Monday, May 14, 2007


Gots the doctors today... The one Ive been waiting for months to get into.... and I am petrefied.... I dont want to go... And to make things worse, I will be going on my own... I scared.

Its to find out why I get god awful gut punching pain (the type you get if you swallowed a jagged metal cherio and it lodged in your ovaries.) about a week before aunt flo comes to visit. That and aunt flo comes to visit waaay too often if you gets what i mean.

Anyway this is really gross and awkward, I dont want to talk about it anymore. Let alone with a doctor who doesnt want to see me when I am in pain, but makes me wait months on end to finally get in (and to make my suffering worse, will probably be running late and that will be like tripling my scaredness every aching minute extra I wait.)


Anyway, Just thought i would keep you up to date, more than you should ever have to be

Love you all


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