Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Boxed lunch at the Y

well, no...... I lie

its more boxed dinner that i got from noodle house and brought home and ate on the couch whilst watching futurama, i just thought it was funny.

now my tummie is so full its going to explode all over the loungeroom, coffee table inclusive. it was yummie, soooooooooo yummie, not as yummie as sushi, but that makes me sick now, so i settle for noodlehouse.

So i find myself in a bit of a dilemma, there is nothing on tv, and im too full to move and change it to a dvd or something, and my food is still settling so i cant sleep yet.

and such is life, my friends!

Well, i was asked a very interesting and well thought out question "what is it that i do for a living?"

well..... after much deliberation, i thought "hrmm i could say what i do, and risk myself getting caught by work bitching so very much (as we all know i do, often, at great lenghts, whether you want me too or not....)"

so i thought i would make it interesting... i thoughts... i can make this into a game for all to play...
here we go!

is my job a -
a. Receptionist
b. medical receptionist
c. Medical Assistant
d. Underpaid nurse
e. Infection control
f. Lab Technitian
g. too good and overqualified to be paid so very little to put up with so much crap
h. All of the above

just guess i dare you......


well, today didnt suck too much, i had the best drumming lesson of all time, i got to go massive on the drums!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

aaaaand thats about it

gonna go now and......stalk.......lennie.......and......carl....

Love ya all!

Love Lilly



americajay said...

Hmmm, a very well thought out game. I would go with A, or B, and/or G. I am allowed to chose three things, right?

Melody said...


Miss Lilly said...

MUAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! tis' h. all of the above

but i forgot to add, i. nuclear whipping boy too..

Miss Lilly said...

and yes, you can choose more than three things