properly. We are now into week 6.

God at first I thought it may have been cause I have been studying and maybe i was stressed... but now i think it is because fate hates me and happens to be bored.

I couldnt sleep at first cause Mattie would make a noise... not a loud one, just any noise... and It would drive me crazy.

So I put on a dvd and listened to it until i fell asleep.

Then came the possum cause the Asian students next door are lying to the council about the amount of people they have living in one domicile, and the council have only given them a small bin. which they overfill, and the possum eats it. And screeches, and spits and is looking at its last days if i get a hold of it.

Then the upstairs people started

Now we have some people who must have just moved in down the road and they party all night long (especially sundays for some reason.)

Then my legs got all uppity and wont sit still!

So I decided that I would listen to a hypnorelax tape as i went to sleep. FAT EFFING CHANCE!! First it was the party down the road with drunk girls screaming.

Then the Asians next door tried to sneakily (at 11.30 at night) pack their rubbish into our bins... overfilling them noisily and so they wouldnt shut anymore. (we watched them do this, and they saw us watching them, but they still did it anyway, bastards)

Then Upstairs was watching a DVD with MASS SURROUND SOUND that made my windows rattle.

Then a Taxi pulled up with its lights blaring through my bedroom window, and it flicked its highbeams for 5 minutes before blaring the horn to say that it was there (12.30 at night)

That was it!

I WAS GONNA KILL!!! So as revenge, mattie took the rubbish out of our bins and put it next to the cars (pretty new bmw's) next door, and that hopefully attracted the possum who subsiquently destroyed their cars (heres hoping)

And he hit the roof with his cricket bat to get the guys upstairs to shut up.

I love him so much sometimes

Anyhoo, off to sleep in class.

Love ya

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Alleroo said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha sorry but the Asians upstairs are out to get you Lil =) *snigger*