Friday, December 16, 2005

I must have killed so many black cats....

my luck this week has sucked big time people!!!!!

even my semi boss told me that she believed that i must have run over a few black cats, whilst running under a ladder, breaking mirrors and not looking people in the eyes when i make a toast and clink my drink with theirs.

im hugely not well, my glands all down my right side of my face and neck and shoulder have swollen to "ripleys believe it or not" proportions. all i had for two days was pannadol, cause ibeprofen makes my stomach implode.

so i havent slept, eaten or SWALLOWED for several days.

im on pennicilan, which seems to be making me dry reach on the hour, every hour.... and im too sick to go to the doctors and change them.

my temperature is 39.3 degrees celcius, dont ask me what that is in farenhieght, cause i havent the foggiest. but it means im sweating like a fat man in a sauna....

my breath is RANCID people! i have brushed my teeth 7 times today, but it just aing getting better. its really gross, i can tell you right now that it is a good thing that you cant smell it.

i wish i had the energy to take a picture of my tonsil, cause its all white and yuckie and such. seriously guinness book of world records stuff....

and the best thing is, i have to baby sit 4 children tommorow.... god damn what did i do to deserve all of this?

im going to go and throw up

love you all

yuckie lilly pilly

p.s. the answer to the game was h. all of the above... thank you all for trying!!! it was a fun game i should play more often with you all!

love sicklylilly

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