Thursday, May 24, 2007


How many of you get to say you have seen the inside of the new emergency ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital?

I can.

That is where I spent all Monday. In pain. Again.

I am booked in for an operation on next Wednesday 30th May. I want to cry, but Im too scared too. I just dont want to do it, but I know that if I dont do it, I will just keep on having this pain and keep ending up in the hospital again and again and again.

I need all the hands in the world to hang on to at this moment in time.

I wont lie, Im scared stiff, I just dont have a good feeling about all this. But who would being me and all.

I just hope they find out what is wrong and fix it. And that I stay fixed. (in the fixed term, i do not mean like what you do to your pets when you want them to be neutered, i mean fixed as in the tv antenna when you use a coat hanger.)

AAAAG now ive got images in my head that involve operations and coat hangers! WAAAAH!

Anyhoo, wish me luck, hold my hand and give me a big hug and bandaid after this one.

Love you all
Expecially mattie


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