Friday, October 19, 2007


So my birthday has come and gone

and I totally won the birthday game!

When asked what I wanted by my sister, I told her I wanted some money to by new sneakers, as my old ones dont look to good held together with gaffa tape. (true story)

So what did she get me? A money tin entitled "New Shoe Kitty" So cruel its GREAT!!!

And my littlest sister got me some really nice white wine glasses (what does that say about me?)

And Mattie got me a Fobwatch (i dont know if that is how it is spelt) It is the pin on upsidedown watch that NURSIES WEAR!! OMG its AWESOME!!! Thanks MATTIE!!!

Emma got me this awesome book called the Cookie Sutra. Its adorable (and practical!)

And Binty got me SQUIDWARD TO SPEAK ON MY PHONE!!! how uber awesome is that!?! I am the envy of all the grade schoolers in the WORLD!! IN YOUR FACE KINDIE KIDS!!!

Emi Got me a necklace holder thingie that is ever so bohemian and gorgeous. My maw gots me nutrimetics (GASP) still uber awesome though.

And kel also got me a little human anatomy figurine. WOOT!!!

Oh oh oh! and Mattie also took me out to dinner at Blue Skies, and the poor little bugger had a really bad cold/flu. And he also arranged for Cherry and Ghenkis to come too without me knowing! It was the best surprise EVER!!!!

So all up, uber awesome off the wickedometer Birthday of ALL TIME!!!

*does little pointy finger dance of birthday extacy*

Thanks to all that made it Awesome! You guys rock so hard sometimes you make me cry.

Love you all


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Alleroo said...

I Rock!!!!