Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh...My god I hurt.... even my brainmeats hurt... I have been working out like a chipmunk on speed these last two weeks...

The good news being I lost a further 600grams making my total weight loss to 2.1kg!!! If my arms werent jelly, Id pat myself on the back.

Right so anyway, Im looking for a new job *again* Dont ask me why, I dont want to make any unflattering remarks about my current job.

Something about bosses..... thats all im saying.

I guess you either have luck with finding boyfriends or luck at finding a decent boss, not both.

My wrist hurts from the gym (not what you all were thinking about, you dirty dirty meat bags) But its a good hurt, not a bad hurt, i have it strapped just to make sure it doesnt turn into a bad hurt.

Ummmmm thats all i can think of at the moment. Mattie still hasnt asked me to be his fiance... still waiting on that. Geez i hope its soon or im gonna pop!

I will save you all the mushy stuff, but lets just say, he is definately the one I am going to be with for the rest of my life, however long or short or eventful that may be. I *sniff* love him so much. Almost as much as I love my bear, BB king. And that bear and I have been together for 15 years now. *pats chest where heart is and does salute whilst looking to the skies* Love you BB!

well thats about enough from me, just a reminder to all that actually bother to see if i have updated my blog, please please PLEASE go to crystal park website and vote for Emma Jenkins's chainmail and svor....svoir....sveio.... crystal thingies. She is super talented and deserves our support!

This is lilly signing off, your up to date.

Love Lilly

Mood: freaking sore
Listening to: Dirty bird letting me know that he is just that... "A dirty dirty birdie birdie, ay?"
Eating:Who can eat right now? how can you type and eat? I cant even lift my arms to my mouth.... hrmm so this is diet and exercise... i guess it works.
Sitting on: my ass
Breathing: what i really hope is air
Feeling: pink and squishy
digesting: nuff said
Hoping: that i shut up soon
Reading: what i just wrote and i think its all crap

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