Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ink me up, hon

why is it so impossible for a good lookin, upper classy chick to be taken seriously in a tattoo parlour?

this is my predicament... a friend and I decided we were going to get our tattoo's this weekend. i have wanted my tattoo for a long time and have the design on hand, in fact, its right here! tada! my friend wanted a little dragon fly to acompany her chinese symbol and was just happy to choose one at the parlour.

but what happened to us today was this....

tattoo parlour no. 1. "hi we would like to book for two tattoo's..."
"so what? you are booking for two? you two?!"
"...erm....yes, that is generally what two imply' anyway, my friend would like a dragonfly about 2-3 cm height and width and she is hap"
*interrupts*"well you might as well ask me to draw a dot on her!"
"i beg your pardon?"
"its way to small, i can't do that detail that small!"
"riiiiiiight, so anyway, i have my own design an..."
*interrupts again* "well what is it, darls?"
"umm, its two blue birds an"
*interrupts again* "again i jus cant do that detail so small"
"but i haven't told you the si.... ah forget it, im not going to go to someone
who cannot do simple detail in his art."

tattoo parlour no.2
"hi, we would like to book for two tattoo's"
"you both?"
", that *again* generally means the two of us"
"are you sure? you two dont really seem like the type..."
*give him a funny look*
*elbows corpulent co-worker* "when luv?"
"this saturday if possible"
*without looking at appointment book* "nah we are fully booked all days for two weeks..."
"then what was the point in asking then?"

tattoo parlour no 3.
"its CLOSED?!?, at 2 in the afternoon? wtf mate?!?"

and that is how many parlours are in my little quiet not so mountain town.....

fuck it, im going to go to melbourne now to get mine, bugger these small minded drug fucked meanies.

but anyway on a nicer note, my friend mel has the cutest picture on her blog! you may want to check it out @

love ya all, blow me kisses



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Nancy said...

Man! I know a girl in my class with a tattoo that is roughly 1.5cm by 1.5cm. Absolutely tiny. They were being bastards to you.

If I still want an eye of Horus tattoo in five years, I'm getting it. And a little ankh on my ankle. Ankh - ankle - hahaha. Never mind me. What was I saying? Oh yes, tattoos. I'm too flighty and changeable for tats, but if I keep my mind made up for another five years (it's been five already) then I'm getting it.