Monday, December 19, 2005

erm..... mildy tinglie weekend....

well, I was reading some of my friends blogs.... and i noticed that most to all of them were titled "Big weekend" or "Huge weekend", or "Massively explosive toy run weekend"...

Well i babysat. and im proud of it. I was sick, i was blerg, and yet i still babysat 4 kiddliewinks.

man am i good. i played possibly the longest game of pictionary juniour. im not sure my littlest ward got what the aim of the game was, since she spent half an hour drawing a full colour picture that we werent allowed to look at untill she was finished... so we all patiently sat on the couch and waited for her to finish.

so after pictionary, it was time for dessert. after about half hour of squabbling over who would get the biggest one...(it was peaches and homemade yoghurt) i finally said to them we would play a sort of ebay of desserts, guess my highest bid....

God i am so sore and tired.

Love you all


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