Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fleece Fluffy Duck to all!

well i won christmas again!

i gots a twelve inch gir from invader zim! and a huge ass my littlest pet turtle (if you didnt know, i first saw the mini version whilst food shopping at woolworths, and just HAD to buy him.) i gots a microfibre towel and multi purpose dish washing liquid for my future trip to europe. i gots lollies and chocit, alcohol and rainbow makers, and a gift voucher for diva... sweeeeeet. i got a real leather bag, a rainbow wrap around head band and this weird little keyring of a little man made mostly of a beard, which you can lift up and see steak... my mum informs me that he is a hillbilly tasmanian. so i called him william richard the third. sometimes i worry about my mum...

i ate ham and turkey and chicken, and icecream and rasperries, strawberries and blueberries, and i had a hangover headache by 10am thismorning. god i love christmas!!!!!

i had to get to my mums place early thismorning, because i have to do all my sisters and mums makeup, then straighen and style all their hair.... then take photos... i dont mean to brag but i do NOT take a bad picture of anyone. i guess why that is why i am asked to take the pictures at most family and friends gatherings....

oh and there were so many tanties thrown by the littlies... my poor auntie, i dont know how she puts up with it. i just find their tanties funny. i didnt find it funny, however, when one of them went and fed my dog a cooked chicken bone and she started choking... had to wack my hand down her throat and get it out... no sooner had i got it out and thrown it down, turned to tell the kiddie why you cant feed the dog chicken bones, then the dog had whipped over and eaten the same chicken bone again and started choking again.... no sympathy this time, just another whack down the throat... stupid puppy! i had to laugh

my little sister got new mp3 players, so i spent an hour or so trying to get them to work. what is a christmas present that you cant use straight away? i ask you!

so now i am home, tired, exhausted actually, surrounded with spoils of christmas and a nice glass of champagne and some tv, and i think i might go and have a nanny nap.

gosh christmas makes me all warm and tinglie inside... or is that the champas?

hope you all have a merry christmas and i hope to make an entry before the new year, if i dont, i hope you all have a happy and bountiful new year!

lots of love

santie lilly pilly!



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