Wednesday, November 02, 2005

*BOOM* AAAAAAAAH my heart!

well it was a balmy 26 degrees down here in Tassie... anyone who has ever visited or lived here knows that we, as Taswiegens, live close to or under the ozone layer hole, so when it gets hot, it gets harshly hot. But today was nice and balmy....

untill it started raining....

I'm not sure what happened to me, i used to like thunder storms... but i guess one day it took me off guard and now i get like a puppy dog and start to freak out.

so its raining heffalumps and woozles as i sit here inside with the fan on in ma undergroobers far far away from all the windows.... dont bother ringing cause i aint picking up that phone.

now, after a whole bunch of comments saying two of the same things.... everyone else likes to dress up and every one wants to see my paintings.... i thought, what the hey... id better give my babes what they want! so i went and took some picicha's of my experimentations of shade (the ones that are finished anyhoo!) so here they are! BY DEMAND!!!

This is the one i have ALMOST finished... it still looks a bit rough around the edges, but it should be finished soon. i had to take this picture standing on a chair... the wheat bix box was for artistic purposes, yup, very avant guarde of me...

This was no easy feat i tell you, there were so many times i just had to stop and walk away because i was just confusing myself with the colours. at one point i was almost in tears thinking that it wouldnt work and that i had ruined the picture. the mouth was almost my waterloo. there were moments i had just been staring at it for so long that i was picking faults and thinking it looked too much like she had a moustache, that the colour of the mouth was just not going to work.... but now i look at it, i think it came out quite nice.

This peice i really really like, it was one i wasnt all that impressed with when it was on paper. but now that it is right there, all painted. im quiet happy with it. its trippy.

now THIS was a peice of art not completed, will probably never be completed. the story behind this peice was my college years, my art teacher and i seriously didnt like eachother.... she was the type of person who would ask you to draw something, you would show her, and she would critisize, then pick up a pen and draw all over it with the "improvements" she wanted to see. im not sure about anyone else, but that used to piss me off something shocking. THIS IS MY ART, NOT YOURS!!! suggest, dont destroy the original.
So one day i did a piece (not sure where it is now, i think i gave it to someone because they really liked it.) that was quite big, of an innocent looking cartoon girl, with a machette, with some writing on it, depicting "sometimes, i believe they would let her get away with murder."
it was just a muck around peice, but a cute peice all the same. she critisized it, saying she wanted the writing to be different, she didnt like the writing. then i saw her move for the pen.... that FUCKING pen.... so i stood infront of the piece, crossed my arms and said "no, we wont be changing a damn thing, ive signed it, its mine and i have spoken." Gutsy? yes, Stupid? you betcha. ive never seen a person look so challenged in my life... oooh she hated me. but i felt i had won a personal little battle of my own.

Then came the war. the art show came upon us, and i was so proud, my family came, my friends came... all to see my picture mounted HALF BEHIND THE FIRE HOSE!!!!! i could have killed... no judge in this country would have convicted me in that time... the writing she wanted changed was hidden behind a big ass red fire hose reel. my mother tried to comfort me, my friends tried to hold be back from ripping the place apart, and i did my best not to let her seem me cry.

She was satan, that was for sure. but this peice, this pretty unfinished peice, was graffitied on but some dumbass who had smoked one to many joints and thought it was a good idea to sign his arty name all over my work. till that day, i was niether here nor there on the topic of graffiti as an art form... now i know it was not an art form if the person who does it DELIBERATELY DISTROYES someone elses to "tag" something. an artist would respect another artists work, not set out to destroy it.

but i digress from my point, my "art teacher" just took one look, laughed, and made a rather spiteful comment that i choose not to repeat. so, it is not finished due to the fact that after that i was banned from the art supply room... for reasons i choose not to repeat... though i think i won the war... god it brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

well anyway, i hope this quenches your thirst for art.

and on another note, Melody muffin got her provisional license today... so i guess me and my full license arent needed anymore....*sniff* but congrats anyhoo!

and another note (god all these notes and ill have enough for a whole book!) i havent been at all well, my doctor has put it down to the stressful and hostile environment in which i work in. so it looks like im looking for a new job... its too bad, i really do like the people i work with, and my job isnt a bad one, i like it, but lately it have become to stressful and too hard for me to handle on my own. so wish me luck people in hunting for a job, i will continue my work until i find something nice and calm for me.

i am just sick of being sick, and if it is work causing it, then i guess i have no choice.

but enough about that, i have things to do, people to surprise! things to organise!

i love you all and will update again soon!

Lilly xoxox

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Nancy said...

Oooh, I like it all, very muchly. Your black and white work is really awesome, the second one you had trouble with is my favourite, I think. No, it doesn't look like she has a moustache. Your art reminds me of the comic work of this guy... uhm... Dave McKean. Very emotive and it says a lot whilst being very stark. Quite a cool trick, that, I don't think I can quite do it.

Nice story about the art teacher. You were in the right. She should never have touched your art, that's wrong. It's against the artist's code, man!