Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update Y'all

Well some wank stole my number plates.... but I got a phone call from the police stating that they guy has been caught and is going to be charged. WOOT FOR JUSTICE!!!! Lemme hear yo say HAAY HOOO for the Police! *puts hand up to ear* Now thats what im talking about! Work is work. Im gyming like ive never gymed before. Trying to lose those many kilos of fatty boom batty ass meats that i have aquired over the last 4 or so years... and trust me, its gonna take some effort! Also taking a good hard look at my diet and fixing as appropriatly. So far lost 1 and a half kilos in a week. Let me hear you say a HAAAY HOOO for me doing this thing right!

And let me tell you, after doing all this work and diet, I was watching the Biggest loser on tv, and I was all like "yeah!! *sniff* you go you fat cow!*supportive clap* Do it for the masses!"
......Im so very tired!...... But i took yoga and it was awesome! I think i will make it a permanent thing in my agenda. Anyhoo I had better go and get back to work. Needs ma moneys to feeds ma gym fees. Love you all Lilly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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