Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Hellloooooo everyone! I'm Baaaaaaack!

God so much has happened over the last 3-5 months, its just nuts!!!!

First thing is first, I gots a new job.

Reception/accounting/gopher at CD Anywhere!!!! I rock! I am passed my probation now, so you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief for me.

Next on the list....

Oh yeah... Magnamus Prime (my faithful car since I got my Provisional licence all those many years ago) Died in an almighty fight to the death.

Just like its owner, the other car came of second best, but it was still too much for my baby to handle.

She went down in a blaze of glory, just like I always new she would! She was parked outside my house and a P plater in a Camera who was an idiot and was changing CDs whilst speeding ran right up the back of her, pushing my PARKED STATIONARY CAR!!!!! Pushed it right up the footpath and along for a meter or so.

The crash woke the whole neighborhood. He was alright though, the driver. ...


But i have a new car now, Frankie the immasculated Ford. He has a LOT of pink and plushies inside him, a real girls car. (89 Ford Laser Ghia) if anyone askes, its a white car...

Erm... Oh and ive moooooved! AGAIN!!! MY GOD!!!! Moved to my sisters again, and now in Sandy bay in a cute one bedroom under a house. Really sunny and doesnt smell and the bathroom is to DIE FOR!!!!! (high on my list of priorities as you can see)

Ive started playing netball, I have some pet fish now finally (ive had that fish tank for, hrmmm more than a year now, and it finally has fish)

Ill post more about them when i get the chance, but for now, I must get back to work.



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