Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Airline Earphones...just stupid by design? or a perfectly good torture device...

now i have a question...

you know the little earphones that you HAVE to by from the airlines, because normal ones wont fit into the little two pronged holes? are they not the WORST designed earphones ever? Its like if micky D's started giving them away with their happy meals... I wouldnt be too happy then! they cause severe ear pain after about... oh 10 minutes!

Dont get me wrong, im not going on, or have recently been on a plane, but chatting with my partners parents who are off to england in 9 days, i was wondering if they will have to endure those little forgedbysatanhimself ear savagers.

Then i started to think... what happens if you are hearing impaired... say... with a hearing aid? you cant possibly be expected to use those, they wouldnt fit.... and it would also be discrimination against the handicapped to say that there was nothing else available to them....

And it was brought up that they could just ask you to use the subtitles for movies.... but as far as i can see, that would be like saying to a parapalegic... oh we dont have a wheelchair, but we could just roll you along the floor... yeah your going to get to your destination, but its going to be painful and humiliating.

so the moral of this rant is.... the next time i fly with any airline, im going to tell them that i am deaf, just so i can have a really good argument.

or at least get some comfortable earphones.


Lilly pilly

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