Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthdays birthdays everywhere


Am i an awesome girlfriend or what? i drove clear across 3 towns and across a river just to get my mista a perfect pressie for his birthday... metallica guitar hero.

I also made him the best cake of all time! chocolate, whipped cream, and chocolate frosting! mmmmmmm calorific!

and i was also sneaky sneaky and made him a pressie from myself and eskimoo, a photo album of all the photos of eski from when she came home till now. SO CUTE! needless to say he LOVED IT! it totally shows how much she has grown in such a short time!

Speaking of eskimoo, she finally graduated from puppy school! she was the top of her class! To graduate, they had to obey at least one command in front of the whole class, eski completed the sit, shake, drop, bang! and roll over! BEST DOG EVER!!!

Then there was the obsticle course, which if it wasnt for some persons son....... (not saying anything) eski would have won. but was pipped at the post by the dog that came in half way through the course.... ( im so going to be one of those overbearing mums, cant you tell?)

Then there was the "Recognition" test where the vet took our pup out too the holding room, and all the other owners and dogs stood around in the other room, and we stood in the furthest part of the room, and we had to call our pup and they timed to see how long it took for eski to come to us... 5 seconds! best ever! ( but the dog that joined 2 weeks in beat her with 4 seconds..... still not saying anything....)

Still an awesome ending to the school, and we got a certificate and a class photo out of it! totally worth it!

anyhoo, its like 2.30 in the morning, and i am totally not functioning right, so ill call it a night/morning and say night night!

love lilly


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