Thursday, May 17, 2007

OBGYN of Doom

Well, that gynie visit sucked ass.
She wants me to have an operation or two.... Fuck that for a joke! There is no way no how I am going to do that, I have had 2 ops in my life and as far as I am concerned it is 2 too many.
So Im torn.
Should I? I might get better...
Shouldnt I? if i did do it and I dont get better then im no better off if not worse than before....
Should I just hide until its all over? mmmmyep.
Couldnt I just pretend this doesnt exist? mmmmmprobably.
Would it be healthy to pretend it doesnt exist? mmmmmmsorta.
I just wanna cry.
Oh, and Work sucks ass. I was about thiiiiiis close to quitting yesterday when the woman above me accused me infront of everyone about lying and trying to sneak it behind her back.
Then I went to find the evidence on my computer email that I wasnt lying and loe and behold, someone (who must have administrator level access) had been on my computer and deleted that one email.
Well the joke is on her (trying to blame all this shit on me) I found another copy of that email, so NUR NUR NUR BOOGEY NUTS!
Im sure she isnt really two faced, I mean, why on earth would she have chosen that one to wear if she had a choice of two? (God im a bitch)
So anyone who knows me and how not shy I am, knows exactly how I would have liked to handle that situation, but I was a good girl and did not commit mass homocide (though there isnt a judge in this world that would convict me....)
So, any jobs going, I am so open for suggestions right now, Cherry, any meat packing jobs available? I can kill a cow... I'm sure I can... (in the mood im in right now) Part time, casual, freaking Council worker!?!
Ah whats the use, in every job, there seems to be someone willing to bust my chops and try to extinguish what's left of my flickering flame of hope and innocence.
I really want to know at what time and why these people lost all passion for Life and all others in it.
Well that is enough bitching for one day, I hope you all havent turned to stone reading this
Love you all

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