Saturday, December 31, 2005

Open wide, come inside... its Playschool

is it wrong to perve on the guy from playschool?

At this stage i am realising the reason that most people have children... just so they can perve on the guy from playschool.

Personally, im not watching playschool anymore, cause i felt this overwhelming urge to make something out of playdough, so i changed the channel to watch this moron who is way funnier than Steve Irwin, cause this guy actually squeals like a little girl when he gets hurt, which is like every 1.43 seconds...

He was in the water, handfeeding moray eels (which is just stupid in itself) when a massive electric stringray (that give off a max of 200 volts) and decided to be the first person to handfeed one... wanna know why he was the first one? cause they GIVE OFF 200 VOLTS!!! then he was all upset when it shocked him.... funny to watch though.

Then he was pissing off a massive (we are talking the size of a basketball) crab that was eating... *gee i wonder what will happen now* CRUNCH!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Then he was feeding birds by holding a small fish up into the air and letting them swoop.... cause birds mid flight arent going to mistake your podgy pink nubs for fish... he squealed like a little girl....

now he is cave dwelling... gee i wonder what will happen now (bats swoop and bite and he dies of rabies) wait he is climbing a big mound of bat poo and is wondering what smells....

well im off to get rip roaring drunk

love you all

Lilly xoxoxoxo

PS dont go pissing off electric stingrays, k?

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