Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here comes the rain again...

I was let go today. The reason being that the market has tightened up substatially in the last three months. My employers told me that i was a great worker, and that i will be missed and they were very sorry to have to do this, but they just could not justify having another sales person on at this time....

Also just so you all know, i spent tuesday in hospital. As it turns out i quite possibly have endomitiosis.

As i sit here at my mums, my eyes are a little blurry from the tears, my insides are a little warm from the spirits im sipping, but im strong. im stronger than i have ever been.

This may be my last post for a while, at least until i find a new job.

All this, just three days before my birthday....

A big thanks to Binty for my birthday pressent though, i got it today, and i couldnt help but open it early, what me being a little down and all. It made me smile and laugh, thank you for such a thoughtful gift. they feel all fuzzy too! All i wanted was one butt butt kitty kitty but now i have four!

Its more than i could have asked for. thank you.

Well that is all i have to say for now.

Thanks to all who have helped me through bad times like this, and a pre emptive thanks to all who will probably help me through this.

Love you all



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