Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm turning 21 and there is no excuse for how I am going to behave


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! im turning 21! in the fine tradition of the ages, i started drinking yesterday....and today, i met a friend for coffee.... coffee being a large ass cup - o - cino, an orange juice and 4 panadol....

then i went and had a few thing waxed....and lets just say your CLEAR for landin'! a few things tinted and tanned.

there is nothing more refreshing than getting naked infront of someone you have never met, and having them poke and prod... then WAX... pain and hangover, what a mornin! then there was the tanning.... again pretty much naked....nuthin but my pretty diamonte g-banger. and now i have pretty tanned lungs.....cough cough

but it was all worth it my friends!

i must be lookin pretty hot because as soon as i left, i was invited to a party of 4 guys i have never met! score one for lillypilly!!! woot!

so anyway im hitting the town tonight and tomorow night and all are invited! im not organising, its my birthday and i dont have too! just be oot when i am!

speaking of oot..... i heard the WORST russian accent last night! it was on smallville...... speaking of smallville Tom Welling is freaking HOT!!!! i had an argument with the local comic book guy about whether the guy in the superman movie is more ripped then tom..... NEVER!!!!!! i will never bow to that! TOM WELLING is the real superman.....(after christopher reeve of course, no one could ever replace christopher reeve in my heart)

anyway back to mitxpiddlelick or whatever his name was.... worst accent EVER!!!!! ill tell you what, after i foomble the boel, ill coum down to your cloob and have soooom vudka. sorry but he should have gone and taken a lesson from the bad guy in xxx. now THERE was a sexy accent. i dont care what the hell you look like but if you speak like him, i would do everything to you!

now speaking of triple x (the good one, not the crappy second one) vin diesel will allways be xxx.... no amount of crappy story plot holes could ever erase him from our memories!!!!!!!!

i mean, f-ing hell! he kicked so much ass in the first one, and pretty much took down a russian terrorist group on his little lonesome, then in the second film, how did they pay homage to the greatness? "oh he diesd"

damn them

im off!

love ya all


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americajay said...

HeeheeHee, October Birthdays Rock! Im October 18th W00ts!