Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fools give you reasons, wise men never try...

sounds rather profound doesnt it.... it is actually a line from the muppet show, sung by Bert, you know the one, from bert and ernie.

yes'm my mate just bought the muppet show series one, and i am currently having marital relations with it with my eyes....

dont ask, ive been coming up with some scary analogies of late.

Well what has been happening of late, well, i havent updated out of the sheer fact that my computer is having a hissy fit and hasnt been very nice to me lately... it could be because its a hunka i bought off ebay... that and i have no idea what to do to keep my computer happy, downloading porn probably isnt healthy for it. neither is switching it off at the button and not the proper way (im lethargic, so sue me)

so i apologise to all who wanted to hear from me, i am very very sorry, and i am sure you and i can come to some sort of..... compromise ;) you know who im talking too..... @>--->---

*sings loud and off key strumming extremely out of tune guitar*OOOOOOOOOH melly, you came and you gave me a punchie, cause you hate the song i am singing!!!!

OOOOOOh NACEY!! You came and you gave me a snoggie!
and i love you so much, OH NACEY!!!

OOOOOOOOOh melly, you came and you stabbed me in the eye,
cause you dont like my singing oh melly!

OOOOOOH nacey! you came and you drew me a picture....
and i've never felt so special oh nacey!

muahahahaaaaaaa!!!!! that was fun! that cheered me up emmensley!

Weell i also had a drumming lesson today, i havent drummed in AGES but i up and decided i would start again. i had uber fun and my teacher said i was a show off! that means im goood! WOOOHOOO!!

oh oh i have a good one liner from the muppet show!!! "her eyes said "yes yes" but her face had no nose! BWAHAHAHA!!! im not sure why that if funny, but i found it pretty funny!

well i have a tummy ache, so i am off to bed with a glass of that fizzy stuff that makes you feel better... its acutally made my left shoulder hurt..... dont ask, lots of buggeryfucks thanks to incompetant doctors.

well i love ya

and leave ya



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