Friday, July 27, 2007

My Brain is so full its leaking out my ears

Hey yall!

Back! finally! so tired! So much study. I am so not used to sitting on my ass for such long periods that in the first 4 weeks of study I whacked on 2 Kilos! EEEEW!

So now, with the help of NASA, we have implemented a plan to be known as "Operation: Stop expansion of Lils Ass, before it reaches astronomical proportions"

It was formerly known as "operation: Lils Ass Invasion" but a porno of a similar name threatened to sue.

It mainly consists of Walking in the morning, lunch time, and afternoons. And resisting the almighty call of the snack machines that can be located in EVERY FREAKING CORNER OF THIS PLACE!

Study does maketh me hunger for meats though... I shall call them Brain meats. Yes, i hunger for brain meats.

Anyhoo an update on what I have been doing so far.

Manual Handeling
Medication Management module 1
Bed Making
Hand Washing
Cultural diversity in the healthcare field

and my worst subject ever...

I just dont get it. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of communication, but this just has no logical answer or meaning behind it, and therefore, I struggle like a cat in a bath.

Aw well, Ill wing it and see how I go.

So hungry, tired and lazy.

Oh yeah, also, I have started working sat nights at the glenorchy football club as a bar tender.

I have new respect for bar persons now, as The nights i have worked so far have been;

Ladies Night (over 200 drunk women in the one place with a football team doing half montie strips for them. Not good, If i ever see another bacardi breezer in my life, it will be too soon, and i have the bottle opening scar on my hand to prove it.)

Bingo night (free booze to the patrons and their wives, not to meantion the whole football team that showed up to take advantage of this, then half price grog after that. Many a fight insued. And no, you really are not that suave, and no, you will not get another beer if you keep asking me over and over and over again, the bar is closed, now GET OUT DAMN IT I WANNA GO HOME!!!" .....sorry, flashbacks from 'nam)

And now, this sat, im only working from 4 till 8 but its my mums birthday dinner that I am going to be over an hour and a half late for.

She is gonna be pissed at me. But I need the money.

Anyhoo, thats about it. There are other things I could say, but I cant warrent saying them.

Love you all!


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