Sunday, February 19, 2006

Math is the Lesbian sister of Biology...

I'm watching family guy at the moment, if you hadnt figured...

ive been moving all day... my shoulder is killing me, might take some panadol. freaking sore shoulder. it feels like someones poking their sharp little pointy fingers into my shoulder through my collar bone... and if i find that person... wham!!!

well i think i should just let you know that Cherry's Italian feast was AWESOME!!! she is an awesome cook, she even let me cook the pasta even though i was half ripped and kept throwing it at the wall to see if it would stick.... brave girl.

she doesnt get her present till her birthday though! woooooo i am a meanie..... wooooo

So a big Thank you for the invite and the great food! it was awesome!

moving sucks ass. i hope it all ends soon.

Im tired, i might go to bed now

Love you all

Lilly xxxoooxox


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