Friday, December 30, 2005

Why do I not work at E.B... I ask you!

HAHAHA!!! yup, I really really should work there... imagine the profit margin.... IMAGINE!!! hell i could sell a dictionary... why is that amazing? THEY DONT SELL DICTIONARIES!!! BWAHAHAHAH!!

yes... i am puffung my chest out, how dare you ask such a question... damn you....

if the picture had have been lower, you would have seen the pink sticker announcing that *this box is empty* .... dont you say a word melody, i swear!

so anyway, a new year is nearly upon us, ive been hanging at the Taste of Tasmania, probably more then i should, but what can i say, i like to drink waaaaiiiinne and watch buskers. i got to throw an apple to a busker.... I rock.

i love buskers, specially good international buskers... they rock hard!

i love waaine... *thats wine, but frenchafied* but i just read that too much drinking causes your bones to go snap more often.... trust me if you knew me well, it would explain alot...

mmm im watching the human body, and there were spermies on it.... mmmm

well im off to the shop to get mixer for my alkihol, cause im thoisty...

love yah all

lilly xoxoxoxoxo

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