Friday, May 25, 2007

No flowers, just a bouquet of CANDY!

If you are all my friends for real, all sympathy gifts will look like this one, with the only exceptance of booze and twisties... but they must be bouquet form as well.

Im off to my first live game of football tomorow, and I have been practicing screaming obsenities and bouncing around with my shirt off covered in what I hope will be the right teams colours face paint.

There is a seriously white and pink team isnt there? Who's mascot happens to look like a pair of 22 year olds nipples?

Oh wait, that is just me BEING NAKED!! bwahahaahahahaaaa! try and play football with that bouncing around on the sidelines!!! Front row!! wait for the sports news highlight at 7pm Tassie TV.

I kid I kid, Im not really going to flash the whole Hawks team, .... Maybe the West Coast team, but "insert crappy drugs joke that we have all heard before, probably something about them being so blind on coke...yadda yadda so on so on. Or maybe they will pay more attention to my bare chest if I run a line of suspicious white powder that we can only assume is talcum powder over them. plegh, its just not funny anymore."

Anyhoo, those of you who know me pretty well will be asking yourselves right now "hey, what the hell, Lilly being at a football match is like a christian bretheren attending a Marilyn Manson concert."

Well there is one thing you didnt count on, and that is that THEY SERVE ALCOHOL AT THESE THINGS!!! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!?!?! SWEET SWEET LIQUOR!!! So now I get to be drunk and topless and blame it all on football!!! (insert another west coast drugs joke that we could all see coming like a deer in the headlights of the 9pm to Barlintonspruceville, something along the lines of *hyuk and I can take drugs and be a wanker and blame it all on the west coast football players for being so damn immitatable*plegh again"

Anyhoo, Have to get back to work now, you know, work?

Oh and in other news, I have been accepted into Enrolled nursing. I so didnt think that I would get in, and now it seems that I rocked their little cotton socks so much that they want me to do the year long course. (cost involved people, Im not that great)

So I will keep you up to date on whether or not I actually enroll or not.

Love you all

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Rossilady said...

ok, HOLY SHIT i gotta read this more often. I'm sorry hun. I hope you're ok after your op, ignore my selfish 'lets go to coven while you're recovering from surgery' email, k? As for jobs, well i don't know if roy is willing to hire someone else right now, but i could sure as hell use some help, and actually getting to see you more than once a millenia would be nice! Good luck with the nursing thing too, being on the other side of the knife will be a nice change! mass hugs and choccy bouquets!!