Sunday, August 21, 2005

Almost Famous

I apologise for not updating my "blog" as much as i should. my reasons being that i didnt realise that anyone would enjoy reading it that they would want current updates.

so to you all, i am sorry.

now back on to it, i feel like i have more to say today. i mean, nothing has happened, but i believe that i have the brain meats to come up with something.

well for starters, i am sorry to all who keep going to my old website/blog. geocities decided that it would be a hoot to change how i update it, and being blonde in origin (i think that is my natural colour.... i havent seen what it is in like 6 years..... best to keep it that way) i have neither the mind power/time to figure it out, nor do i have the "pull" to covert a first year computing uni student to do it for me regularily (yes i am still talking about my website, and not some second thing)

so i will use what grey matter i have that still has an electric current surging through it to put a link to this page...... so i estimate that i should have that done in about a year or so....

now back to me..... well i have a new gym!!! if you had read my last website, i was at an aquatic center gym. that was fun while it lasted but i got bored with the same testosterone filled, mucle bound, making "pouty looks at themselves in the mirrors" guys (translation: they were more interested in themselves to notice anything remotely female, meaning ME GODDAMN IT!) and i also got so sick of swimming in kiddie pee and there are only so many "accidental child drownings" one can pull off before they start to catch on to me. so i thought i would try my luck elsewhere. and i found it! a hardly used gym with pool and SAUNA!!!! mmm i spent 3 hours there on friday after work.

I also bought a new "g-banger" with frillies and diamonties! so cuuuute!! ive always been a bit partial to the Kazer brand.

I saw "The skeleton Key" sorry but for once i would love to see a movie of the horror genre where the leading character acts like they have seen at least one horror film in their lives and say "gee, this is really f**ked up, im gonna get the f**k out of here" as apposed to trying to solve the spooky mystery and going into that dark spooky room and investigating that strange noise with a faulty torch in my white chestybond and panties with no bra and its cold so you can make out my pert little nipples....

speaking of which, i saw "darkness falls". it wasnt as crap as i imagined it would be. but it also makes me stand by my point of "im your mother and i will investigate your room without switching the light on and yet still say everything is ok, even though i cant see shit in the dark"

and im sorry, but if anyone really thought about it, if you were in most of the situations that these people are in, i wouldnt be all brave, i would be the one cowering in the corner, rocking slowly back and forth muttering "there's no place like home" repeatedly... i am trying to interlectualize HORROR MOVIES!!!! that is like the catholic church trying to justify the reason behind the crusades.... it think i will take a leaf from their book and claim ignorance. what crusades? what slaughtering and raping of innocent foreigners in the name of God? what is an apology and what is this word "reperation" you speak of?

Well im spent.... i promise to update more often if you promise to teach me how to put pictures on this thing.....

lotsa lurve

Lilly Pilly


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