Wednesday, February 08, 2006

can someone get this world to stop spinning? id like to get off now

hey all, i gots some good news! there is no alien in my head!! woot!!! all that cordless phone talking and mobile talking must have nuked the sucker.

so im on a relieved high today, and im not at all going to think of the fact that they still dont know what is wrong with me, cause at least i know i dont have brain bugs.

well a new and more fun part of not feeling well, is this strange sensation that the world is like a matini shaker. when i move my eyes, i have to wait a sec for my world to adjust coherently.

making eating fun, cause i feel like im sea sick! but at least i dont have a headache yet today!! WOOT!!!

so lets see whats new in my life today, hrmmm, well i hacked my thumb open at work with a contaminated instrument, so i had to have yummy blood taken to see if i have blood aliens. damn it. but i dont really care about that, all i care about is the fact that my THUMB HURTS!!!

ummmm oh yeah, my baby doll came back from melbourne the other day, and the beautiful thang bought me a pressie of a signed christopher reeve photo from superman!!! its framed and everything!!! it has to be one of the best pressies i have recieved!!! it is awesome!!!

ummmm what else, my tummy hurts cause i had microwave satay chicken noodles, i think it was the fact that they only took 3 minutes to make, so now i feel like a bloated satay noodle..... bleugh!

erm what else, oh yeah, i saw one of my friends out on the weekend and she was on an illegal cocktail of pills, she told me she hated me but wanted to take me home and *enter kinky words here*.... needless to say she doesnt remember even seeing me now. people on pills are silly.

in fact there was a whole lotta people out on the town on some sort of pillage this weekend past, me, i was on panadiene... i felt kinda lame, but thank you to mister blunty and Medium sized billy goat gruff for taking me out and trying to cheer me up. it was very sweet of you both, especially when you both informed me that i look hot in a bikini.... i say i DID look hot, as apposed to now, when im all pink and squishy.

well that is it from me

im off to visit mister blunty and do some artie fartie stuff

Love you all

A non alien in head lilly pilly


oh and ps, 70 days!?!? thanks a.j. for informing me on the mummification process, i had no idea that it would take that damn long.... 70 freaking days.... bloody hell

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