Thursday, February 16, 2006

Need Coffee in a can....

well im moving today, well, moving lots of stuff anyhoo, cause i move on saturday.

i havent even started yet. im so lazy.

and hungry....

there is no food in the house, sept for the chinese i bought for dinner for me and my EX flatmate... he left out the leftovers and didnt put them in the fridge... and i dont trust chicken left out all night.... i might have the rice though.... am i that hungry?

DAMNIT it taunts me with its fried goodness!

On another note, its Cherry's Birthday soon, and she is having an italian feast on Saturday night... its going to be AWESOME!!! i have to wear something green or white or red or all... that is going to be harder than i first thought!

Well, id better go and have a shower, and get ready to move, damnit

Love you all

Lilly xoxoxo

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