Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Back Y'all!

Ha! and you thought i wouldn't be posting again! well this will separate the men from the boys to see if anyone notices that i have started posting again, as it has been aaaaages and if your still checking it, then you are a greater man than i

so whats been up in my life.... hrrrrm

Well to bring you up to date i will do it in point form

*I passed my EN course! WOOT TO ME! (it took way longer than expected and way too many sleepless nights and tears, but I DID IT!) Thanks to those who were there for me
*I applied and was accepted into the Transition Year for Enrolled Nurses! (also my momma got in too!)
*I was that impressive that I was offered the one of three positions in the main operating theatre! AWESOME!!!!! ANOTHER WOOT TO ME!!!!
*Mista and I took the plunge and bought our very own beautiful house!!! ANOTHER WOOT!
*The fiance of a good friend of mine is MIA after he threw himself into the surf to save one of the two autistic children in his care after he ran into the waves. It has been more than a year now. My heart breaks for my friend and his and her family. Very sad
*Mista and I took another plunge and rescued a beautiful, if not a little spastic, puppy from the doggie home! Her name is Eski, and she is Husky x Rottie, but the dog's home vet assures us that she is Kelpie x... well whatever she is, she is going to be beautiful in our eyes! Love you, you insane, chewing and pooping machine!
* this isnt a milestone in my life, but worth mentioning, our bronze comet fish, affectionately known as The Chief, did the impossible and actually changed colour from brown, to gold!! WTF?the only brown left is a smudge on his tail! Who would have thunk it

Well that is all i can think of at the moment.

Im off to go pick up my itty bitty sister who is staying with me for the weekend cause my mum is off to townsville to gallavant with my dad who is working up there for a while.

We is going to have soooo much fun!

Anyhoo, love you and leave you, and a warning, the hangman game i installed at the bottom of my site is rather addictive, you have been warned.

Lots of Love

Lilly xoxoxoxoxox

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