Thursday, April 19, 2007


My thoughts and sympathies are with those affected by the Virginia Massacre. I know how a traumatic event such as this can make your whole world stand still, then come crashing down.

Tasmania had a similar massacre event at one of our most treasured tourist spots, Port Arthur, where a gunman killed many innocent people without mercy. It was a very traumatic event for every tasweigan, and it is still remembered today.

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and are still are affected by the Port Arthur Massacre, as I am sure this event in Virginia is dredging up some very painful memories that should never have to be relived.

My heart also feels for the family of the gunman. Do not blame yourselves. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do to change a person. Some people are just the way they are for no good reason. There will be alot of blame and anger, and since he is not here to recieve that blame and anger, unfortunately, most people will direct it at you. And for that I am sorry.

Now after all that, I just want to tell you all I have a cold, and its annoying and snotty.
Im still at work though (mattie would be so proud) dragged myself in and have had the front door open all day so I can have some fresh air.

Mattie is at Targa today, He is stage safety officer (thats really awesome, well to me it is) It means he gets to drive the Cranbrook stage to check for any unsafe stuff (as well as hoon around and pretend he is sorta racing, which I KNOW he is going to do)

So I wont be seeing much of my loved one for the next two to three days. He was up and gone at 6 thismorning (to Cherry, this is a late wake up!) and I miss him terribly, but cheekily cant wait to have the house to myself so I can.... well.... do.... whatever it is....... scratch myself probably.

My frield Brent is down in Tassie from Melbourne this week, its under sad circumstances though, as he is here for the funeral of his pop. He was a great guy.
Hope to catch up with Brent at some stage, but it looks as though he may be thouroughly booked out (I have to work till late).

Holy cheese bread, for some reason we have TWO toll trucks rocked up at the same time outside work, and they dont want to wait for one to leave, so both are trying to squeeze in. OH CRAPMONGERER my car is out there too!!! *Shakes fist* you scratch my car and ill bite your headmeats!!!

this cold is making my concentrations all funny, so I will stop rambling at you now, so you can try and decode the incoherent context of my post.

Hope you all dont get a cold. It sucks steaming hot monkey shit.

Love you all with big snotty hugs


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