Tuesday, September 13, 2005

if you've got any PMS, fling it now


damn pressurised planes....ow...ow...ow

i will bet you that most of you out there dont realise that due to the pressurised thingie and stress and such, some unlucky females get their...um...*shifts uncomfotably* ...... ow...ow...ow....

and not only am i blessed with such a romantic occurence, i am also blessed with (to quote mr. doctor) "a lowered immune system due to great amount of stress that can trigger depression not to meantion that i catch every teeny tiny bug that i come near". ok, i dummed it down a little...

but enough! enough mister doctor, i banish you! i banish you and your porche....and your big house....and your clean clothes....and your easily perscribed antibiotics....and other perscription drugs.... *coughjerkcough*

i forget what i was on about.... damn it.....

well i will announce that i have a bad case of itchy feet.... and by that i do not mean that i have a foot condition....i dont care what my mother told you i do not have a foot condition!

it means, oh eternally thick one, that the goldfish has outgrown the pond, and has decided it was intended for bigger things....

im thinking of hitting europe, keeping in mind that like the goldfish, i change my mind every three seconds... which is a myth that i would looove to point out how stuupid it is, but some other time....yup... some other time.

so it will probably be next year some time i plan it.... weeeeeeee im getting pretty happy thinking about it, i tell you!

so now all i have to do is plan...and possibly find someone to come with me

well that is all from me today

im off to bed for the millionth time today.

love you all


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